MAVEL,CANPTAIN AMERICAN,Peripheral 3rd generation Bluetooth headset cover


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High utilization annex Accessory Included Built-in key chain type accessories include: Special gold plating and coating treatment to improve quality Make AirPods 3 more convenient in daily life It can be carried safely. MARVEL @ 2021MARVEL Mini Hero AirPods 3 Ultra Thin Shell MINI HEROES AIRPODS 3 SLIM CASE This product is made under a formal contract with Walt Disney Co. (Korea) at Icolus. Unauthorized copying and sales are prohibited. MARVEL Fully Licensed Products Authentic MARVEL Product MARVEL This product is produced by Walt Disney Company (Korea) OMARVEL This is a fully licensed product. (Please be sure to confirm a copy of the product and packaging.) High resolution artwork High quality graphic printing High-resolution chart column transcription, and the design is clearly printed. It is a durable shell and will not easily fall off for printing. Light and thin material Ultra-thin and light Ultra-thin, lightweight and exquisitely designed, optimized to protect the AirPods 3. Good grip and no inconvenience during use. Perfect support for wireless charging Wireless billing support The AirPods 3 can be charged by the obligation line with the housing installed. Note: When using the battery sharing function of smart phones, Wireless charging may be limited during installation. Anti-skid pad sticker Anti-Slip Pad Before putting on the mobile phone case, please put the attached anti-skid pad (1) Stick to the inside and rear of the top of the marked shell; ② Remove the film on the anti-skid pad and use it. Top front side of cabinet Front and rear sides inside the top of the chassis There are two grooves on both sides Pay attention when posting. Top rear part of cabinet Matters needing attention Cautions ① Boxed wireless headset equipment and charging cable on the details page The image made to illustrate the shell product needs to be purchased separately. 2 As an auxiliary design, convenience and protection accessory, due to impact, drop and other factors It is difficult to compensate for the damage caused to the machine during use. 3 Do not pull out the cover when removing the wireless headset equipment and housing. May cause damage to the product. This image is a reference image made to understand the color and characteristics of goods, including the model of the product sold and The color of the product image may vary slightly, depending on the resolution of the display or the viewing angle. There may be some differences. All rights reserved for iColors Co., Ltd. Permission to all product images belongs to (primary) iColors.

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Captain American, Iron Man, Spider Man, black panther, Thor, Ant-man, Hulk, Groot, Blank Widow, Doctor Strange, Thanos, Mavel logo red, mavel logo black


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