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KF WIRELESS KEYBOARD KF Wireless Keyboard Ryan/Afitch Pairing Simple Anti-skid General,Convenient pairing Silica gel Use time is 6 months Working distance of fairing Durable 2 AA batteries 30 to 50 Cm Material usage Up to 12 months Design Kakao Friends Lovely Ryan and Afitch reach our textures via wireless keyboards. Start your day with the cute Ryan/Afitch wireless keyboard! Technical ability Simple and convenient pairing Spend the wireless converter (receiver) on the USB interface, and then turn the host switch “ON”, which is super simple pairing! It can be used within a distance of 30 to 50 Cm after pairing. Available range 30 to 50 Cm * The actual wireless distance varies depending on the setting and usage environment. Put the wireless converter on the USB interface The switch “on” can be paired! Silicon treatment And soft non-sliding silica gel material, Strong polishing can ensure the safety of typing Provide! Ultra-small wireless converter with portability Intelligent energy-saving wireless keyboard ENIVV Using two alkaline AA batteries, Automatically enter sleep standby state when not in use. General use time is about 6 months! * Initial sleep (90s), deep sleep (15Min) Battery life (Batteries are sold separately). Composition commodity Keyboard host, USB wireless converter Matters needing attention when handling 1) Do not use this product for other purposes than the original use. 2) If the machine is disassembled or replaced without authorization, the AS cannot be obtained. 3) Do not use in cold, hot, humid and dusty areas. 4) Product characteristics Three strong smoke limit, impact, ground light, etc. may lead to discoloration and discoloration. 5) Prohibit use in bunkers and areas with strong magnetic grids that may cause instrument failure. 6) Contaminated or otherwise Keep away from white matter 7) When the goods are damaged by water, after-sales service may not be available. Please pay attention. 8) No responsibility for equipment failure due to maintenance or replacement of batteries. ) Note the effect of cold waves on strong shocks. Commodity information notice Project description and model KF Wireless Mouse Lane, Afitch/KFK-001 Verification code R-C-sCk-KFWR-0 [Wireless equivalent R-C-sCk-KFKBD-0 [Keyboard] Vagina ABS Dimensions (approx.) 376*14020 mm Indicator light (action) CapsLock Tag, Low Arm Alarm Tag, Code Tag PCB version Battery working arm 30 Keyboard operation current < 5 mA Ambient temperature Operating status:-5 degrees-50 degrees Storage:-10-50 degrees Relative humidity Working time: 10% to 85% RH25 degrees Zhejiang Province: 10% ~ 95% RH25 degrees Sleep pattern Initial sleep (90s), deep sleep (15Min) USB Prototype Bone (Wireless Communication Text) USB 2.0 Interis Type (Wireless Text) U Tian Yan (wireless converter) 5 VDC Current (radio copper) 30 mA Support system Mac OS/Windows7/Windows8/Windows10 Wireless street communication 30-50 Cm Market year of the same model 2019.11 The history of production is one yuan Zhu Ruiyuan Cenke Salesman (Note) IPX After-sales service 070.869. 8159 Floors 69 and 3, No.8 World Cup Road, Mapu District, Seoul Special City Quality assurance standard 1) Defects caused by manufacturing defects of products can be returned or replaced free of charge within 7 days from the date of purchase. 2) No service shall be provided for damage caused intentionally or negligently by consumers. 3) No return is allowed after the package is opened. LICENSED BY KAKAO IX This product is licensed by Kakao iX Co., Ltd. Made and sold in IPX according to formal contract Unauthorized copying and sales are prohibited.

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