Lilycute 7ml Reflective Glitter Nail Gel Polish Effect Sparkling Soak Off Gel Semi Permanent For Manicure Nail Art UV Nail Gel




Description, ,Specification: Brand: LILYCUTE Type: Reflective Gel Polish Quantity: 1 Bottle Volume: About 7ml Package Contents: LILYCUTE 7ml?Reflective Gel Polish Feature: 100% new retail and high quality. Suitable to apply on UV gel nails , acrylic nails and natural nails etc. Help strengthen your nails with a durable shiny coat. Perfect for both professional use and personal use. How to Use Our Gel? Step 1. Clean nails then clip nail surface as normal nail art process. Step 2. Fully shake up the gel polish, it can make the gel polish color balanced. (Important) Step 3. Apply base gel first , which can make gel polish lasting longer,cure with UV lamp or LED lamp. (Necessary) Step 4. Apply a layer of color uv gel directly,cure with UV lamp for 2 minutes or cure with LED lamp for 60 seconds. Step 5. Apply a layer of eggshell gel and cure. Step 6. Apply the second layer eggshell and cure. Step 7. Apply a layer of reinforcing gel and cure. (Not necessary) Step 8. Apply a layer of matte top coat (or top coat) and cure. NOTICE: *KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN . *Avoid touching the ears,nose, mouth,eyes and other parts. *If redness or other signs of adverse reaction occur, discontinue use immediately . *Store in a cool place.Keep out of sunlight or extreme exposure to LED/UV light.

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