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IP67 Waterproof & 4.1 bluetoothIP67 Waterproof Swimming Bluetooth Earphone Noise Cancelling Sport Wireless Headphone Ear Hook with Microphone 110mAh for Iphone Xiaomi Huawei Android Ios

Rated 4.14 out of 5 based on 288 customer ratings
(288 customer reviews)



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With Microphone: Yes;                          Plug Type: Wireless;

Function: For Mobile Phone,for Video Game,HiFi Headphone,Sport;

Wireless Type: Bluetooth;                     Connectors: USB;

Communication: Wireless;                   Active Noise-Cancellation: Yes;

Volume Control: Yes;                            Brand Name: ipudis;

Is wireless: Yes;                                      Waterproof: Yes;

Vocalism Principle: Dynamic;            Style: Ear Hook;

Control Button: Yes;


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ith Microphone: Yes;                          Plug Type: Wireless;

Function: For Mobile Phone,for Video Game,HiFi Headphone,Sport;

Wireless Type: Bluetooth;                     Connectors: USB;

Communication: Wireless;                   Active Noise-Cancellation: Yes;

Volume Control: Yes;

Is wireless: Yes;                                      Waterproof: Yes;

Vocalism Principle: Dynamic;            Style: Ear Hook;

Control Button: Yes;

Bluetooth version: V4.1 + EDR
Support: A2DP, Headset, Hands-stereo
Battery capacity: 110mAh with protective board
Talk time: About 6 hours
Standby time: about 200 hours
Effective distance: 10 meters (Connect two phones simultaneously)
Charging time: About 2 hours
Speaker: 105db
Microphone: -42db
Charging voltage: DC 5V
Bluetooth Headset Weight: 18.5g
CSR 8635 (UK imported chip)












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IPX5Black-i9, IPX5Grey-i9, IP67Black-i9

288 reviews for IP67 Waterproof & 4.1 bluetoothIP67 Waterproof Swimming Bluetooth Earphone Noise Cancelling Sport Wireless Headphone Ear Hook with Microphone 110mAh for Iphone Xiaomi Huawei Android Ios

  1. Rated 4 out of 5

    Caroline Ginty

    I purchased my second pair of these headphones in Feb 2018 (after my first pair accidentally got thrown out). I really liked the overall sound quality for the price, the battery life, and the fact that they were sweatproof and stayed in my ears for workouts.In July 2018 they suddenly stopped working in the middle of my workout and nothing has worked to revive them including resetting them. After trying all possible options I could think of, I reached out to Ipudis via their website, which at this point was several weeks ago. I never heard back from them my inquiry or whether there was anything they could do for me. Based the faulty product and complete lack of care by customer service, I cannot recommend these headphones to anyone else looking for affordable bluetooth headphones. I wish I was comfortable buying a 3rd pair, but I will take my money elsewhere with better customer service.

  2. Rated 2 out of 5


    Good sound quality in these things seem like good material that they’re built from, but they’re pretty worthless for working out or running in. I bought these specifically because they have the hook that goes around the back of the year. I sweat a lot when I run have a hard time keeping earbuds in. The hook is pretty well worthless. It is made of a flimsy silicone it does nothing. You can’t shape it to your ear you can’t adjust it in anyway. If these earbuds don’t perfectly fit your ear, you’re screwed. There’s no way to adjust them at all. It comes with three different size plugs to go in your ear, but those are worthless if you sweat at all, because there’s nothing to keep the actual headphone and place. Like I said the hooks for the back of the ear are pretty much worthless. If you are someone that sweats at all while you run don’t waste your money.

  3. Rated 4 out of 5


    Overall, fantastic buy. Cannot go wrong with these headphones if you’re a budget and need some solid bluetooth wireless headphones.Positives: Excellent sound quality, not absolutely mind blowing but very high definitisound and very reasonable bass as well. Reasonable battery life and very reasonable charging time. Volume goes extra loud, loud enough to damage hearing. Very sweat/dust resistant for the most part. Have been using these for 1 year, working out 4-6 times a week and they are in perfect shape.Negatives: Sometimes bluetooth connectican be a little frustrating, if you connect to one device and then would like to connect to another device at a later point, you need to fiddle with it and turn it and off a few times before it works. Low battery indicator is my only major complaint about these headphones — specifically, it warns you of low battery when you only have roughly 5 or so minutes of listening time left. Low battery indicator should have been set to warn you when you have at least 20 minutes left so you can still use them for the remainder of a workout. Numerous times I found myself halfway into my workout with a battery low reminder and my headphones cut out at the end of the song.Overall, solid 4/5 rating. For the $30 I dropped these, they have exceeded my expectations far and beyond, and I would recommend them to anyone without a doubt.

  4. Rated 2 out of 5


    Battery life is around 6 hours. I’m a heavy user so this isn’t very long. It always seems to be dead when I most need it. Furthermore, you can’t charge and use at the same time which is somewhat of an inconvenience. Sound quality is good but not impressive. Holy hell is the functionality ANNOYING. Takes forever to turn sometimes, I’m pushing a finger into my ear like an idiot waiting for the bluetooth lady to yell “POWER ON” into my ears. And sometimes when I’m trying to power down at night she’ll go “LAST NUMBER REDIAL” while I scramble to find my phone to cancel a 2AM call to my ex girlfriend. Jesus. I don’t want all that. I just want this thing to power and power off.

  5. Rated 5 out of 5


    I bought these out of desperatilooking for a functional wireless Bluetooth in ear headset to work out with. I have had the skull candy and JVC wireless versiand they both have major flaws. JVC will power off, pause or skip to the next song while working out if you have the slightest moisture touching it. I bought 2 skull candy because the first one only powered one time and didn’t work afterwards. Won’t even charge really big disappointment. So I bought these and I’m impressed! ReasI always fall back to the skullcandy brand is the bass and these are louder and have more bass then skullcandy! Oh and I didn’t even want to comment of beats as I feel they are the most mediocre of all brands. I dare anyone to go into Best Buy and just compare all brands before purchasing any headset. Skull candy always blows the competitiaway except the wireless versihas a lot of issues:(

  6. Rated 5 out of 5

    Jose Esteban

    Comfort. The fit. The sound. Battery life. These are the four primary reaswhy I love these headphones. I have several other bluetooth headphones and this pair is the best. They are very comfortable to wear and fit perfectly. I feel the controls are very intuitively placed and very easily accessible. Most of all, I love the fact that it will last hours and hours a single charge. This is imperative for me while biking or kayaking. The only minor issue I have at this time is that the cable seems a bit stiff. It is not as soft and flexible as others I have but this could be because they are brand new and haven’t had time to lose the memory from being tightly coiled for shipment.

  7. Rated 3 out of 5


    I used to love these Bluetooth headphones. And then I decided to use the waterproof feature and go swimming for the first time today. The instant I got them wet they were dead even though everything is closed everything looked great and these are supposed to be waterproof. They have work great for all exercise up until the pool……… UPDATE TO REVIEW> Customer service is great, I contacted them to discuss and they replaced my headphones, however they informed me that (As we informed you earlier, the Ipudis ActivBuds S-250 are IPX7 Waterproof rated and have been tested by submerging them fully into water for a short period of time. Although, most IPX7 rated devices can be submerged under water for short period of time, it is still recommended not to do so. That being said, the Ipudis ActivBuds will hold up very well against rain, heavy sweat, and all kinds of other activities which involve interactiwith moisture.) When I looked up what IPX7 means, it states IPX7: Can be submerged up to 1 meter in water for 30 minutes. I killed 2 pairs of these by swimming less than 30 minutes, and I was for sure less than 1 meter down.

  8. Rated 4 out of 5


    Awesome for the price. Overall sound quality is bass heavy for sure, but not a deal breaker for me, depends your choice of music.The included accessories don’t matter to me much. The multi end charger cord is pretty cool, a little short to be an all the time use. The carry case is a nice touch, but stuffing the buds and cord and charging cable is beyond my patience. Would definitely be better off with a typical round cord between the buds, not a fan of the flat ribbcord.If you use the squishy foam ends they work well at keeping out ambient noise, almost too much for speech though.I use them exclusively around the house for mowing the lawn, weed wacking, and snowblowing come winter. Have no issue with them falling out.

  9. Rated 5 out of 5

    love life

    I rarely write reviews and I really should since I rely them. These earbuds are great. The sound quality is really clear. The fit is good. I have small ears and have a hard time with earbuds but these work well. Granted the over the ear hook doesn’t offer *that* much assistance. Meaning if I had to rely solely that, it would not fit. However the buds stay in well. I use them to work out and I do a lot of HIIT, Plyo, running, and weight lifting. These have been very good. I’ve used them for 3 training sessions (roughly 1 1/2 hours each) and the battery is still “very high.” They pair well with my galaxy s9. I own 4 pair of earbuds trying to find the right ones. These are it.

  10. Rated 5 out of 5

    Amy D

    It usually takes me about a month before I break any type of headphones. I workout hard and I am rough with them. I am also a runner in hot Florida, and sweat a lot. However, I have had these headphones for almost a year now and they work perfectly, even when I drench them with sweat. They hook up easily my ears and stay put. They are comfortable, lightweight, and I forget they are even there. It syncs really well with my iPhone / iTunes and my Sandisk Sport Clip. The music quality is great. I have owned super expensive headphones, and these still hold up the best. I would totally recommend them.

  11. Rated 5 out of 5


    I was a bit hesitant buying these, even at 29.97..I wanted cheap wireless headphones that stayed in my ears, secured to my neck/head, and sounded halfway decent. These are a great option. They are undoubtedly bulky and a bit awkward for people with small ears like me, but for whatever reasthey stay in just fine, even when running. I haven’t noticed any battery issues. The packaging came with a car magnet for my phone and a stick wallet case–while i can’t use both at once, obviously, this is pretty cool haha.PROS: Price, fit is great if you can get over the “weird” feeling of them sticking out of your ears,pairing is seamless, battery seems fine for a few hours running or working out, they also seem durable…CONS: Bluetooth goes in/out at times, sound is definitely lower quality, although it’s decent from the price (compare these to Skullcandy Methods and you’ll see the sound is much better in the Skullcandys) also the noise cancellatiis more like noise + ambient noise–you hear the music from your earbuds plus everything else–which is strangely ok with me.Overall, I think you’ll be happy buying these if you can get by with a few caveats. I’m not an audiophile so I don’t need some extreme sound quality while i’m exercising, just enough to hear it fairly loud and clear. They’re good enough and I’m happy.

  12. Rated 2 out of 5


    At first I was happy with these and mostly took them kayaking and biking. They seemed to be sweatproof enough especially in the Texas heat in summer time. It gets really sticky in these parts!I decided to do a little boogie boarding GalvestIsland the other day, and as soas they hit the water they started acting up. I know about them cutting out if your head gets immersed so that didn’t bother me, but when I got back to my car the left side cut out completely and they kept disconnecting and reconnecting.Looking at the plastic it seemed to be pruning up like skin left too long in the water. They definitely can’t take water IPX7 or not. I would have given them one star, but besides the water immersipart they performed ok.

  13. Rated 3 out of 5


    I really wanted these headphones to work. I work outside, and have the luxury of being able to listen to music, podcasts, audiobooks, whatever I want to, while working. I bought these to replace an old, worn out pair of bluetooth earmuff type headphones.The sound quality is pretty decent, and the ‘noise canceling’ plugs are great. I could actually keep the volume at a decent level and still hear what I was listening to over the noise of the equipment I am operating (old headphones I had to turn volume up all the way, and depending what I was listening to, I still couldn’t hear anything sometimes).My disappointment comes from the constant ‘drop’ every few minutes (for lack of a better term). No matter what I am listening to, every few minutes the headphones just cut out and back again for just a second or so. It’s annoying. It is not because I am going to far away from my connected device, because I am carrying the connected device in my pocket. They are always within 2 feet of each other.The second thing that disappoints me is the battery time. Perhaps all devices of the size operate the same, but these earbuds only last me 3 1/2-4 hours. I only need them to work at most, 5.One other thing I’ll mentithat has been said by other reviewers: the size of the plugs. If you have small ears, (I do) they will hurt after having them about an hour, and the ‘loop’ that goes over the ear doesn’t even touch my ear because it is so big. The plugs are staying in because I have to cram the buds in my ears (because they are so big) and that’s what keeps them in! I’m not sure how someone running keeps them in.I think I may have to return these and go back to the bulky headphones.

  14. Rated 4 out of 5


    I had purchased these for both my wife and I and after about 5 months of operating, I can say I’ve never made a worse purchase in my life. Well, maybe one or two others but as of recent these things are hot trash. Maybe it says somewhere the product descriptiand I missed it, but the bluetooth connectivity these is about a foot. So, if you plan wearing these headphones and putting the phone in your pocket, good luck as it won’t pick up the reception. If you hold the phone close to your ear or leave it your nightstand while you sleep, maybe you’ll be good but for what I purchased these for – working out – they can’t do the job. Also, there’s only 3 buttons this: volume and a “connectibutton.” You press the button, it does nothing, you hold it down, it turns it and off. Trying to get them connected within that 1ft range to new devices can be a pain.Now, I will give them some pros and say that the sound quality when it is connected is fine. No deep bass issues or anything, not crystal clear, it’s just fine. It get’s the job done you know.In addition, being able to charge with a micro usb is good and the over the ear setup works and the adjustable ear plugs are good. The length of the headphone wire between buds is a little comical and I don’t think it’s very well thought out.Also, I realize you get what you pay for, but after reading the reviews I figured these would be an ok pair, just for the gym you know, nothing fancy. But, nah. I’d rather just spend 2x the amount for headphones that work, so if you know someone selling some, let me know!Thanks…

  15. Rated 3 out of 5


    I was inspired by the abundance of positive reviews and purchased these headphones. They were my first wireless set. Unfortunately, I didn’t even get to hear the sound quality, as they simply wouldn’t stay put. I’m not talking about the ear buds (there are various bud sizes included), rather the attachment that loops around each ear. There is only one size available, and it is not meant for smaller ears. I couldn’t even walk across the room without it sliding off. Additionally, the placement of the on/off/volume controls were the earpiece, which was awkward. Needless to say, I had to return the unit, and went for the Anker brand ones (which both fit and are fabulous). To the company’s credit, the packaging was nice, the unit had numerous accessories and the return process was a breeze. They just weren’t the right headphones for me.

  16. Rated 5 out of 5


    I’ve got to say, I was a huge skeptic about bluetooth earphones. I was always afraid my music would cut out or they wouldn’t stay in my ear or the sound quality would be bad or the battery would die. None of these are concerns with these headphones!The distance of connect-ability is pretty high. Compared to my Arctis7 headset for my PC, the range is decent. I can get out of the room and down the hall before the bluetooth disconnects.These earphones came with a memory-foam type of ear bud (along with three sizes of the typical semi-hemispherical rubber/silicon) that are great! I thought I would give them a try as I’m not a major fan of typical earbud styles and I loved them! They conform to the beginning of my ear canal and stay put! No falling out while exercising or anything!Sound quality is decent, bass isn’t anything to write home about, but songs sound pretty ing. They’re definitely better than any pair of headphones you’d find at a local market, by ten fold.[b]Battery life is consistent!![/b] I’ve had these headphones for a few months now and have consistently gotten over 7 hours of use out of them before I would charge them!Overall, I would HIGHLY recommend these headphones if anyone is in the market for bluetooth! Screw paying upwards of $100-200 for “high quallity bluetooth” headphones! THESE ARE LESS THAN $30 AND WILL BLOW YOU AWAY! Seriously, though. Totally worth it.

  17. Rated 4 out of 5

    Chantha K


  18. Rated 5 out of 5

    Lacrocivious Acrophosist

    Great sound, reasonable recharge time, very comfortable fit. You can choose how deeply you shove these into your ear canal for either near total isolatior mere presence in the field of ambient environmental sounds, and this also enables you to avoid ear fatigue when you need a lighter physical pressure your ear canals. The red-to-blue charge LED is very useful. The buttons the right earpiece… meh. They work, but mostly I use these ear goggles whilst sitting, for privacy reasons, and so use the host computer’s volume controls. I’ve no experience using them during strenuous physical activity. Physical range for full functiis limited to about three meters, but that is more a feature than a problem with unsecured bluetooth devices in my opinion.

  19. Rated 3 out of 5

    Trent AR Michaels

    In terms of general use, these get the job done. The battery lasts long, they don’t take long to charge, they’re comfortable to wear, pair with my phone easily, and have a good sound quality.However, After owning them for only a few months, it has some severe issues with connectivity. Sometimes if I move my head too fast or sometimes when I’m walking, the sound starts cutting out like crazy. This used to be infrequent, but now it’s almost a daily occurrence that has me back in the market for more reliable headphones. The sound has been cutting out even when I’m just standing at my desk, and it drives me crazy.I suppose you could do worse for what you pay for, but I was hoping for more longevity.

  20. Rated 5 out of 5


    I am surprised how good these headphones are. I received a pair of Bose $150 sport headphones for Christmas and they will not stay your ear. The Quality is terrific but they fall off. I’ve been unhappy with my jawbone for my iPhone seven as you know it has a rubber earpiece the keeps wearing out and sound quality is hit or miss.I just bought and received Bluetooth Headphone,KUPPET Mini Wireless Earphone. Nice package looks great you can’t hear anybody the phone. I give it D.So I thought I would try the Ipudis with my iPhone for making/ receiving calls. Surprise it works great. I’m going to order another set. I just cut the cable between the two earphones and keep the right one in the car. If you’re left-handed sorry.

  21. Rated 4 out of 5


    Work good in the gym, but outside doing things like mowing the lawn or riding the motorcycle they like to constantly break up or disconnect. In the gym my phone is in my bag, outdoor activities it’s my person. The mic works decently, I do have to talk loudly at times. Overall they work for what I use them for.

  22. Rated 3 out of 5


    I really liked these during my first run. Great, I thought…I charged them and prepped everything for my second run. I had to turn back home immediately to grab another pair of headphones because these were dead. Hmm, maybe I accidentally discharged them right after I finished charging them. When I looked earlier, theblue light was and I left them my desk with nothing touching them and nothing turned but maybe I accidentLly pressed the buttons. I tried charging them again and when I came back to test them, the headphones were totally dead. These headphones suck. They still do not charge! In other matters, the play buttis too easy to press as you are trying to shove them into your ears. The pads for the ears buds are way too large even though I have the smallest ones them. Headphones are a totL fail.

  23. Rated 4 out of 5

    Weary and Acerbic Consumer

    Not for running, 30 ft signal broadcast radius: Try 2 ft max! Sound suppressiis nexistent unless you count raising the volume of the earbuds to the max level, which btw is not very loud. I tried running with these and the audio consistently cut out with every single footfall. I tried re-positioning the mp3 device from my back pocket to my front pocket. Still got audio cutout. I took the device out of my pocket and held it in my hand…no audio cutout. The only way these piece of technological marvels work is if the device you have it paired to is within 2 feet of the earbuds and not causing vibrations stronger than just walking.

  24. Rated 2 out of 5

    Daniel W.

    My initial impressions of these earbuds were good. The sound quality was OK for hitting the gym, they didn’t get especially dirty, they were comfortable to wear, and had a good array of adjustments for a good fit.I’ve used them maybe two to three times a week for an hour at a time, and they keep a charge for weeks at a time providing they’re turned off when not in use.My problem, however, is that only a month after the return window expires the up-volume butthas completely jammed. I can no longer turn my music up from the earbuds, it has to be done from my phone now.Volume down works fine, but not up… Very disappointing in how little I used them before something so simple broke them.I’ll be going with a more familiar brand next time around, and I won’t be buying these again.In my defense, I am not hard electronics. I’ve never broken anything since I was 16, the buttbreaking this was a design flaw, not from any kind of abuse in daily use.Overall, good presentation, good aesthetic, ok sound quality, bad design quality. Won’t buy again.

  25. Rated 5 out of 5


    I have gone through so many Bluetooth headphones; I seriously have a collection. I’m very specific with how the headphones fit into my ears (I’ve got pretty small ears) and I’ve found that most headphones tend to fall out super easily. This especially gets annoying when my primary use of these is for the gym. So I was the lookout for a new pair of Bluetooth headphones after I lost my other favorite pair. I took a chance with these and I’m so glad I did! Not only are the default “gummies” these fit perfectly, but the sound is superb for its price. I usually spend 1.5 hours at 4 days a week, and I usually only have to charge them by the 4th day. Also, the extra accessories are just a steal for the price.If you don’t want to shell out too much money for a pair of headphones, then grab these as they are definitely worth it.

  26. Rated 5 out of 5


    I’ve had these over a year an I am very happy with them. These replaced my second set of Motorola S10D. These are very llght weight, more comfortable, have very good fidelity and the batteries last much longer. I get at least 2 to 3 2 hour sessions in the gym with them- even now after more than a year of use. The earpieces are very soft and fit very comfortably, and block out outside noise very well. I like the controls in the earpiece to pause, play, track forward and back, and volume. The phone receptialso works well.My only complaint is the logic of the track forward and back buttons which are also the volume up and down buttons. The forward facing buttcontrols volume down and track back, and the back facing buttcontrols volume up and track forward. Intuitively what they control should be reversed; ie forward buttto go track forward and volume up and back buttto go track back and volume down.

  27. Rated 5 out of 5

    Sameer Khan

    I was worried from the beginning that a cheap pair of earbuds would stop working, and sure enough they did. They no longer hold a charge and I’ve tried what the manual has said related to the earbuds not charging. Other than that, the earbuds themselves are fine – they are worth the price. They have good quality sound and are comfortable. Pairing is simple enough, and any connective issues I had were solved by forgetting the device in my phone’s Bluetooth settings and reconnecting. However, the fact that they stopped working after 5 months of light everyday use is extremely disappointing. However, as disappointed as it was, their support service is phenomenal. I received a reply to my email the same day, and within 2 days I already had a replacement coming in. Ipudis genuinely means it when they say 1 year warranty. This product is terrific for the price, and nobody should be worried about theirs going bad since they can get a new pair within the same week.

  28. Rated 4 out of 5

    kim flowers

    So impressed with the quality of these headphones is a 4 1/2 Star. Sound is very clear, easy to set with the Bluetooth. When I first charged it went fairly quickly. Just keep in mind not to over charge to keep the battery life span. Walked around the house and was still able to hear clearly. Comes with extra accessories, nice small portable case. Charger is smaller than expected but that makes it easier to place inside your case along with your headphones. Headphones are pretty comfy to place in your ear and came with several extra rubber buds to fit your size. I would definitely recommend this product.When a call came through it told you the complete phone number that was calling. But when I answered it didn’t connect the headphones but I’m thinking perhaps I missed something the instructions.

  29. Rated 5 out of 5


    Super cheap and they work. I had a pair of $100 bluetooth headphones that died, got this as a replacement. They sound good (all though not ing), they’re light and the battery lasts a long time. At this cheap price I don’t feel bad if they get lost or break. The product that came with extra’s I didn’t use, a wallet that sticks to the back of a phone and a magnet disk and magnet car AC phone holder. I wanted something to listen to music while I jog and sit in a hot tub, this works. I’m also using it as a wireless “quiet” speaker for watching movies from my projector when I don’t want to use my surround sound system. Again not ing quality , sounds like your basic cheap headphone, but it sounds good enough. I’ll buy it again if I lose it or it gets broken from something.

  30. Rated 3 out of 5

    miguel rodriguez

    Bought them in January… Died today…. that is exactly less than 6 months of use…..Now the review…Pros: Incredible sound!, I bought these because I wanted to use for working out, I have a pair of apple AirBuds, I did not want to lose them as they come out of my ear easily. I must say; these headphones have incredible sound, most inexpensive headsets you have to crank up the volume to get good quality sound. Well, you wont have to with these ones, lows are solid and mids and high are clear to the point that the volume can stay consistently in the mid range of the music and it will be pleasant whether you are running or at the gym or simply working with them.Cons: They died today… I have yet to put these thorough real hell, I am an avid runner and most of the time I run in dry weather, I do sweat, but no different than anyone who runs 5 miles at 8-9 minutes per mile…. For whatever reason, when I hit the 3 mile mark today they just stopped working and the blue light stayed solid ON! I was not able to turn them or off again… so I put them in my pocket and finished running… I placed them in my bag after getting ready and drove to work, just now as I type this review I am attempting to revive them and nothing… the light is now Solid RED! and they do not connect… SO I take they are finished… it is a shame that they did not even last 6 months…I guess is the last time I buy them

  31. Rated 5 out of 5

    Pab Barr

    I think I got very lucky and received a great product. I have been using this for a while. Connected with my Android devices and works wonders, great quality. I used with my iPhone and the bass was too high, but it’s due to the iPhone music quality, it’s bass it’s always boosted. I had to download an app to regulate the bass my iPhone and it works ing.Great product, totally worth my money and more. Also came with it’s own extra earbuds, USB cable charger and car USB power adapter. (Does NOT come with wall adapter, it says that) other than that, I definitely recommend it. Of course, I compared the quality to boss headphone and skull Candy headphones audio quality and it’s very similar quality to both at a cheaper price.

  32. Rated 5 out of 5


    I do not think I have yet to leave feedback any of the products I have bought before. I am not good with proper reviews.I don’t spend much headphones because they seem to break me easily. They either last long but lose their good quality sound. Or have good quality sound but develop a short in the cord after less than 6. The pair I replaced with these broke in less than a week they were a different brand. Sadly they had a ing sound as well.The sound from these is ing. All the sounds are audible. Sometimes I think I hear outside noise but then I realize it’s from what I’m listening to that I never heard before. Speaking of that with other headphones sounds around me get distorted normal sounds can sound like someone calling my name and sometimes I hear knocks my door and someone opening it. At the present with these it hasn’t happened. *crosses fingers.*What I love the most is it is helping me enjoy my favorite video game again. I played it one time with a good surround sound system and it was so immersive and after that it was as fun without the pretty sounds. But with these headphones I can hear the pretty sounds a lot clearer now I am enjoying it more again..Music sounds ing as well. It had the right amount of base so it doesn’t trigger my bass intolerance. I can here the booms and still hear the singing. Other headphones with good quality sound the bass can sound off.So far the quality says it’s worth a higher price.I just hope they don’t poop out like all my other headphones.

  33. Rated 5 out of 5

    Tom P

    I love these. I had low expectations, because any other ear buds I’ve tried fit too tightly or popped out often, or entirely blocked out the outside world noises. I’ve been wearing these for about 4 hours and frankly forgot about them. I’m listening to music, but don’t really know they’re in my ears. They’re that comfortable. They did come with a variety of ear plug adapters, which was nice, since people’s ears are all different. The sound quality is good. I’m no audiophile, but these sound good to me. Also, I can hear my dogs bark in the background, so I’m not shut off. I need to get out and run with these to see how they fare with that, but so far, I’m super happy with these.

  34. Rated 4 out of 5

    Gin and Tonic

    This is my second pair of Ipudis Bluetooth headphones. I use them almost daily for exercise and when airplanes. I was so impressed with my first pair (which continues to work great after 2+ years) that I bought a second pair for my travel bag. Unfortunately, after 5 months, these S-250 headphones suddenly started connecting and disconnecting from my iPad during a treadmill run then went dead. They will not charge, respond to any button, respond to being connected to a charger, light up, etc. Dead… I called the customer support number (which was answered directly by a customer service agent!!!) and they tried to troubleshoot the headphones with me. They confirmed that they were defective, confirmed my order number and purchase date, and sent a replacement set right away. I was THRILLED with the customer support experience.So here I sit with dead headphones waiting for a replacement to show up and still I give these a 4-star rating? Yep. My other pair is still going strong after 2 years and with the customer support I just received, I’d still recommend the S-250s. My original pair made it through several marathons, all of the training runs needed to get ready for them, and the rigors of traveling with me constantly working for an airline.

  35. Rated 3 out of 5

    Kelly S.

    You can connect to two devices at once. However, they will be chipping in and out so it’s best to connect to one at a time. I was trying to connect to my phone and my laptop at the same time incase I got a call I could just answer. I just use one at a time and even when I’m connected to the phone alone, the connectiis poor. The persthe other line always says I’m chipping in and out so I’ve just stopped using it for anything but listening.I just don’t have to really deal with it getting tangled which is the main reasI got these. Also, be able to just get up and walk around without worrying about forgetting I have headphones in and my phone falling.It stays connected within a certain range and reconnects if you happen to step out of that range then come back.Tells you when the battery is low.Comes with a cute little case that comes in very very handy.I would give it a B. Not A+ but it does the job minus using it to take calls.

  36. Rated 4 out of 5

    Robert L.

    These headphones have been great so far. They fit comfortably over the earlobes, and the wide range of tip sizes means I was able to find a pair that fits snugly in my ears, which both keeps them from bouncing around and provides good isolatifrom outside noise. The sound quality seems pretty good to me, but I freely admit that I’m not much of an audiophile, and I’m using them while exercising anyhow, so I may not be as discerning as some listeners. I was looking for a good pair of workout phones, and I feel like these perform admirably in that role, so I’m happy with that.There are a few negatives, however. The first is that the volume buttons are tiny and a little hard to locate by touch, so adjusting the volume or skipping a track while wearing them can involve a fumbling. Also, unlike every other set of headphones I’ve ever had, volume up/track forward is at the back of the assembly, and volume down/track backward is at the front. I’m sure I’ll get used to it eventually, but for now it’s the opposite of what I’m used to, and it’s a little annoying. Finally, the cover for the charging port fits very snugly and completely flush with its surroundings, which is good, but the tab for getting hold of it to uncover the port is tiny. Even after a couple weeks of practice it still takes me several tries to get it open. A larger tab and/or a thicker cover (i.e., so that it doesn’t sit exactly flush with the housing) would have made getting into the charging port a lot easier.

  37. Rated 4 out of 5


    I didn’t have high hopes for these to begin with as these sorts of headphones never seem to be spectacular products. However these might be the worst of the bunch I’ve owned over the years. The over-ear pieces are way too large and are not adjustable so the fit is awkward. It doesn’t feel secure although in the interest of fairness they did stay in when I tried jumping around or shaking my head. The fit I could live with however the bluetooth connectivity is also terrible. For example, the sound drops out or crackles when my phone is in my pocket. I could understand if it was dropping out because I left my phone in a different room, but from my pocket seems ridiculous.

  38. Rated 5 out of 5


    I use these for bike rides and work. When there is a lot of wind the signal can come and go but nothing serious.They went thru the washer and dryer and came out unscathed. That earned them a 5 Star. I have had them for 4 months and still work.The rubber insulatiis pretty good. When they came out of the dryer they were missing the side piece. The water didn’t get in because they are covered inside as well with like a melted rubber cover. All the junctions are covered inside.The sound quality is good. The connectiis sometimes sketchy but nothing serious. I use an iPhone 8plus and I have issues with other electronics as well. So it could be either. Over all a great product that I will be buying another.

  39. Rated 3 out of 5


    These headphones are great for the price and come with a lot of accessories. I purchased these to use with my iPhone and Apple watching while outside doing yard work. The headphones charged up quick and connected to both devices easy. However when I got outside I had a lot of issues. My phone was less than 5 ft away from me and my watch was my wrist. The headphones kept cutting out unless I stuck the watch right by the headphones. I then disconnected it from my watch and had to carry my phone around in my pocket which kind of defeated the purpose of why I got them. When connected to my phone they worked great and I didn’t lose power while using them for about 6 hours. They just didn’t seem to stay connected to my watch very well.

  40. Rated 3 out of 5


    I really like these headphones. They fit well and sound very good for the money. They are not audiophile quality by any means, but for what I paid they have decent bass. Mids and highs are a little better. Very livable and listenable sound. They fit comfortably and stayed well, even during strenuous activities. Buuutttt, when moving around they breakup a lot. With the phone in my cargo pocket less than 3 feet from the headphones and walking they are annoying due to the breakup. Same setup, but cutting or weed eating the grass, they are unlistenable for 20-30 second stretches of time. Tried them with phone and tablet. When sitting still, they sound great.

  41. Rated 5 out of 5


    I do not leave many reviews… much less many 5 stars. Why? maybe im not a fan of the costumer review system as i feel it stears me wrong sometimes. I will perhaps say that i want to leave reviews that reflect customer service interactions. IF the product goes in that review then that is ok too! So… i had a pair of these headsets that i bought 11 months ago. They have a year warranty. Thinking the company was going to blow off my request for a replacement i just went ahead and bought these. I didn’t even give them a try to make it right. Except the second pair that i ordered came with a software defect that was quickly fixed with a hardware reset. When i informed them that i bought the new one just to replaced the old one the immediately offered to replace the old pair. Now this i did not ask for. They offered! These are the things that i give 5 stars for! Good customer service! Read other reviews to see how good these headsets are ( they are loud clear and have plenty of base!) If you are looking for a great pair or behind the neck headsets at a bargain price these are it! But what makes you come back is a company that stands behind their products! THis felt like an Apple kind of response but this is a small company that wants to build its reputation! IM convinced! Good job ! Very impressed!

  42. Rated 5 out of 5


    I am very pleased with the quality of these speakers. These don’t sound like low-end headphones at all when the price clearly states. They come with different sizes and style earplugs, my favorite was memory foam type. First time of my life I feel like headphones are holding gently to my ears and music quality does not change that much when I move around. I live quite active lifestyle and these are perfect for me. They wear them when I work, run… bike.. hike… they just good. If I have to name at least one downside then it would be battery. Everything else is pretty nifty!+ Pros:* ing audio (smooth bass and clear trebs, no crackling or screaming menus, same pleasing experience as my old 200$ ones!)* reliable BT connectiwith iPhone (no hassle, fast one touch control, connects every time, no dropping)* ergonomically pleasing* great bang for the $$- Cons:* battery time (not horrible but I’m considering getting another pair to always have one charged, they die faster than most of my BT headphones)

  43. Rated 4 out of 5


    I bought a pair of these headphones a couple of months ago and loved them. They were great quality, the quality was ing for the price. They still work.I went and bought a pair for my grandfather to use because he knew how much I liked the ones I had; but upreceipt found the quality of the headphones to have significantly decreased. The over the ear arm that would hold your ear would not hold in place enough for running like they used to. And above all the headphones would not connect to anything. With some playing around I somehow managed to mess up the bluetooth connectivity to my original pair of headphones and can no longer pair them. Was a very satisfied customer that raved about these headphones but due to the recent change in quality will tell you to save your money and invest in a better set! Please change back to your original quality Ipudis!!

  44. Rated 4 out of 5


    great deal for the money. works as expected. came with a lot of unexpected goodies like a nice carrying case, car charger, multiple earbuds, and cord management pieces. did not come with a usb wall charger but I already have dozens of those laying around my house. wanted something for the gym so the profile of the ear pieces are not a big deal but I wouldn’t use these for my daily commuting needs since it’s not very discreet looking.One odd thing was that it came with a short micro usb cable for charging but it also came with a USB to Apple Lightning type cable which makes no sense whatsoever since you can’t use it these headphones. Gave it to my daughter for her iphone.

  45. Rated 3 out of 5

    Kori Howell

    These worked great for the first 2-3 weeks. Now, just under a month of having them, they are acting up. When I turn them on, they connect to my phone right away, but the sound does not automatically transfer to the headphones. I usually have to disconnect them, reconnect, and even then sometimes it won’t work so I’ll do it a couple of times. This is quite obnoxious when I’m trying to get my workout started and I’m fumbling with the headphones.EDIT 5/9/18 – Had to downgrade to one star. The headphones just won’t work properly. I am having the same problem that I wrote about previously, but it’s much worse. They connect to my phone and the headphone buttwill play/pause the sound, but the sound still plays the phone. Really really annoying.

  46. Rated 5 out of 5

    Refugio R.

    I wrote the message below and within a day was contacted by Ipudis via email. The technician wanted to address the problem. We attempted a reboot of the headphones. It didn’t work. But Ipudis acknowledged my warranty and followed with a replacement Ipudis. I am delighted with the response and quick attempt to solve my problem. Better yet – I am getting a replacement. Great service.I purchased these Ipudis Bluetooth Headphones in June 2017. I was very pleased with the fit and sound. It connected easily to my IPhone and iPad mini four. Within 6 months the headphones would warn me within a half hour BATTERY LOW. I would re-charge and hear BATTERY LOW with 15 minutes. I didn’t do anything at the time because I ordered MPOW Bluetooth headphones that looked and felt the same as my Ipudis. My MPOW has worked well. The two headphones look the same, feel the same, operate the same. BUT – I am sorry to say that the Ipudis is not reliable.

  47. Rated 4 out of 5


    Good sound quality for music. I intended to use the headphones for listening to workout videos. I live with other people so it would have been nice to be able to workout without disturbing others. When connecting the headphones it caused interference with wifi to the point of wifi just stop working. I emailed the company for these were my first set of bluetooth headphones. They said that I need to switch to a more stable network and it was not the headphones interfering with the wifi. I am not well versed in technology so I was not able to change the wifi setting to make it more stable even though I pay for high speed and quality internet. I also noticed that the piece that goes over the ear can be bent out of shape real easily.Best for people who use the headphones for just listening to music. These did not fall out when doing my pilates, did require readustment when doing HIIT workouts.

  48. Rated 2 out of 5

    Andrew G

    I have never been a fan of bluetooth earphones in general because it just seems like there is more that can potentially go wrong, but I figured I would give these a try just in case. They worked pretty great initially: sound quality was fair for the price, bluetooth was responsive and connected quickly, and the battery was actually as advertised at 7ish hours. My only complaint was that the flap covering the charge port was very difficult to get open, even for somebody with very average sized hands. After a few weeks of use (maybe 3 full charges) it started to not connect to my phone as quickly as it initially did. I’m not factoring this in to the rating because I’m not sure if it was an issue with my phone or the earphones, but it is something I noticed. The major issue is that these completely crapped out mid-workout and wouldn’t come back on. I paused it to talk to somebody, then a minute later I hit the unpause buttand it didn’t resume; in fact there was no beep or any noise that indicated I was even hitting a button. Even after holding down the power button, there was no response. They were freshly charged, so it wasn’t that the battery died (the earphones will give you a warning probably about 20 minutes before they’re about to die). While tempted to give these 1 star, I acknowledge that I could have just gotten a faulty set, and I actually really liked them when they were functional. But they died about 4 days after the return window closed, so I feel a little bit cheated

  49. Rated 2 out of 5


    Despite the low pirce, I don’t think these are worth it for the following reasons1) Super annoying, loud, and robotic ‘battery low’ warning which triggers at 30% battery and goes until it dies which is about 1 hr. There’s no way to turn this off2) Battery is weird. Goes from 70% to 30% in an hour or less.3) Poor batter life overall. Definitely not 8 hours, especially if you don’t count that annoying ‘battery low’ period.4) Constantly hearing staticSound is good when it does work and fit is comfortable. But what good is that if it only works for much less than the advertised time battery life. Back to my search for the best bluetooth headphones. Sigh…

  50. Rated 5 out of 5


    **Update as of August 2018**These are still going strong, good battery life and zero issues, other simular looking ones I’ve bought for cheaper have worse sound (static, delays) and just flat out die. These are still ing.**Original Review**For the price, these headphones are ing. I love them, and have used them for 5 months as of this review with zero issues. Are they the pinnacle of sound, no, but they get the job done.The packaging of the headphones is ing at this price point. They look good, and I’ve been averaging 7-9 hours use between charges. They stay fixed during runs, I can’t express more. They’re not an expensive investment, give them a try, I’ve spent a lot more worse sounding wired headphones.

  51. Rated 5 out of 5


    These are hands down some of the BEST headphones in this price range and I know what I am talking about, I already went through two other brands of bluetooth headphones that were in the same price range or less, but were completely useless compared to these wonderful things. The sound quality is ing, the distance it works is excellent, battery lasts and they sit firmly the ears. I applaud the designers of this thing. Exellent product! This is my second pair because I dropped the first pair several times and they broke and one side stopped working. In fact, I am wearing them right now listening to some music and loving it! Good bass too. Where is the heart button???

  52. Rated 4 out of 5


    The good: They sound really good and the battery life and charging speed is awesome, you can literally charge em 20 minutes before heading out to the gym and youll be good for the gym session. The ear loop holders are super flexible and mold to your ear really good. I was working the heavy bag for 8 rnds after running 3 miles the treadmill and they would stay in place!The bad: After using them for about 4 months the left ear bud stopped working all of a sudden, I contacted the manufacturer and they told me that this shoudn’t happen because their quality control is second to non. They offered me a refund or a replacement since I am currently stationed in Afghanistan I opted for the refund. I will buy this headphones again with the refund.

  53. Rated 3 out of 5

    Molly H.

    So far so good. These arrived in less than 24 hours. Fits the ear well and come with different sizes of ear buds. I usually have a hard time keeping earbuds in my ears but so far they have stayed in. They are lightweight. Great bass and sound. Easy to use with directions and warranty included. Clear sound when making and receiving calls. Controls and microphone are right headset (photos included). Battery life pops up iPhone when paired! I’ve already recommended this product to others!UPDATE 6/6/18: the sound quality for music and talking the phone is great when the earbud part is secure in the ear. I have issues keeping earbuds (not just these) secure in the ear and this pair slips out when sweaty. The ear hook part doesn’t really hold the earbud in place, which is frustrating. I will likely give these to my husband to use.

  54. Rated 2 out of 5

    Rude Out – Street Unity

    I ordered these because I lost my LGs, now I regret it. The sound is good, especially for $40 bucks. The problem, I cant step more than five feet away without the damn signal breaking up. While at the gym, if I do inclined sit ups, breaks up signal, if I am doing planks, and phone is my left side, signal is choppy. If the phone is at my feet and I lay my back, signal breaks up. It comes with a wallet sticky for the back of your phone, a carrying case, and a nifty sticky magnet so you can mount it your dashboard, mounts with sticky tape (metal is about the size of a quarter). The truth is, if you want to lay in bed, sit in a chair and stay put, GREAT! If you’re planning purchasing for GYM, don’t waste your time. I will be returning them if its not too late. To better describe the issue, it sounds like a scratched CD or CD player with no anti-skip. ANNOYING as F***!

  55. Rated 5 out of 5

    Florida Sparky

    Worked great! These have worked well from day 1. Never a problem connecting and I appreciate the message in my ear when I turn them and I am told they are ‘on’ and ‘connected’. With my Sony Bluetooth I have to ask Alexa what the hell time it is just to find out if the damn speaker is connected. Well done Sony. Anyway, these little suckers always work. I have to admit that I do not use any of the features with the controls the unit (volume, and answer the phone, I think). The bottom line for me is that the buttons are too small and the juice isn’t worth the squeeze. I use these in the gym, while cycling, and my stationary bike. I recommend these, especially for the price.

  56. Rated 5 out of 5

    W. Wang

    Overall an excellent value. I use this headset for running and based the last two 10k runs, I had no issues whatsoever with these falling off or the cable bouncing against/irritating my neck. The foam-earbud especially will fit to the shape of your ear canal and stayed in place. It fit so well that it filtered out most of the external voice so you’ll have to be careful if you want to hear a bit of external noises. As other review suggested, there is a wind noise when running outdoor but I ran indoor most of the time.The headphone works great and connected to my phone without any issues. Great sound quality and different earbud sizes ensured a great fit.I received a newer versiof this which doesn’t come with the car chrager and charging cable but instead a card pocket and car mount for your phone. Upcontacting Customer Service — they were very responsive and straight up with this transitiand opted to ship out the accessories that was listed in the description.

  57. Rated 5 out of 5


    I’ve read many reviews before buying this, and after getting it, IT’S WORTH LEAVING A REVIEW! Ok so I don’t know where to start how ing these headphones are, great sound quality, a great carry case that fits charger plus headphones and extra pieces, it has a magnetic cellphone car mount, a cellphone card wallet, wire tie pieces, a charger, and 3 EXTRA PAIRS OF EARTIPS! Best part is? All that for $30, I Connor believe that! Usually these type of headphones are annoying, but these ones stay in perfectly and are really comfortable, they also have volume up and down keys the headphones, I’m not good with figuring out distances but it’s a great distance that it can still be commected, again, great quality AND lastly, waterproof. WORTH THE MONEY.

  58. Rated 4 out of 5

    Wayde Lawler

    Generally speaking, I like these headphones. 3 sizes of earbuds allow for a comfortable, snug fit. Sound quality is good, and the Bluetooth range is solid. The only real complaint I have relates to the battery. According to the product description, these phones are supposed to have a battery life of around 8 hours. So far they seem to be getting pretty close to that. BUT, when they get down to 30% (my phone shows a battery gauge for the connected headphones), they make a loud “Battery Low” announcement. This wouldn’t be all that bad, except the announcement repeats EVERY 30 SECONDS. So for the last approximately 2+ hours of run time, your music or podcast is interrupted every 30 seconds letting you know your battery is running low. This is annoying enough that it makes the functional battery life of the product much closer to 6 hours than 8.Am I missing something? Does the product melt in your ears when the battery reaches 0%? Why is this announcement so important it needs to be repeated every half minute for over 2 hours?

  59. Rated 4 out of 5

    Craig Wiley

    Of the several inexpensive Chinese BT head sets I have tried, these seems to have one of the better sound qualities, however, the over-the-ear loops don’t do anything, they are too high to rest my particular ear profile. Nothing unusual there, just an average white male. Returning these instead of getting plastic surgery. Really disappointed that the ear hook cannot be adjusted, should have some sort of embedded bendable memory structure, or an alternate (smaller) ear hook.Bought these ear buds for the gym, hoping they would stay in place for running the treadmill, etc., but the only thing holding them in place is the ear bug themselves.I just got a pair of Anker SoundBuds Sport NB10, these seems stay in place very well when active. Will be trying at the gym this week.

  60. Rated 4 out of 5


    Great sound great head phones but I use an Apple Watch 3 to run so I don’t have to take my phone. I know Bluetooth works through air not body so if you wear your watch your right hand you’re golden, if you wear it your left, it cuts out once your hand goes behind your back. Needs a little strong Bluetooth connection. If you use a phone just keep it open connectito your right ear. Took me a little bit to figure that out. Didn’t work for me so I returned. Good customer service, good price just didn’t work for me.

  61. Rated 3 out of 5

    Sean Melwing

    I’ve been using these for a few months now and I have to say they have good sound quality, battery life, and I have yet to have a technical issue with them. I do however have issues with them failing out while excising which is a huge bummer. The earbud sizes are nice and all and do indeed help keep them in better or worse, but the real solutigiven their size would be adjustable ear hooks in order to give them that extra bit of support. The gel flex ear hooks should have some internal hardened yet flexible material like what glasses use to better conform to each persons ear. They always fall out just enough to get caught by the hook, but constantly having to push them back in is annoying. If the ear hooks were not just flexible enough to be comfortable, but also rigid enough to actually be useful I would rate these 5 stars.

  62. Rated 2 out of 5

    Marc R.

    Weak bluetooth reception. The sound was great as long as I held my phone (new) in my hand or outside of my jacket or pants pocket. Now my jacket is not made of lead and neither are my pants, but the constant dropping of the bluetooth signal was enough for me to return these otherwise ok earbuds. If you use your headphones while riding the bus or walking the street and have your phone in your pants pocket or jacket pocket expect your signal to drop constantly. This is too bad, because when the signal held steady the sound and fit were both good.

  63. Rated 3 out of 5


    These headphones are easy to pair and have pretty decent sound. However, I have a few issues with them.1. I have to constantly reconnect them to my phone. For some reasthe connectidrops even when I’m standing next to my phone.2. The range is subpar3. It doesn’t automatically connect. If my phone is connected to my car’s bluetooth and I step out- this headphone would not auto reconnect. As a matter of fact, it doesn’t respond when I try to manually connect it myself either. I have to turn it off and back for it to pick up….annoying4. It needs weights…. Like seriously. If you only use one earbud, the thing is hanging all down your back. I don’t have that issue with my Beats.Did I say the range sucks?

  64. Rated 3 out of 5

    Jonathan Heck

    They functioned as earbuds, but just not quite what I was hoping for. I am a runner and when using these the run they create a lot of wind noise. For me, the left earpiece did not fit well and caused pain. I changed out the tips, and the foam helped a bit, but not enough to make them comfortable for extended periods of time. I never found a reliable way to hang them around my neck and they have fallen several times. Not a deal breaker, but this could be fixed with a magnet or clip. The thing that bothered my OCD the most was the fact that the volume buttons are backward. You would think that the forward buttwould be volume up and back would be volume down, but you’d be wrong. Plugging in the charging cable is stiff and you end up mashing some of the buttons in the process. Not a huge deal, but as an OCD persit was dissatisfying. They stayed my ears quite well, and I had no difficulty keeping them during runs.

  65. Rated 5 out of 5

    Max C. Hansen

    Edited: I have upgraded my rating from 2 stars to 5. When I wrote about a problem here, Ipudis support contacted me and helped me fix the problem. I’ve been slow to edit my review, but they were quick with service. Very pleased.Pro: Stay in the ear pretty nicely. Deliver good sound when they deliver sound.Con: Don’t deliver sound. (Edit 5/22/18: This problem has been solved.) Will signal that they are connected. But often they don’t deliver any sound. Clicking the buttwill pause or unpause the applicatithat’s trying to deliver sound. You can hear this because the sound is coming from the phone’s speakers. (iPhone 6+ in my case). But no sound comes through the earbuds. Restarting either the earbuds or the app will fix the problem, but sometimes it requires several restarts in order to fix the problem. In the meantime, you’re annoying the people around you with sound from the phone’s speaker. I would have been delighted with this product if not for this serious failing.

  66. Rated 3 out of 5


    1.Sound was great.2.Mine came with one pair of small and large ear tips sizes, and a red memory foam type one that isn’t shown in the pictures.3.Carrying case was handy going to and from the gym.4.Charging cord doesn’t seat fully when plugged into the earbud, so be aware of that and don’t try pushing too hard.5.I received the shorter black USB cord shown in the pictures, but not the longer white one for the car charger.My biggest problem with these was the piece that wraps around my ear. Maybe my ear is small or something, but the memory foam tip that I placed in my ear was the only thing holding these in place. Once that tip was in my ear, the bar rose too high above my ear. There was no way for it to provide any kind of support to hang onto my ear. Didn’t work for me, so I gave these to my son, so I’ll still be looking for something else.

  67. Rated 4 out of 5


    After a few weeks.. I have to say I’m fairly impressed. Quality construction, great sound, 5 hrs of battery life, and easy connectivity. So far they’ve lasted through several sweaty workouts and cycling trips. My only issue is that they don’t always feel secure in my ears. The hooks don’t actually touch my ears, so the only thing ever keeping these in place is the buds. I do wish there were clips included. There are little pieces,to help control excess length of cord, bit they don’t work very well.But overall, a great product, price is more than a bargain for the qualityAlso includes a great case, two usb cords, a car usb poet, and includes two memory foam ear buds along with the standard rubber selection

  68. Rated 4 out of 5


    I’m giving 4 stars because you cant beat the price for what you get. Some people said these sound as good as Beats. I beg to differ, I don’t own any beats but I used to sell them when i was at best buy. The reasI didn’t give a 5 is because, 2 issues, 1 pretty annoying, when I have my phone and apple watch, it always wants to connect to both. So i have to disconnect from the phone but if the watch doesn’t sinc with it and I try to pair again, it will pair with the phone again, so then i have to turn blue tooth off my phone and turn it back once it connects to the watch. The second happened today. B4 leaving for the gym I check the battery life, it showed 65%, so about 45 min into the workout I get “battery low”, i check the status my watch and it showing 30% and 5 min after, it cut off. I turned it back checked the battery lvl… 30%… then it cut off again.In additiyes these bad boys sound great! As good as beats I don’t know but they sound better than the $60 blue tooth phone I have. One other issue is that it will try to connect to a previously paired device even when u are paired to another device. Its paired to my iPhone and listening to music, my Apple Watch is charging, when I get into connecting distance it tries to connect and stops playing

  69. Rated 4 out of 5

    Sarah G

    I received my Ipudis headphones two days after ordering through prime. I like that they include various sizes of ear buds, a nice hard case to protect them and easy to follow instructions. What I love about them, along with a very affordable price, is how easy they are to charge. There’s a charging port located the right ear piece that I charge using my cell phone and tablet chargers. Connecting to Bluetooth was fast and easy with my phone and tablet. They hold a charge for a very long time and will fully charge using my lenova tablet charger in under an hour. What I dislike – they are too big for me so not as securely attached (although I’ve gotten used to it and haven’t had them fall off) – the small earbuds are tiny, even for my small ears and the medium which came attached are a little larger than average size earbuds but I did get used to this as well. I do recommend buying for the low price they really work great! These are my first wireless Bluetooth headphones and I’m satisfied, only took off one star due to the large size of the medium ear buds and large not completely secured to my ear back piece to hold in place.

  70. Rated 4 out of 5

    Nia E.

    I’ve owned multiple pairs of the original wired powerbeats, studios, powerbeats2s thinking that they were the best sound quality at their price point and they all fell apart after a few months. I am a bit hard my headphones, but I want a pair that can take a bit of abuse, these are outdoor/gym headphones for me. I switched straight to these after my last pair of powerbeat2s became unusable. I was instantly surprised that I preferred th sound quality of the Ipudiss out of the box. Ipudis is at least as good as your average bluetooth headset but far cheaper, a little more emphasis the lows with the foam tips, which I love. Use the foam tips, they really improve the quality. I wish they lasted longer, or came with more foam tips though.

  71. Rated 4 out of 5


    So far I am pleased with these Ipudis headphones. I have very small ears and have a difficult time finding earbuds that work for me. These fit securely and comfortably. Fantastic! Having the optiof different sized earbuds is great! The sound quality is quite good. They are comfortable and extremely lighweight. The headphones came charged and ready to use. Only negatives are: 1) Callers hear background noise. 2) USB port the device is supposed to have a tab to pull it open. It’s just a nub, so I had to work it with my fingernails for quite a while to get it open. It seems a little easier to open as I use it. 3) I like to wear a headset around the house and not have to have my phone me. When I do this I notice that if I go in another room the connectiis spotty. If you are wearing it for working out and your cell phone is you then there is no problem.

  72. Rated 4 out of 5


    So far I’m liking these headphones. The quality of sound is great. My last pair didn’t get loud enough for me (I like my music pretty loud when I’m working out) and these get extremely loud. I haven’t gone beyond halfway the volume for the headphones. I don’t particularly like that the main buttis the side. This buttpauses if pressed once, and is the power buttif held down. I constantly push my headphones in to my ears, because headphones never stay in for me. The buttis where I would normally adjust the headphones, so I’m getting used to avoiding that. With that being said, the part that wraps behind your ear is great these headphones. They’re very adjustable! The only other thing I would forewarn about these headphones is that for some reason, when running outside, they catch a lot of wind. So the sound of the wind is pretty loud and obnoxious. Luckily, the volume overpowers it so you can blast your music and ignore it. But I’m not sure why that happens. My last Bluetooth headphones didn’t cause this much wind noise. It must be the shaping of these that causes it. This isn’t a problem when working out inside, obviously. 😊All in all, I think these headphones are great quaity for the price! I do recommend these headphones, and I thought it was nice that it comes with a magnetic car vent mount for your phone, and the cool case for the headphones themselves.

  73. Rated 2 out of 5


    These are the second pair of these Bluetooth headphones I purchased.What I like: They are very loud. I have no problem hearing them in a crowded subway or the street. They stay firmly in your ears when working out, and don’t get in your way. They are double as earplugs.What I don’t like: They are VERY loud. Sometimes the lowest volume setting is too loud and I am worried about ruining my hearing. The worst part is that they keep disconnecting from my phone while I am listening. I’ll be listening to music or a podcast and it will just stop, with no warning. Then I have to wait a few seconds for it to reconnect. I don’t know why this happens. It was fine for the first few months, and then it started doing this. Another annoyance is that there is about a 5 minute warning from when the battery is low until the headphones die. This is especially frustrating if I haven’t charged it and I have already left my house for the day.

  74. Rated 3 out of 5


    Spotty connection. Can’t figure out how to consistently connect. Sometimes I can workout and leave my phone the bench, no problem. Other times, I get really messy audio unless I’m holding my phone and wearing these. Microphone is garbage, I have not been able to use this for phone calls.I did think there was a problem fitting these to my ears, but it comes with different sized ear-buds, so I went with the smaller ones and fixed that issue. Charges relatively quickly, though the lightning charger that comes in the case worked for less than a day. I threw that out thinking the rest of the package was good, so when I started encountering all the problems with bad connection, I couldn’t even return the device.I would recommend this to someone listening to music at their desk, or a train, or somewhere relatively sedentary. Would not recommend for workouts or anything that separates you from your device more than 2 arms’ length.

  75. Rated 5 out of 5

    Robert R.

    Awesome and the sound is really good, which I am particular about. Wear these for running in the morning and listing to webcasts, etc. When running you can hear the wind blowing by but just adjust them to minimize the rustling sound. You won’t eliminate it completely. Also tried to use for a conference call but was told it was difficult to hear me so check your other device volume in advance. This is only a secondary concern, as for me it was running and listening that I bought them for. 2 thumbs up.Update: Feb 21st Have now used these for several Webcast/Skype meetings and the audience could here me clearly which is great….. They also warn you when the battery is low. Have found the rubber insert/cover for the charging port difficult to open but this is a minor inconvenience. Overall 5 stars

  76. Rated 5 out of 5

    Mauro Gil

    Wow, this an outstanding product. I’m a Bose fan and I’ve been using Bose wired Soundsport for years during running activities. Two years ago I decided to go wireless but Bose wireless was bulky and I was afraid losing it since the fixatito ears is internal. So I gave a chance to Beats Powerbeats2. What a deception. After running with them for some time, buttfor turning it & off started to fail, probably due to sweat. Since after a while it would come back working again I didn’t ask for warranty. A year and a month later, the buttons/mic cover felt apart. It was $ 200.00 in the trash. Well, not all that amount because I used it for a year, but it should last longer.I bought the Ipudis Bluetooth to my sat same time. At that time I thought a cheaper one would cover his needs, since he’s teenager and loses his stuffs very frequently. Well, his phones are working perfectly, even more if we consider a teenager using them. So I made my decisiand bought same product to me and I can assure that it is worth every penny spent them.Pros: price, sound, building quality, lightness, battery life, accessories sent in the packageCons: no Siri access from headphone buttons.It’s the best cost-benefit ratio I could find. If during my usage they last more than a year, I would be happy with my purchase and will go for them again in case they fail.

  77. Rated 5 out of 5

    Little Pecan

    I have tried other Bluetooth ear buds and did not like them because I could hear swishing noise while I walked. These are surprisingly comfortable and have really good sound. I didn’t change out anything even though they come with several sets of ear buds. They are easy to operate, stay comfortably in my ear but not too snug. I have another pair of custom fit noise canceling earphones by Sensaphonics which are wonderful but they really do isolate out other noise and you can’t still carry any conversatiif necessary. I like these reasonably priced ear buds because they cancel most of the outer noise but not all of it. Very pleasantly surprised. The only complaint I have is that the marking for left or right ear is almost impossible to see even with a magnifying glass.

  78. Rated 5 out of 5

    B. Ruiz

    I had these headphones for just shy of a year and used them almost every day at the gym, and around the house so I can listen to music while I clean. A few weeks before the 12 month warranty expired, the left earbud started having problems. Sometimes there would be static, other times there would be no sound at all.I contacted the company through their seller page to discuss the issue. They got back to me within a few hours with some troubleshooting ideas. When none of those worked, I asked if I could send back the headphones for a new pair, considering I was still within the warranty window. They said that they would send a new pair out — and they did! In less than a week from emailing them with my problems to receiving my brand new pair of blue tooth headphones in the mail via .I am so impressed at how their customer service handled this issue, and how they stood by their warranty (even though I was only a week or so shy of that 12 month deadline!) that I wouldn’t hesitate to purchase from them again. And the headphones are awesome, too.

  79. Rated 3 out of 5


    I work outside and was looking for a headphone that would allow me to be handsfree when recieving phone calls, this is not the headphone you want to purchase if you are looking to use it primarily as a handsfree Bluetooth headphone for phone calls. The microphone picks up too much background noise and the other caller will not be able to head you if there is any noises around you, this includes wind noise trip in your vehicle. I took the risk when purchasing because there weren’t many reviews people who used it for phone calls but after having them for a month I could firmly say they are not beneficial to have for using to talk the phone via Bluetooth. As for listening to music, they work pretty well, nothing spectacular but they work well. I will say however, the company provides some pretty great extras which is keeping me from returning the item because it’s too good of a value for decent music listening headphones. I would recommend these headphone if you are looking to Only use them for listening to music..

  80. Rated 5 out of 5


    These are by far the best earphones/headphones/earbuds I’ve owned. I’ve never shelled out Bose or Beats so I can’t tell you if these are better than those high end brands. But compared to the other earphones in the same price range, these take the cake. I bought these because my old earphones gave up me because I use them to the gym and sweat it a lot. I will probably add to this review after a few weeks at the gym to see if anything changes. So far, at home, it’s been holding up well.I have small ears so the silicone ear hook doesn’t really hook my ear but I haven’t had an issue with the earphones falling off.Functions are super simple/user friendly. There’s only three buttons. A volume up button, a volume down button, and a multifunctibutton. I find this great because as a gym goer, I hate accidentally pressing the wrong buttand changing a song by accident while I’m in my zone. The volume buttons are at reach. Other Bluetooth earphones have their volume buttons and power on/off buttthe wire, and a lot of people let the wire hang behind their neck rather than in front of them, having to put the volume up and down with those types is a hassle because you’d have to feel around for the buttons or take your earphones and pull the controls in front of you. I’m glad these have the controls right the ear part. Super convenient.The box includes three different silicone ear-tip sizes, 1 pair of foam ear tips (good for noise cancelling + conforms & fits many sizes), USB Cable, carrying case, wire ties, and additional things like a cellphone card wallet & car mount. I don’t have these pictures because I already used them.

  81. Rated 5 out of 5


    This is my first pair of bluetooth headphones and I love them so much. I recommend them to anyone who is looking for a pair of bluetooth headphones for the gym–I admittedly do not do highly vigorous workouts, but for a light jogging, weight training, or cardio machine workout they are great! See below a list of pros/cons as well as a more in depth reviewPROS:- Comfortable!!- Easy to pair with phone- Long battery life- Noise cancelling is top notch- Easily packed up for traveling- Stay put in your earCONS:- The volume/skip buttons can be a little confusing at first (back buttturns up the volume/skips the song, front buttturns it down/goes to previous song)- The “low battery” alert can get annoying during a workoutFULL REVIEW:These headphones are ing! They are so comfortable and TRULY noise cancelling (though you can still tell if someone is talking to you–just not what they are saying) I wore them for an at home workout while my roommate was watching TV in the same room and couldn’t hear a thing other than my music. I wear them to the gym and can go 8hrs+ without having to charge them (so 8+ workouts, depending how long my workouts last) The wire connecting the ear buds at the back of the head doesn’t bounce at the nape of the neck, so you never have that thumping noise from the wire banging against things, and the ear buds themselves stay put and are comfortable. They are really simple to pair up with an iPhone (and I assume any smart phone), and now that I’ve paired it once, all I have to do is press the buttand they automatically sync. The only complaints I have are (1) the buttons the side (for volume and skipping songs) took a bit of time to get used to, they felt “backwards” to me–the buttin back (closest to the back of your head) is used for turning the volume up and skipping a song, and the buttin the front (closest to your eye) is used for turning the volume down and going back to the beginning/a previous song (2) the low battery alert is frequent enough to be annoying during a workout, but happens so infrequently (because the battery life is so good) that it doesn’t merit losing a star.Overall–I would definitely recommend these!

  82. Rated 5 out of 5

    Henning K.

    Review after approx. 6 months ownership:Pro- Battery lasts ~5 hours- No problems after running for 2 hours in full rain- Audio quality is fair enough for sport acitivity- They are not noise blocking / cancelling. When listening to audio books you can still hear shouts / bells of overtaking bikes.- Can be charged with many USB cables (had issues in the past smaller devices, where USB cables with a bit more plastic wouldn’t fit)Con- There seems to be a distance where connectiissues are more likely. E.g. when I place my phone in the pocket of a light jacket, I get frequent interruptions. However, no problem if it’s buried deep in a large backpack.Overall: worth every penny.

  83. Rated 2 out of 5

    Dayo Sri

    Summary: Very bad for money and sound qualityPros:- Comes with a boatload of accessories- Is Bluetooth- Good for exercising- Has bassCons- Sound is let say not pleasing. Reminds me a bit of a Nintendo ds included earbuds. Remember those? The sound is very murky, it’s like listening to music playing in the room next to you.- Buttconfiguraticould be approve (accidently called a sleeping person, they weren’t in the best mood as many of y’all would’ve been)- The earbuds would loosen a bit while running.I bought these for running and they do the job pretty well. They come with very nice foam eartips that are like complys. The cable isn’t annoying while running. The only complaint is that they may loosen up. This is the first time I’m using the kind of earbuds that loop over your ear and these are pretty comfortable. The earbuds don’t smell at all unlike several other earbuds I’ve encountered. They come with a huge assortment of accessories that has me wondering why include this!? I’m not complaining though. The sound quality isn’t good at all. Very murky and leaves me unsatisfied. My 4 year old $30 earbuds somehow sound a indefinite times better than these. My cheap $10 parasonics are high end in compariswith these. The bass is there, however, it’s not the good quality bass. I’ve gave my cousin who is only famailier with apple earbuds and he called these alright. From someone who has never touch another pair of earbuds in his whole life just called these OK isn’t very ok. My cousin isn’t very sensitive to sound quality like me since he thinks apple earbuds are the best of the best. He got excited when I offered him some 0.99, possibly fake Samsung earbuds. He lost his apple headphones and is probably sick of the sound. I too would be desperate for a pair of possibly ripoff earbuds instead of these.

  84. Rated 5 out of 5


    This is one the greatest headphones I have purchased for the price and the quality. I am runner and it makes my run fun. I listen to music for long hours and the sound is excellent. What I like is that it sticks to my ears and do not come out no matter my running speed. Rain or shine it is still works perfectly.I have been using it since July 2017. The first one I bought has a manufactured defect and Ipudis customer service addressed the issue quickly and replaced it. I really recommended these headphones. No one should spend money expensive headphones when these are just as good.

  85. Rated 5 out of 5


    When I did an online search for “best blue tooth headphones” these came up first. For good reasons! 1.) SUPER price. 2.) Great sound! 3.) Great product. I’ll elaborate the latter: They’re easy to use, they have just 3 buttons and a brief manual that explains the volume control/advance play buttons, and the main button’s use for on/off/pause, incoming calls, etc. They are comfortable with 3 earbud size options. My ears are too small for the flexible over-the-ear clips, but they aren’t in the way or bothersome. I live in the snowy north, so for outside activity the clips actually fit snugly beneath my hat. Nice storage carrier to throw in a gym bag, pocket, or carry-on.I haven’t taken a call with these so I can’t comment how that goes.Bought these for my daughter too – she also loves them.

  86. Rated 5 out of 5

    John Hawkins

    I purchased mine based the reviews. Everything looked good.However the one I received had an issue. I sent the seller an email and I got a reply back in less than an hour. They certainly wanted to help and provided a suggestihow to resolve the problem. The next day I tried, and it didn’t work.Sent another email, and again, less than an hour for a reply. They let me know another was its way. In a few days I had a new working unit.So it’s great when the product works, but I think it says a lot more when the seller is so invested in making things right. 6 Stars.

  87. Rated 3 out of 5


    I was so excited to find a pair of headphones that actually fit and stayed my ears. I have very small ear canals and most headphones are way too large and fall out constantly. These thankfully had attachments small enough that they could fit as well as having the extra security of the wraparound piece, which I loved. Unfortunately, the bluetooth keeps randomly disconnecting from my phone. It’s very frustrating to have to keep pressing play my phone or having to turn off and repair the bluetooth connection. Huge bummer.

  88. Rated 5 out of 5

    jim kaufer

    $30 ??? And they sound GREAT? …..not just pretty good, not just really good, but yes, GREAT. I spent $249 Bose Wire Free but the left side kept going out *read the reviews, it’s a really bad problem with them*, so I took them back. I ordered a pair of the 1MORE triple driver AND I ordered the Ipudis (because I was hoping for a wireless pair)I was going to try both and send one back, figuring the $30 pair would be going back, but had to try because of the reviews, but positive reviews or not, I still figured there’s no way $30 headphones would even be worth bothering with. Boy was I shocked. Both sound almost as good as the $249 BOSE, and are actually better *Because they actually work* and the Bose dont work, period. Bottom line: I’m keeping both. The 1MORE for at home, the Ipudis’s for working out ……The sound is shockingly great

  89. Rated 4 out of 5


    Good value for the money. Battery lasts many hours between charges, and charging completes quickly. Many other included items, so I’m not sure how they’re selling these headphones at this price…but, glad they are! This is my first set of Bluetooth headphones (as I normally prefer wired sound quality), but I am very happy with my purchase, so far, and did not have unrealistic expectations about audio fidelity. Some may find the overall size of these to be too big, especially if you wear a beanie or other hat that goes over the ears, but I have not had a problem with them, yet.

  90. Rated 4 out of 5


    Very disappointing. The fit for running is great. I like the physical body of these earphones, but what’s the point of the bluetooth connectiis nfunctional? Really frustrating that every 20 seconds you get skipping garbled sounds. Makes them unusable. Invotek does not offer exchanges so have to return it. Wait at least a week from them receiving to get my money back and re-order again somewhere else. Not worth it. Find another supplier or try different headphones.

  91. Rated 4 out of 5


    These are great. Only 4 starts because once in a while mine drop out (lose connection) and you have to do a hard reset, which is easy and only takes a minute. I like them for the price. Bought my wife a pair. She loves them. They don’t compare to high end headphones, but at this price, that’s not a surprise. Have had them for about 4 months. Wear mine to the gym 3-5 times a week. I also like functionality, when you turn on, the audio cue in headphones tells you they are on, then connected or disconnected.

  92. Rated 4 out of 5


    The guys in the shower at the rehab center couldn’t believe I was washing my hair and taking a shower wearing the headphones. They couldn’t figure out where the music was coming from. However, I’m a little disappointed with the base, I like a lot of base. I found out that if I hold, push in them in a little while in the ear I can here more of the base and sound much better. So I’m not sure what I can do to get them to fit tighter in the ear. I might try and maybe smaller ear piece, but I want them snugger in my ear so I can get that base. How do I get the headphones tight in my ear? Overall very nice product, couldn’t believe all the extras, cords, case, adapters etc. Keep up the good work. Thank you Ipudis guys. Rodney

  93. Rated 4 out of 5

    C. Miller

    some difficulty getting them paired — had to do the off/on/reboot multiple times to get them to hook up to either ipod or iphone. When they did, music sounded good although occasionally a “hitch” in the music — I think a bluetooth connectiissue. Comes with multiple eartips which is good, I had to downsize from the standard to get a reasonable fit. The extra accessories were a nice touch and made the package price-worthy. The mentiof ‘passive noise cancellation’ is just advert bunk — this has no functiof that sort.

  94. Rated 2 out of 5

    Mark Schuring

    They work so far, however, the audio quality is noticeably worse than most other headphones I’ve tried. The bass scrubs out easily any modern recording, and That’s very disappointing. Maybe if they focused quality of the product instead of the quantity of the accessories, this wouldn’t be a problem. Noticeably worse than most headphones of the same type. buttplacement is the side of the right, and is very easy to press when adjusting volume, and interrupts listening experience. I’m probably going to send these back for a different set, or keep this set as a cheap backup pair.

  95. Rated 4 out of 5

    Raney R.

    Right out of the box, I looked at them and thought “here we go”.Then I held them and thought the sound quality can’t be as good as these things look and feel due to the light weight. I felt them and everything was rubberized which I loved.Then I prepared to pair them and I’ve never had an easier time pairing a Bluetooth device in my life! Why isn’t everything this easy??Then I put them on. After a couple adjustments, they fit perfectly. The rubberized everything makes them extremely comfortable, and they move with me as I do my HIIT and crossfit workouts and jump around like a fool as I do.Then I began the music, expecting to be disappointed. Nope. Great sound quality. (And I’m a tough audience.)Also, look at everything these things come with!The gist: ing earphones, great price for the quality AND quantity you’re getting. You will not be disappointed getting these. Highly recommended!(Note: I was in no way nudged to give this product a positive rating. I truly am a fan of these!)*Update 1/11* Dropped a star. These are still great sounding and fairly comfortable, but I do a lot of HIIT and burpee-type exercises, and so far, these are just failing to stay in my ear.I also dropped that star because looks aren’t the first thing I think about, but it’s fairly important. These stick out of your ears moreso than the photos suggest, making you look a little silly.So unfortunately although these are great for the price, I’m forced to return them and go with the Phaiser BHS-750s.

  96. Rated 3 out of 5

    Wendy Kurtz

    I’ll admit I haven’t watched the video these but here’s my review so far. The pair easily and the sound is really good. I like the cord instead of the headband style I had previously. They stay my head with a lot of movement. No problem listening to music but the main complaint I have is that when I’m a call, hang up from that call, then get another call they don’t automatically come through the headphone. I have to go to my settings and click the headphones then there’s the transfer to the headphones and the caller often here’s that and will day what was that noise. In additiI’ve missed informatiduring the transfer.

  97. Rated 3 out of 5


    These headphones were the only wrap around the ear silcone tiped earbuds I could find, and so I’m settling these. That being said, they aren’t the best sports earbuds. I dislike the wrap around the ear piece to secure the ear, the sound quality of the product and product size. I like the wireless component of this, it’s convienent. Note that I use these for workouts and I’m also an audio guy, so my expectations are higher.Again, I’m not a fan of the wrap around ear piece to secure the earbud and thats because they are too large for my ears. I had to be creative using super glue and my old wrap around ear buds. the audio quality is not anything to rave about, esspecially compared to my Skull Candy earbuds. I have an older model of Skull candy earbuds that aren’t advailible anymore, but I’m sure any of their products would out perform this sound wise, but not by much, just enough to notice. Yeah, my old Skull Candy’s are wired and these are wireless, but I’ve head better wireless sound. My last objectiis the size of the unit, they are faily large.The few things I enjoy about this unit is the wireless connectiand the ability to control volume, take calls etc.. all form the earbuds. I’ve found the wireless connectito work well, despite the possible sound quality reduction. You can walk a solid five feet before disconnecting. That works for me. Secondly, I enjoy the ability to control volume and not dig my phone out my pocket everytime.

  98. Rated 5 out of 5

    E. Williams

    I totally love these. They stay in my ears, the sound quality is good (I am not an audiophile, but I’ve been pleased), and they come with a lot of accessories. Drawbacks: the “low battery” voice repeats forever until you plug them in (though the charge is generally good enough to get me through a day); they are hard to find if you put them down somewhere (user error!); sometimes the connectiis a little wonky if my phone is too far away or there is some large metal object around. If I keep my phone in my pocket or purse, no problem. I listen to a lot of podcasts while cooking/cleaning/exercising, and the wirelessness (and fit) is just fantastic. Another plus/minus: they really block out outside sounds (for me) while playing something — so I make sure to tell my family I won’t be able to hear them.

  99. Rated 5 out of 5


    What I like about it:The sound is crisp and clear.It’s loud. I have to turn it way down to listen to it for long periods of time.It’s pretty comfortable, I haven’t needed to take them off during my workout.Is noise cancelling, can’t hear much of anything else while they’re on.They stay my ears.They’ve been able to hold up to sweat so far.The battery lasts pretty long. I’ve only charged once and use it an hour a day for a week.Has a built in mic.What I don’t like about it:There’s a cable.The mic isn’t the best.Could be more comfortable.

  100. Rated 5 out of 5


    I love these headphones. I’ve had them for about a year now. For the price, they are phenomenal. I haven’t tested the waterproof side of them past running with them when it’s drizzling. I think that the 8-hr battery life is a stretch; I haven’t had them last that long. However, I did notice that the distance from whatever your using as the device (i.e. phone) significantly affects the battery life. If I leave my phone in one place while at the gym and am moving around with varying distances, the battery drains much quicker. Whereas, if I have my phone in my back pocket the whole time, the battery lasts a lot longer. The longest I’ve gone in one sitting was 4 hrs. They charge up very quick. The sound is great when listening to music. I’ve never had any issues with them dropping calls or being able to pick up my voice. They came with several different charging cords so you can charge at home or in your vehicle. It also came with several different earbuds so you can fit them in whatever size ears you have. Overall, excellent product and definitely recommend this product.

  101. Rated 4 out of 5


    I’d give 5 stars if they really were noise cancelling. It’s merely the fit of the headphones that kinda reduce background noise. However, for the price, FANTASTIC purchase. Great sound quality. A little light the bass but that is to be expected with buds. I like the fact I can put them and walk around my entire house and yard. Range is much better than advertised. Easy set up and connectiwith my devices. Very nice semi hard case to store and plenty of charging options/cables included. Small/med/lrg buds to fit your ears. Overall. For the price point, I have no real complaints.

  102. Rated 5 out of 5

    Thomas Sanchez

    My Sons were very happy with this headset. I plan to buy one for myself in the future should my current head set go bad. They sound clear to both the listener and the speaker and the range is pretty good. I would recommend this to anyone looking for set of Bluetooth headphones. The included car charger and multifunctional charging cable is an added bonus. Even the packaging was above par. I would not hesitate to purchasing these in the future. My Scomments is he loves them cause they do not fall of when jogging. My other swants to test them in the shower, I told him not to test fate, but its nice to know they can withstand water and sweat. Great investment

  103. Rated 5 out of 5

    Jay Rampersad

    These are the third pair of wireless headphones I got (after returning the first two) and I absolutely love them. I’m a runner and have taken them just a couple of runs so far (~10 miles), but they’ve stood up to sweat as well as to the constant motion. Things that I love about these:1. Sound Quality – Bass, mids and heights all sound awesome. Who knew that I didn’t have to give up quality sound a run (at this price)?2. They don’t move around while running – an earlier pair that I returned had to be adjusted a lot3. The wires do not stick to the back of my neck as I sweat – again, the other pair stuck to my neck and pulled one earbud or the other. I had to put the wire to the front of my neck with that other pair to avoid this annoying feature.If I were forced to mentia downside – they’re a bit larger than I expected, but nevertheless still very light – so really I do NOT have a complaint about these headphones.

  104. Rated 5 out of 5

    Jenny Bartel

    I bought these for myself back in August because I really wanted a pair of Bluetooth headphones but refused to pay Beats prices. They are fantastic! Way better than I expected for the price. The sound quality is great and they are comfortable in my ears for long periods of time. I was surprised to learn that I could also answer calls them. The sound was great and they could hear me well. My only complaint is this: the time from the first low battery audio warning until they turn off is like 5 minutes. I feel like there should be more of a warming. Still, these are fantastic and I highly recommend them.

  105. Rated 2 out of 5

    Mary Bo

    They stay in just fine while jogging or lifting weights. However, the hooks don’t hold the earbuds in, the actual earbuds hold themselves in. I doubt they’ll stay in for everyone because I the size of peoples’ ears are different. They also hurt after about a half hour or so of listening.I’d be fine with all this, but for the fact that the sound cuts out if there is too much movement (such as jogging). What’s the point of getting these to work out with if they cut out with movement? I definitely do not recommend, and am in the process of returning them. I give two stars because, if you stay still enough, they don’t sound bad.

  106. Rated 5 out of 5

    Chris R

    Quite delighted w/product which I initially bought in Jul 2017 sale from . However, I had not used regularly and discovered after about 5 mos earphones had a defective port (connectiwould not stay properly seated and headphones would not recharge). Called Ipudis and they took care of the issue promptly and courteously! Warranty was honored w/o hassle… sent brand new (in the box) headphones which I received w/in a few days w/attendant email follow ups. Kudos to them. Also, comparatively easy to set up/bluetooth install.

  107. Rated 3 out of 5


    I couldn’t hate these damn things more if I tried. They are uncomfortable, difficult to get to set properly in the ear. In all fairness I can run the treadmill without them falling out but spent a couple weeks messing with them before they didnt just fall out. They have maybe a 10 foot range with my phone, if that. So forget about leaving your phone at the back of the room with your jacket, connectiwill be lost quite easily. Sound quality is garbage, treble is incredibly loud over the bass. Would NOT recommend at all. I’ll be trying a different set once these give up the ghost. They are (okay at best) for weight lifting and i’ll continue to use them for a bit given the money spent. Honestly they are incredibly cheap feeling and sounding for the price.

  108. Rated 5 out of 5

    Gabriel Alves

    I am very pleased with both the product and Ipudisn’s customer service.When the earburds first arrived my first impressions were good build quality, comfortability (the default earbuds can be a bit snug, but the kit comes with different types of earbuds for your choosing), and nice design (cord has no controls, and therefore no uneven weight, it. Controls locatiright earbud which I like).At first I think the sound was alright… but somewhat muddy, like I was listening to music from another room. The bass was impressive, but mids and hi’s were muddled. I reached out to customer service and they fixed my problem as so:”We are sorry to hear that you are not fully satisfied with the audio of your headphones. We care about your experience with us, and we are committed to ensuring your satisfactias one of our valued customers.The Ipudis ActivBuds are designed to produce a high fidelity HD sound with balanced bass accents. Please make sure there is no signal interference around the areas where you use your headphones from other devices or equipment. Signal interference can deteriorate the Bluetooth signal which may cause the audio to deteriorate.Also, there may be a calibratiissue with the headphone you received. Let’s try a factory reset for your Ipudis headphones which usually fixes most similar issues related to the issue you are facing with your headphones.Here are the instructions for resetting the headphones:1. Reset the Ipudis headphone to factory settings (while plugged into a power source, press/hold the power buttfor 7 seconds).2. Unplug the headphone from charging cable and power them on.3. Enter the earbuds into the pairing mode and follow instructions for connecting.Also, the headphones may not connect to your devices after you perform the reset. The previous connections that you had established between the headphones and your devices become “obsolete” after the reset and needs to be re-configured. In order to do that, please `Forget the Device` your mobile phone for the Ipudis headphones and try pairing again. In your Bluetooth settings your phone, you will see all detected Bluetooth devices. Click the Ipudis ActivBuds optiand click Forget this Device. Next pair your headphones to your mobile device once again as shown in the instructions manual.”Fixed it right away, thanks Ipudis!

  109. Rated 5 out of 5


    High Fidelity for Low CostI didn’t think that would really be possible, but these really are worth the money… I was coming off of losing my Shure’s and those were only ordered after 10 years of loving my Etymotic in-ear monitors that finally broke… So spending the money these wasn’t the issue, but I read several reviews from users as well as industry reviews all of which said to give these a try. For the money, it was worth a try – and I’m glad I did.I tried the original silicone buds at first, which were nice. BUT when I changed to the foam which is much like my Etymotics use to be, it was even better… great sound isolati(not noise cancelling) and solid performance. I can’t imagine the other “big boys” being worth the extra money over the sound quality I’m experiencing out of these. I ordered 2 more sets for my girls…I would recommend!

  110. Rated 2 out of 5

    Kristofer Haggerty

    I am not sure who is giving this product 5 star ratings but i am not one of them. These headphones are uncomfortable and i am trying to listen and charge at the same time via usb and it can’t even handle that. I’ve never had headphones that consumed more power than they drew, but apparently these do. These headphones are currently plugged into my computer and dying as I listen to music. Very strange to me and I will not purchase again. To boast 8 hours of playtime is a jokeMy phone last well past 8 hours and does way more. They also don’t play very loud. Bought these recommendatiby and not at all impressed. Stay away.

  111. Rated 5 out of 5

    A. K. Palau

    These were a really good price, and I wasn’t sure how the quality would be, although the reviews were generally good. I’ve been using them for several weeks now, and I really like them. They fit me well, and they are comfortable and stay in place. The sound quality is very good, although I find that the noise-cancellatiis most effective for conversatifrequencies and not as much for other noise (vacuum cleaner, Nordic Track).I am very cautious about how I use them and always put them back in the case. I think that will be critical, as it is for any earbuds, of course. They have paired consistently and operate easily. So far, very pleased and thinking about who my Christmas list needs a comfortable, light-weight, nice quality pair of blue-tooth headphones.

  112. Rated 5 out of 5


    I totally love these. I opened the box, asked my iPod to connect, within seconds, I was jamming to ing bass. Next, I asked my iPhone to connect, tried Pandora, ing. Immediate bluetooth connection. They fit in my ear (buds) and around my ear perfectly, couldn’t be happier. Perfect for workouts or anywhere. I haven’t tried phone calls yet, but have had one week and these are over the top. The price is in line for quality received. Come with a portable carrying case, car charger, extra ear bud pads and more. Love, love, love. Oh, and I got an email from the company president, Kenneth Bastrom to follow up satisfaction.

  113. Rated 5 out of 5


    These have been fantastic for over a couple of months now. I have only had them die me once, and they have been able to hold charge for at least 5 days at the gym @ 2hrs a day. I have also taken them snowboarding and survived an 8 hour day. They have been exposed to hot, cold, sweat, rain, and still keep kicking.The only thing I do not like is that bluetooth can be a little spotty to connect to if you are using multiple devices. They have been difficult to use between my phone and computer in the sense of getting them to pair correctly.

  114. Rated 5 out of 5


    I was skeptical about buying these $23.97 Bluetooth headphones, but the first day I tried them I have loved them since! These are perfect. They’re light weight, & fit to my ear (had extra fittings) that don’t fall out during intense running. They have a warentee. and come with a nice case to carry them around (though honestly I just throw them in my bag and they’re safe! I also use them at work, usually just putting one plug in and hanging the other one around my collar. Great sound, great quality. I love that I can change songs and the volume with a touch or two of a button. The battery isn’t super long, maybe 45 minutes max, but that’s really all I need them for. I can walk across the room without my phone, but can’t go too far. I have only ran out of battery once during a long day at work. The charge time is fast, so not much of a worry! I would buy these as a gift and recommend them to family and friends. I’d pay more money for this quality! At the time of this review, I’ve owned them for 2 months, using them almost everyday, working out 5 days a week. Will update if anything changes!

  115. Rated 5 out of 5

    stephanie currier

    These work great! They come with the typical three different size ear pieces. They also came with some thicker Red, cushioned, foam-like ear piece, so a 4th set. The instructidon’t mentithem, but all I can gather is that they are noise canceling? Haven’t tried them yet. They pair easily. I love the buttons. They are not tricky like other pairs I have had. They come with a charger for your car and for the house. These are really great quality! The cords for charging are even reinforced in the areas that these type of cords tend to break and fray. Ok, my favorite part….drum roll…the part that wraps around your ears. I have these little ears. These type of head phones normally fall right off. But, this pair, that ear piece is bendable. I can mold it to actually fit my ear. What a relief!

  116. Rated 5 out of 5

    Rich W.

    Upopening the package, I was pleased with the design and the extra charging cable, car charger, and a “wire tie,” which is a small plastic “clamp: that allows you to adjust the length of the cord that is up against your neck. Pairing the headset to two bluetooth devices was simple and worked just as described in the User Guide. I like that are volume controls one of the earpieces, as well as a multi-functibuttthat allows you to answer incoming calls, redial the latest number called, etc. I’ve had the headset for only a few days, but, so far, I am very pleased with the product.

  117. Rated 4 out of 5

    Liny Chim

    great earpiece. bass is louder than the dr dre wireless beats. they are definitely more durable. Great sound quality for 30 dollars. I cannot say how many pairs of dr dre wireless beats I have gone through. After the fourth pair I decided to try an alternative brand. for more than half the price. It’s great. Yes, for those wondering I went through four pairs and even with the insurance and the one warranty dr dre wirless earpieces replacement they eventually broke down too. I am careful with them and I do not wear them in the asauna. Dr dre wireless earpieces has good sound quality with sleek design but it is poorly made does not last long.

  118. Rated 2 out of 5


    I’ve had my headphones for almost 6months now and they were okay. The sound was pretty good, but I could still hear the wind when I was running outside. And that’s okay because after a few minutes I didn’t think about the wind anymore and just the music. I never turned them up to full volume because they get very loud. I used them for yard work too. I could get 20ft from my phone before the sound would cut out, and I knew it was time to charge them when the sound would start cutting out 2feet from my phone while running. So after my 6months of use 1-3times a week they died. I did the research to get them to turn back but they won’t. I have never dropped them or tossed or abused them. I expected headphones to last more then 6months for the $37. I think I over paid. I would not repurchase these.

  119. Rated 2 out of 5


    I have had these for a while now. tried them in various situations and with a brand new phone. results the same. They are ok for listening to music but useless for phone calls. every time I try to use them I get the same from the other end of the line.. your breaking up… I cannot hear you.. if the is any noise around then the become nothing but ear plugs. Tonight from a quiet living room the persI called could not understand anything I was saying. I pulled them out and went back to speaker phone.Sorry Ipudis, these suck.

  120. Rated 3 out of 5

    Ashley P.

    It’s hard to complain about these because they’re so cheap. However, they don’t fit around my ears correctly. As long as I don’t move they fit just ok but the second I move they fall off my ear. So personally I would never wear these for anything but sitting still at my desk at work.the positive side the sound quality is pretty good. They synced really easily with my phone. I just turned them and opened the Bluetooth my phone and they were synced. They also make sound in your ear telling you they’re synced. Another thing I like is when they’re connected to your phone it shows the battery level your phone so you know when to charge them.Ultimately these are great for the price but I had to give them a lower rating strictly for the fact that they don’t fit the shape of my ear well or stay put.

  121. Rated 5 out of 5


    I spent hours, days almost, researching the perfect headphones for my workouts. I took a risk and tried the Ipudis product. So far after 3 weeks, they have good sound, keep a charge throughout my workout sessions which typically last about 1.5 – 2 hours, and after some adjustments, stay in my ears.I know I have weird ears, so I played around with the additional earpieces to find the ones that fit best. There was a combinatiin the kit that worked, so I’m sticking with it. I don’t worry much about the comfort–not that they are uncomfortable, but I’m generally lifting heavy things and they don’t annoy me. When running the treadmill, I do have to readjust them once in a while, but again, I have weird ears. They are definitely sweat proof, which is great. They come with a handy carrying case, IPhone charger, multiple ear pieces, and some other stuff which was nice. The additional ear pieces were major important but the other stuff wasn’t a huge selling point.I had some pairing problems the second time I used it where I had to have my phone “forget” the device and try again. After that, I’ve had no other pairing problems. I love the fact that the controls are in the earpiece instead of in a dangly box that pulls the headphones to the right. One wire right around the back of my head = no problems.I am satisfied and glad I purchased these headphones.

  122. Rated 2 out of 5

    Andrew Coleman

    These headphones suck. I guess that’s to be expected for $30 Bluetooth headphones but I still expected more. They skip whether I am walking or running with them which is extremely annoying. The sound quality I would describe as adequate but not great. To make up for the lack of quality, Ipudis gives you a Tof extras: case, multiple charging cords, extra ear buds, etc which really aren’t necessary. Better quality would be more appreciated. They describe them as “noise canceling”, but in reality I could hear plenty of street noise, more than I expected. Going back to my Tao Tronics Bluetooth headphones. Disappointed in this product, especially based how many good reviews they had.

  123. Rated 5 out of 5

    J. Garcia

    These are great! I bought a pair to use at the gym. Sometimes I’m lazy and I want to do cardio the treadmill for an hour. Other times I like to get into beast mode and lift weights. These are quite liberating regardless of exercise I’m doing. I just set my phone down next to my water bottle and focus my workout. The only down side is the red one is about $10 cheaper than the black or grey ones. I HATE red. I just wish I wasn’t cheap. Maybe when these die I’ll invest the extra $10 bucks for a better color. Definetly great quality sound.

  124. Rated 3 out of 5

    Debbie Hansen

    These are good. I wish they had louder sound, more bass and treble.I like the small round travel case it arrived in. The audio level isn’t excellent (not like Bose or higher end) or what I’m accustomed to, but if you’re buying these for non-music-listening-purposes, they’re great.I had difficulty getting these to stay in my ear, but that could be for many reasons. I prefer ear cup headphones however needed smaller workout earbuds, so bought these. They’re ok. Mom was right “You get what you pay for”.

  125. Rated 5 out of 5


    These wireless headphones are IMO are just as good as the higher priced ones. I struggle with the EarPods that just stick in your ear. They are always falling out and the ones with a cord are worse because I’m alway yanking them out of my ear every time I turn my head. With these the hook keeps them from pulling out and the soft ear pads are very comfortable for extended listening. Coupled with the fact that they are wireless, you don’t have to worry about them being yanked out when you turn your head or get too far from you phone. I’m very satisfied with my purchase.

  126. Rated 2 out of 5

    J. Perry

    I bought this headset in April 2017. They worked great for several months. About a month ago, the left earphone started to have spotty sounds (I had intermittent sound in the left ear). Now, they have stopped working altogether. October 30, I began having problems with bluetooth connectivity. They would pair with my iphone 6s plus and then immediately drop the connection. Now they won’t turn at all. I have charged to full, but they will not turn on. I need to find another headset that works immediately. Any suggestions?

  127. Rated 3 out of 5


    I bought these to replace another pair of Bluetooth headphones that didn’t stay in my ears. I want to like these more than I do, but I can’t.From a fit perspective these are quite comfortable, although the earbuds are almost too mushy. I need to change them to some of the other options included. The extras included with the headphones are great; not needed, but a nice touch. The case is essential; it’s easy to accidentally turn these if tossed in your purse.So, why only 3 stars?The beeping. The maddening beeping. At first I thought it was because my purse was turning the headphones, so I started being more aware of using the case and when I had last charged them. More than once now I’ve taken the fully charged headphones off the USB at my desk and worn them out of my office and have heard a periodic beep. What’s more frustrating is the sometimes, after about 10 beeps, it stops. Other times, it continues until I can no longer take it and switch to my corded headphones.

  128. Rated 5 out of 5


    I just love these headphones!!! I have another pair of Ipudis brand headphones also (S-300), but these stand out because the wrap around my ear which keeps them snug and in place when I am going for a run or moving around. They sound great and work both with my Android phone and my iPod Nano. The battery life has lasted me all day when listening to music at work and they have a super long Bluetooth range. I can leave my iPod my desk and pop into the restroom while they are still playing music (close to 30 feet away). If you are truly looking for a high quality headphones for a fractiof the price as the name brands this is your product. If you don’t like over the ear headphones check out the S-300 as those are the ear bud versiand are just as stellar.

  129. Rated 5 out of 5

    Sam Ansari

    Had these for 4 months now, and they’ve been the best pair I’ve had at this price point.Pros:- Good battery life, I usually only need to charge every other day or so- Earbuds EASILY stay in, not a chance of them falling out due to the around-the-ear clip, great for running- Really good sound indoors or vehicles (where there’s no wind)- Once the bluetooth is synced to the phone/laptop, it automatically syncs every time power-up, no issues there.Cons:- Loud wind sounds when running/cycling, but at the same time better situational awareness of sounds, so not the worst.- Low-battery beep sound is confusing and annoying, took me weeks to figure out what was going on.- Sometimes it has a phantom disconnect/reconnect to bluetooth which has a jarring “DISCONNECTED/CONNECTED” voice.

  130. Rated 5 out of 5


    5 stars means perfecti- a cut above the rest . My only issue was that my phone’s bluetooth connectiflaked out (my fault) and the headset would no longer connect to the phone. After a few minutes of self-discovery that I didn’t know what I was doing, I went to the owners manual but the print is pretty small and I could not read it. However, Ipudis has a free manual the internet and within minutes the problem was fixed. The packaging included 3 additional sets of rubber nubs to ensure a secure fit with some noise reducing capabilities. The fit is perfect. I am a long distance runner and have not experienced and discomfort from having them for hours at a time. Hope this helps

  131. Rated 3 out of 5


    Pro: good build quality, relatively comfortable to wear, good sound for the price, nice if somewhat bulky case.Cons: Since they are very sound isolating you can hear yourself breathe if music is at low volume and eat (don’t try hard pretzels, LOL), when it’s even a bit windy outside you get a lot of wind noise (imagine blowing into a microphone). Stronger wind will pretty much listening to music impossible. The cable connecting the two is coated with a sticky rubber, if you get even a bit sweaty your neck it sticks and if you move your head one side will fall out of your ear. At lower volume you can also hear the cable rubbing against your clothing.All in all good quality for around the house, at work, etc, but definitely not for jogging/biking/hiking or watching TV and eating some crunchy snacks. All in all I would not buy them again. I’d give 2.5 stars if that were an option.

  132. Rated 4 out of 5


    The headphones are pretty good and just what I expected. What was surprising however, was the customer service I received after the sale. After about 6 months of every day use during exercise, the Ipudis headphones failed to power up. Without much hope, I sent an email to Invotek a Sunday morning to let them know they stopped working. To my surprise, I received an email a few hours later (a Sunday) with a few things to try in order to repair the headphones (essentially a factory reset). I was able to get around to trying that Monday morning and unfortunately that did not work so I emailed again to let Invotek know. They responded again extremely quickly and notified me an order for a replacement set had been processed and was its way. For the price paid for the headphones I was happy with the product. I am blown away by the customer service though and will certainly recommend them as a company that stands behind their product. Get these headphones, you will love them for exercise and every day use. You will have piece of mind knowing that if something should go wrong, the manufacturer will be there for you.

  133. Rated 5 out of 5

    Scotty B

    Just purchased my Second pair. I work in a major UPS hub as a maintenance mechanic and wear these every day. Climbing ladders and climbing around the conveyors, they stay put and work well. Sometimes I wear them with the audio off and just use them as simple ear plugs.For the price point you can’t get much better.Buy with confidence great product!!!!!*Update *It seems as they’ve made changes to these ear buds. The ear loop now has a wire in them instead of just the silicon. I find myself constantly adjusting the earbuds now. Never had any issues before. Also it seems as if they changed the Battery, I used to get 10-12hrs with my first pair. These newer one’s barely make it 9hrs, this is kind of a bummer because if I work a OT shift I have to remove them and recharge where as I didn’t have that issue before.Still a good product but I wish they left them alone.

  134. Rated 5 out of 5

    C Hernandez

    Great sound quality. Only complaint is that they’re too loud… as in, the lowest volume level is too loud to use these at my desk. They’re not noise canceling, but they definitely drown out a lot of background noise, so these are way too loud in a cubicle setting. Nevertheless, I bought them for working out so the volume is perfect for that and it’s helpful that they’re water resistant. Been using for about a month and no issues at all. Battery life is great. Have only needed to charge them twice, although they’re only for about an hour a day, 5x a week. I highly recommend. Fully charged and ready to use right out of the box.

  135. Rated 5 out of 5


    These are an incredible value. I own a lot of different pairs of earphones and headphones, from a variety of different price points. I have to admit that I was skeptical. I wanted a relatively inexpensive pair of bluetooth headphones, and decided that at this price I would take a flyer, and if they didn’t sound good, at least I didn’t waste a tof money. I was very pleasantly surprised. They come in a nice box, with a number of different ear tip options. The fit and finish feels premium. The sound is great, and compares to The bass response is definitely emphasized. In fact, I had to turn the bass down a bit my EQ. The battery life is good, and charging is fast. They stay put in my ears very well, and don’t move at all when I run..

  136. Rated 3 out of 5

    Gary Quiring

    The headphones sound ok but I noticed they were tinny with no bass. I had to play around with the equalizer my Android music app to get a better sound. I’m using a Pixel XL with PowerAmp.The case is nice and solid but it’s bulky. No way is the average persgoing to carry that in their pocket. It a circular case with a 3 1/2″ diameter and is 1 1/2″ thick.I really like when you turn these off it makes a voice announcement in the buds. My prior headset it was always hard to tell if I shut them down or not because there was no verbal indicator.I was disappointed that they don’t use a USB-C port for charging. When are these manufactures going to realize USB-C is the new standard. There is a red LED the headset to indicate when it’s charging.

  137. Rated 5 out of 5


    I was looking for a cheap pair of wireless headphones to use especially for commuting and exercising. I went with these based the reviews and I am very glad I did. In terms of quality, these are undoubtedly some of the best headphones I’ve ever owned, regardless of any price range. The sound is perfectly crisp. I listen to various music types, from classical to modern day hip hop and old school rock. All of these sound exactly like they should.I have used these while running, sprinting, jumping and catching (I play Ultimate Frisbee). I wanted a pair of headphones that allowed me to listen to pump up music during warm-ups, and these are absolutely perfect. They have never fallen out, sometimes they slide off a little bit due to sweat, but overall I very rarely need to adjust them once they’re in, unless it’s a 90 degree summer day with high humidity.The battery life is very good, I always charge them fully before going to sleep at night and they last me all day next day. I use them about 3 hours a day, and have yet to even get the low battery warning, let alone have them die me.Overall, I highly recommend these to anyone, whether you need these for work, sports or anything in between. Hands down one of the best investments i’ve ever made

  138. Rated 4 out of 5


    UPDATE 10.15 – I was trying a variety of things hoping to make them work again, and I guess eventually something worked (not sure what exactly) so even though I appreciate being contacted by the company immediately, I will not be calling them, at least for the time being. I have headphones again, they’re working just fine at the moment, so there’s no reasto call customer service (unless god forbid they conk out again). But thank you for the quick response and attempt to resolve the issue!Approximately 3.5 months since I got these, and they’ve stopped working. At first, I loved my new headphones. I had no complaints, everything about them worked for me. I waited to write a review since I haven’t had them for very long, but I was ready to gush about how ing they are. Then today all of a sudden they won’t play anymore. It said “connected” and my phone showed that it was connected but I got no audio. I tried disconnecting and reconnecting them, restarting them and finally resetting to factory settings. Nothing.

  139. Rated 5 out of 5


    I ordered the wrap around headphones originally, and when they arrived, they were exactly as advertised. I however have smaller ears, and the wrap around rubber part did not secure them well for me. I emailed them about the issue, looking to get a different pair.I believe about 30 minutes later I had an email apologizing for the inconvenience, and asking how they could help. They offered to send me new headphones for free, which I believe are the S300 instead of the S200.I had the new headphones in about 3 days, and they are incredible. I workout about 5 times a week and use them every time, as well as when around the house, mowing the lawn, etc.These are awesome headphones for the money, and frankly, I bought into the whole Beats fad when I was younger, and was less than impressed. I however am very very impressed with these.Thank you!

  140. Rated 5 out of 5


    I’m giving this company 5 stars for their exceptional customer service. They were prompt, courteous and professional. The product is great when it’s working and if it hadn’t stopped working suddenly I would’ve given it a 5 for the comfort, the range, the sound, and the price!Five months after receiving my headphones, I started having issues—they stopped working suddenly. Had a crackling noise from one ear bud, then it would fade out completely until one day later they stopped working. IImmediately contacted customer service. They were prompt in responding (under 2 hours of sending my email) and provided the necessary instructions to attempt to reset my headphones. Sadly that didn’t work and my headphones still did not work. Since my headphones came with a 1 year warranty the company is sending me new headphones! Not only am I receiving new headphones but the company was very apologetic and had a very customer-oriented mentality which I appreciated. The email was kind, professional and focused making sure the customer was happily satisfied. I am! Thank you for your help! I look forward to receiving my new headphones in the next few days.

  141. Rated 5 out of 5


    Bought them for $20:Great Value at this price. It came with a dual lighter USB plug for your car, Iphone charging cable, and a charging cable for the device. The acessories alone could have cost $20. The sound quality is above average. The two earbud sit heavy your ears but the wrap around ear pieces keep the earbuds stable and in place. I have used them with up 20ft of distance between the device and earbuds without any issues.Edit: Earphones batteries died out, but the seller honored their warranty and they where quick in responding. Buy with confidence!!

  142. Rated 5 out of 5


    I have a pair of powerbeats 3. I prefer to use these over those because it has such a good user interface. I can actually know when I have a low battery and it’s nice to know when It’s conected. The ability to hold the volume buttto change the song is really nice because I don’t need to take my phone out of my pocket. I work outdoors as a grounds keeper. I’ve warn these in the rain a they work great because they are water proof. The case with new tips and a small power cord is really nice. It also came with a iPhone/micro USB cable and a USB car plug. All for an ing price. I actually would pay more for it if I ever had to replace them. Daily user

  143. Rated 2 out of 5


    Pros:•inexpensive•good sound quality when connectedCons:•my primary use with these is running, and they pick up a very loud wind sound when running in anything but still air (quite annoying but forgiveable)•Though the over-ear clips certainly help keep them the ear, I had a lot of difficulty keeping the buds INSIDE my ear (while running) compared to other Bluetooth ear buds•I’m not sure if the set I received was just the low end of the manufacturer’s specificatirequirements for connectivity, but unless my phone was an arm band less than a foot away from the headset, these had much difficulty gaining a continuous connection, especially when located anywhere at waist level. This is really just unacceptable and the main reasI had to return. Essentially, loss of primary functifrom a reasonable distance 🙁

  144. Rated 4 out of 5


    Bought as a birthday present for my daughter. As far as sound goes, they were not nearly as good as the ad described. But the biggest problem is that they would not stay her head under any circumstances. We messed with all the different size ear buds and tried everything we could think of for two hours before we just gave up. They would fall off at the slightest movement or even the blink of an eye or even if she was as still as she could be. They sort of fit me okay but I couldn’t get the ear buds in far enough to get a decent sound. They obviously were not made to fit a 12 year old child and as an adult, I had my problems with them too. I had to return them to and I am just waiting for my refund. I called the service number the card that came with the ear buds and the rep told me I had to buy a more expensive model to get one that would work for my daughter. Nah, don’t think so.

  145. Rated 2 out of 5

    Rusty Griswold

    The perfect headphones in my eyes and my daughters.Well here it is just a few months after I purchased these headphones and they wont turn now. My daughter is a little disappointed to say the least so make sure you buy a warranty if you do purchase these. They stepped right up and replaced them as soas I contacted them. I’ll keep updating as I go.Well just a short time later this pair of headphones also crackled out the left side. In reading more reviews it seems to be a commproblem. Now I have to return this defunct pair of headphones and be without for what is an obvious ongoing manufacturing problem. I know I am getting turned off more and more buying “s Choice’s” and not liking that I am paying to get taking advantage of.

  146. Rated 5 out of 5

    Senso Bluetooth

    I love this product worth every penny . Quality is very good ,i rate five star because for me not just the quality is really good but the customer service was phenomenal. Thanks to Adam Fisher and Kimberly Pollak for handling my issue so smooth and hassle free . Now i bought my first one early this year somewhere around( Feb.,2017) when my Ipudis Bluetooth stopped working, the team of Ipudis Bluetooth was quick to reply and so as sending a replacement. Guaranteed No hassle…!I would recommend this product and the team/staff to all my friends…Your Patronage customer.

  147. Rated 5 out of 5


    These are seriously great! After purchasing my first pair, I bought two as gifts and bought another for myself as a replacement. Like any bluetooth headphone, these give me freedom and convenience. Now I can lay my side watching Netflix my laptop and not have to worry about ruining the headphone jack. I can also walk away from my phone or laptop and keep listening to my music/show. If your TV is bluetooth-enabled, these are also super convenient if the other persin the room doesn’t want to hear the TV. What’s specifically great about these headphones is that they’re really great at noise cancelling, which is a godsend when you’re in a noisy environment and need to focus ;P. They’re also fairly water resistant, so I can still listen to my music when it’s raining out or when I’m washing my face. Also, the controls (play, pause, skip, rewind, volume up, volume down) these are pretty easy to use and again convenient. I have three different bluetooth headphones, but these are by far my favorite. These headphones also have a longer battery life than most. Other headphones, which retail for far more ($50-70), typically have a battery life of only 6 hours, but the Ipudis ones have a battery life of 8, which means they’ll last you through the workday a single charge. If you need to hear what’s going on, you can keep one headphone in and use the ear clip the other headphone your shirt neckline; this will keep it from pulling the other end, which can be annoying.

  148. Rated 3 out of 5


    I recently had a set of bluetooth headphones very similar to these that worked great for a little over a year before the left ear stopped working. To replace those I purchased these the other day and was extremely disappointed.1) Bluetooth connectiwas spotty. I’ve had some trouble with the bluetooth signals in the past when in a gym with a lot of people that are using bluetooth devices or running a jogging trail next to a busy street but the first time I used these headphones I was working in the yard with nobody else around and the bluetooth signal continued to drop in and out.2) Left ear would periodically lose sound. After about 45 minutes of use I noticed that the sound in the left headphone would drop off and then return once I jiggled the wire slightly. It did this 5 or 6 times over the span of 10-15 minutes before I finally gave up and shut the headphones off.Needless to say I was very disappointed. I initially was pretty optimistic about these headphones because they seemed fairly rugged and came packaged nicely with a good set of accessories to go along with them but they did not functiwell when used.

  149. Rated 5 out of 5

    Robbie Cheng

    Love this thing. For the price and the strong sweatproof performance, I give this 5 stars. It lasts roughly 4-5 hours of usage though. So I’m recharging after every 3rd time I use it so it doesn’t die while I’m my 1 hour commute the 4th usage.I’ve had no receptiissues even in the subway. The jaybird I had previously would stop working once i was underground even with the phone was right next to it. I can walk away 20 – 30 feet in the gym and still be connected to this thing.I do have to say that the i phone and this thing sometimes have trouble connecting the first go with Spotify. But nothing a few restarts of the bluetooh and headphones can’t fix.

  150. Rated 5 out of 5

    Arkmeek Hunter

    Worth every penny. First off I was wover by a review from Cubichi. She was very thorough with her review. I have wanted something to workout in the gym with. I wasn’t gonna spend all that money for Beats etc. So after reading her review I decided to give them a try. With prime they were ordered a Friday evening and delivered a Sunday afternoon. To be honest I didn’t explore all the extra ear buds I just wanted to see how they sounded. Let me say they feel secure when warn and stay in place. The sound is great too! Good amount of bass without drowning out the highs. All around great sound for price. They come with a car charger, extra earbuds, some micro USB cord and cool case. Which is great for throwing it my gym bad. I’m over all impressed with the quality for the price. Now it’s only been about 5 days so it remains to be seen how well they hold up.P.S. they were charged when they arrived and snyced to my Android phone in seconds. I only use them about and hour at a time and day five was my first day charging them. They were still going strong but i just figured it was time to charge them.

  151. Rated 5 out of 5


    One of the best purchases I’ve ever made . Comfortable, great sound, surprisingly long battery life. They stay with no problem while exercising. They even come with a nice little zip up hard case for storage. Sometimes connecting them to my iPhone can be a little tricky, but nothing that can’t be fixed with a quick switch of Bluetooth and off. Highly recommended.Edit: Just wanted to add that you can also pause, adjust volume, and even skip forward/backward (used Spotify) with the buttons right the headphones. I believe they have other functionality that I’ve yet to use, as well. Very convenient.

  152. Rated 2 out of 5


    The Earbuds Do Not Stay !!!!I just received my order last night. It had a nice package and a well equipped set of charger, case, earbuds & … but I am so CONFUSED abut the22000 reviews this product. I purchased it based all the reviews and to my SURPRISE IT DOES NOT EVEN STAY IN MY EAR FOR AN HOUR.I tried it at home while I was running errands in my house and I had to adjust it every few minutes and overtime I was trying to tuck it in my year my hand would touch the ON/OFF buttthe earbud and it will turn off. The ear pieces are so mall there is no other room to fid for adjusting it and your finger will hit the ON/OFF button. It finally fell off despite many attempts. I do work out at the gym and jogging in nature so this headphone does not do me service. I do not understand how other people did nit mentithis in their reviews.

  153. Rated 5 out of 5

    David L.

    First, let me comment about the seller and then I’ll discuss the headphones. These folks are ing. I assume the seller is a small company, and they are truly top of taking care of their customers. I’ve had two issues with the headphones (I’ll discuss in the product review below). The first time, I emailed the seller a Friday evening around 6pm. I assumed I’d hear from them the following Monday after the weekend. I was wrong. They wrote me back at 8:30 that same evening. They were able to fix my problem via emails and I was able to use the headphones that same evening. The second time I had a problem I emailed them again. It was a Sunday at 5:42 p.m. They wrote me back that same evening. This time they weren’t able to resolve my issue but promised to send me replacement headphones. I received them two days later – Tuesday. That’s incredible customer service, and these guys deserve five stars just for their dedicatiand responsiveness.Now to the headphones review. I’m a runner and I bought these specifically to use while running. I haven’t used them for telephone calls or any other purpose, so these comments are completely geared toward using these headphones to listen to music while exercising and running. I’ve been using them for a little over a month. First, the sound quality. For the price ($37), I think they sound pretty good. I was a musician in a past life, and there are definitely headphones out there that sound better. These are by no means “studio quality,” but they sound very good. Some folks here complained about the bass being a bit heavy, but I kind of like it. I’ve used other headphones that have virtually no bass and sound very metallic. These headphones are pretty well balanced. And, as others have mentioned, you can download an equalizer app if you really want to dial them in and EQ down the bass. But I think they sound more than good the way they are. You won’t get audiophile sound for $37 and if that’s your goal, you’re shopping down the wrong aisle.You can nitpick little things all you want with any product purchase, but for $37 and all the included features, these headphones are very decent and deserve all the great reviews. For running, I wanted headphones that were “sweatproof,” wireless, loud and that would stay put in my ears while running. These headphones are all those things. With the hook design for the ears, they rarely move around in my ears, and I’ve had no issues with them having to be adjusted. The wireless is great, and I’ve never had an issue with them connecting to my Samsung Galaxy S8 +. They are also plenty loud.To alleviate and fears of those contemplating making this purchase, I’ll address some of the complaints I’ve seen in other reviews. Some mentioned that the power buttis awkwardly placed in the middle of the right ear headphone and can get pushed accidentally while adjusting the headphone. This is true. However, it seriously only took me maybe one outing to adjust to the power buttplacement, and it hasn’t bothered me since. Others think the ear hooks aren’t comfortable – I think they’re fine. If you’re going running, the hooks are awesome. These headphones stay put and don’t move around – all because of the hooks. I used some other “hookless” headphones while running the other day, and every two minutes I had to adjust them – big pain in the butt. I’ve also read some complaints about the wire sticking to your neck. That did bother me the first few runs. I don’t think this problem is unique to these headphones. I think any similar “wireless” headphones will have one wire between right and left sides and that wire has to be routed. Regardless, I figured out to simply run the wire over the top of my head. Since I always wear a hat when I run, the wire is now under my hat and not my neck. If you’re not wearing a hat, I also think using some Body Glide or other similar product the wire would solve the problem. Lastly, battery life – very acceptable as far as I’m concerned. I almost always charge them fully before I leave the house, and I’ve never had an issue. They charge very quickly, so I keep them charged. I know I can’t outrun the battery these, and that’s good enough for me. Other folks might be concerned whether these headphones will die after eight hours or after nine hours. I will never run long enough in one outing to find that out, so not an issue for me.Lastly, let me mentithe specific problems I have experienced with these headphone. The first time I contacted the company, it was because sound was only coming out of the left side. They suggested I perform a “factory reset,” which apparently can cure a number of oddities. Sure enough, the factory reset fixed my sound problem and all was good. So… if you’re having any weird issues with your headphones, go for the factory reset first. It’s simple to do: (1) Power them off and plug the headphones in so they are charging; (2) While charging, hold the power buttdown for seven seconds. And that’s it; factory reset accomplished.The most recent problem I had with the headphones was the same issue – no sound coming from the right side. Factory resets didn’t fix the problem. Interestingly, last night I was playing with them and now they work again. And this morning, the replacements arrived from my Sunday email. So I now have two functioning sets. I can’t comment the longevity of these headphones as I’ve only had them for a little over a month, but I can say that the company takes their customer service very seriously. You can rest assured that the one year warranty is not a gimmick. Everything breaks at some point. At least you know you can count these guys to make things right and not leave you high and dry. That’s good enough for me.

  154. Rated 5 out of 5

    André Otero

    I am very pleased with the Ipudis Bluetooth Headphones, the sound quality is great as well as the craftsmanship, operatiand linking is very intuitive and and the signal range from Headphones to cell are within my expected working limits especially at the gym which is my intended use of said device. I dropped the Ipudis Headphones in a water filled sink and was pleased to learn that no damaged was caused by the water immersion. I’ve used the Ipudis Headphones for five continuous hours without any sound or signal degradatithat I can think of. Comfort is important especially at the gym and I have to say that the Ipudis Headphones felt quite comfortable and caused no irritatiaround my ears, I noticed that among the different ear buds that come standard with the Ipudis Headphones the was a separate small plastic baggie which contains a different kind of ear buds, this particular set is made out of foam and resembles the same kind of foam plugs that someone would wear for hearing protection, they’re small and fit in my ear canal just right, and the best part is that they’re able drown out all outside noise while the music is at a descent level. I would like to see a more advanced and powerful Ipudis Headphone set from Invotek in the future that has over the ears coverage but for now I’m enjoying this set with no problems.

  155. Rated 4 out of 5

    Mathew Bryant Pinney

    Update: They made it almost a year. I got them in January of 2017 and now one side has all but totally died. I am a bit sad. These have been the best set of ear buds that I have had, corded or BT.The sound quality is pretty good, not great, but well worth $30. The battery life is just about as good as advertised at about 6 to 7 hours. I use these for working out and doing cardio and they stay in my ears and have never been even remotely uncomfortable. Also, they do a very good job of blocking outside sounds. I like these earbuds a lot. They are my go to even though I have several other pairs.

  156. Rated 5 out of 5


    I love these head phones. I use them every day. I wish the cord was a little longer because my neck rubs it an since it’s rubber it pulls the headphones. I just wear the cord in front and it’s fine. It’s loud enough to hear when I mow. I think the battery last a long time. I probably listen to them an hour a day and only have to charge it once a week. It starts to beep when the battery is about to die. You don’t have very long after that before it’s dead. I also use it to talk the phone. I didn’t purchase if for that reasbut it’s a great bonus. Another thing I like is that you can pause your audio your phone by just clicking the buttthe ear piece.

  157. Rated 2 out of 5


    Having trouble keeping ear when sweating or when moving head. Maybe needs adjustment. New to these things. Maybe I have goofy ears. Will comment later final thoughts and possible upgrade. I am back and have reduced my rating. 1..Mistake Bought two sets without trying. 2.. microphone horrible. Must change to phone when call 3.. WILL NOT remain in place. Wire connecting the two speaker devices drags neck and speakers continually come off earsSound quality tolerable. Battery Life outstanding.

  158. Rated 2 out of 5

    Richard Joseph Wilson

    I returned them. If you are looking for a budget pair of wireless earbuds, these will suffice. If you are particular about the quality (sound and fit) you may be disappointed. My dislike was largely from the wind noise that was constant as I wore them running. Also, the sound quality was ok.. but not spectacular. Lastly, I did not really care for the fit. They seemed to hurt my ears some. I returned them and spent the extra money for PowerBeats and am much happier. These are NOT a bad product… especially if you are looking for a basic pair of wireless earbuds and don’t care too much about the the things I mentioned. Admittedly, I am very particular, so your mileage may vary.

  159. Rated 4 out of 5


    The folks at Ipudis are very courteous. They wanted to be sure I had received the headphones & how I was treated & liked them. I work out of an 18-wheeler tanker truck 12 hours a day & I’m a senior citizen. Many of us talk to & help each other through out the day. The wired headset I had for my phone worked sometimes but most of the time not. These are 1000 times better. Once I left my phone in the truck, a call came in & I answered it from the back of the tanker over 30 feet away. Some guys wear the headsets with an external mic. I prefer the integrated mic. With the smallest buds on, I can wear these 12 hours & don’t feel them. Next I need to get my sons to show me how to put music my phone so I can listen to it when not talking oilfield-trucker talk to my co-workers. No more CB radio.

  160. Rated 3 out of 5

    Noumaan Shah

    These are really great little wireless earbuds, and I wanted to really like them.Pros:- Long battery life, long standby time, quick and fast charge- No problems with fit, multiple pieces are provided by Ipudis so you can adjust them to get a good fit- Comes with a combo (USB and USB-C) style charging cable, and an additional USB charging cable (don’t remember the last time a company included 2 different charging cables with their product).- Definitely sweat-proof – just remember not to charge them right after a workout, instead let them dry out before charging them.My primary reasto buy wireless earbuds is for outdoor cycling, and for that purpose the product under delivers.Cons:- At speeds greater than 20 miles / hour, you get wind noise (and even though I tried to get used to it, it bothered me even after 5 rides)- Phone is in my pocket while cycling (approx. 3 feet away from earbuds), and it kept dropping connecti(this really gets annoying). Initially I thought it might be due to streaming, but the connectiissue remained even while listening to offline music.- The connectiissue doesn’t occur if you are standing still – I’m not sure if it is the phone movement due to spinning crankshaft, or movement of bicycle itself, but the dropouts keep happening.

  161. Rated 5 out of 5


    I had a little trouble with fit at first but once I got the proper silicone earpieces it was fine. Sound quality and volume are fantastic for this type of device. I can testify to 8.5 hrs run time battery at TV volume, at very low level I think I got nine to ten hours a couple of times. Range is excellent, I’ve been as far as 55′ in my garage through 3 walls. (It depends your transmitter of coarse.) Customer service is top of the line! I had a little problem with my first pair (micro usb the most likely culprit, can’t blame manufacturer for that). Loved them so much I bought a second pair and customer service is sending replacement for defective one.

  162. Rated 5 out of 5

    Lynn K

    Odd looking, but they really do fit well and are not a bother to wear for long periods of time. The sound is fine and the battery recharges well. I do wish something were different about the connecting wire, maybe stiffer?? don’t know, but I am just an old fussbudget.As a accessory, they are great, work well and come with 2 storage options – a cardboard sliding drawer for by the table, AND a really NICE zippered carrying case for out and about. Yes, I would get them again, and probably will if and when the battery dies. Colors would be a good new option.

  163. Rated 5 out of 5


    They don’t pop in my ear! Other Bluetooth headphone hurt by popping loud static in my ears but these, I’m happy to report, do not. The red case matches the red accent of the headphones. They have a pretty good reach, maybe 20 feet plus 2 walls of interference before they started to cut out. Connecting it to my phone was easy. They came with a battery charge so I could use it straight out of the box. I’ve used it 3x in the past 2 weeks and have not needed to recharge it. I do often click the buttwhen placing them in my ear, but that’s okay. They came with several sets of ear buds and the default is a really nice set of buds, similar to ear plugs. Excellent buy.

  164. Rated 5 out of 5


    I tried several pairs of wireless earbuds, including Beats, before I got these and had found drawbacks with them all. Either they didn’t fit right or the battery life was poor or the microphone didn’t work particularly well phone calls. These are exactly what I wanted when trying all the others. I use them quite a bit some days & have yet to have the battery run out. I just recharge them at night & I’m good to go for the next day. Couldn’t recommend them more highly. Wish they had an inline controller/microphone but the lack of one does not detract for their overall outstanding performance for me. Well done, Ipudis. Very well done!

  165. Rated 2 out of 5

    Mitchell R. Pryor

    WARNING! These earphones are being marketed as useful during physical activity. They might be, if your ears fit the earphone perfectly. They do not fit me at all. There is no way to secure them to my ears because the ear hook is too large and flimsy. It is not adjustable. How they managed to get so many positive reviews is bewildering to me. There must be a lot of couch potatoes buying these things. They’re fine, if you don’t move while wearing. Unless your workout regimen consists of sitting in a recliner while wiggling your toes, be prepared to be disappointed, if your ears don’t fit these things perfectly.

  166. Rated 3 out of 5

    James Rogers

    My main reasfor this purchase was for running. Unfortunately, these particular headphones simply are not designed properly for running. When running (or just outside with a slight breeze there is a rather loud wind sound. It seems that the design of these catches the wind (either blowing or generated while running) in such a way as to generate a lot of noise that is delivered right into your ear. I tried moving these around and there just does not seem to be a way that they can be worn during a run that reduces the noise.Other than that issue they are actually quite good. The sound is crisp and clear (I listen to audio books/podcasts not music). They pair easily and connect quickly. The case is nice to keep them from getting crushed when tossed into a bag. They come with a couple different in-ear pieces. The typical rubber versias well as some that are foam. The foam ones are very nice and seem more comfortable for extended wear than the typical in-ear pieces from other headphones I have worn

  167. Rated 4 out of 5


    When i found out these were the same as the beats (which is over rated crap as far as im concerned), Literally a different molded switch cover, over the identical electronics, same earpieces, cord and everything else for way less than the cost of “look, ive got money cause i wear beats” I had to try them, so i did. And im glad i did too! They do everything that i ask of them. They can (for me) be worn for hours and hours with no discomfort whatsoever. Loud enough, and crystal clear, no matter my activity. I can heartily recommend these to anyone.

  168. Rated 5 out of 5

    Mtn Girl

    These are awesome! Bought them to use while walking my dogs, found that headphones with any sort of cord were a pain. Not only are these comfortable, but they also came with an adapter for Android and iPhones, 3 different sizes of ear buds, a charger AND a car adapter. All in a cute and study little round carrying case. Really more than I was expecting. Super easy to pair with my phone and other devices. One of the earphones also has buttons for volume, ffwarding songs, picking up phone calls, all while never having to even think about pulling out your phone. Love them, thinking ood buying some as gifts. Oh, and they are comfortable and don’t fall out so the sound is great. Thumbs up!

  169. Rated 3 out of 5

    tech fan

    Bought these about 2 weeks ago to replace the powerBeats 2 ear buds since they would no longer hold a charge. The price for these was very good. So I though I would try them even though there was some concern reviews as to the floppy ear holder. I run 10 to 20 miles a a treadmill. I watch TV to pass the time. I needed ear phones that would be loud enough to hear over the noise of the treadmill. I would give these head phones 5 Starts for their volume. I love the controls. I have only charged them once and after 6 hours of running they are still loud and clear. They are much clearer and louder then the PowerBeats 2 that I replaced. Again I would give them a 5 for clarity. Unfortunately, the ear wrap is so weak that these will not stay in my ear. The PowerBeats ear warp is much stouter then the Ipudis, however, neither of these are ideal for my ears. I guess I have different ears ten anyone else the planet. Ear buds do not stay in my ears. Once I started sweating, the Ipudis drop out of my ears in maybe 10 steps. So disappointing that the ear wrap does not have the ability to be shaped/bent to fit my ear. To correct this issue I had to tape a thin wire made from a cheap dry cleaner hanger to the Ipudis. With the wire, the ear wrap is now moldable/bendable and fits my ear so the buds are more stable in my ear. Wish that the folks at Ipudis were athletes and knew that the ear wrap is just too flimsy if you are doing any activity

  170. Rated 5 out of 5

    Montrell Durham

    Though I have only used these headphones for a little while, I can already tell they are of great quality. The sound is very clear through these, also I like the audio system sync feature. This allows you to sync the phone volume with the headphones so anytime you turn down either one it controls the other as well. I have not tried to communicate with someone through the speaker, if I ever do use it I will update it here. They fit very comfortably in your ears and I feel this is because of the curved earpieces and the loop that allows it to stay snug for much longer. I have tried many different kinds and some others slide out but I never felt for one moment that these were going to slide out. I would recommend these to a friend or family member.

  171. Rated 5 out of 5

    David L Kelhoffer

    Ok, so this is my fourth pair of Bluetooth ear buds that I have bought over the last several years to wear at the gym and this will be my last. These things are ing. The problems I’ve encountered with BT ear buds range from sound quality, to battery life, fit and volume. They either fit good and are comfortable but sound like crap, or they sound ok but are dead after 2 trips to the gym.Ipudis has addressed every one of these issues. These things are ing, I’ve never had BT ear buds this good. The sound quality is ing, I’ve never gotten this much bass out of ear buds, not even out of my beats wired ear buds that cost $100. And the volume is crazy, these things are loud! They are extremely comfortable and stay in place, and I can get 6 to 8 hrs a single charge. I can’t believe you can get these at this price point with all the accessories included, and a 1 year manufacturer warranty…… what an awesome find. I would buy them again, let me rephrase that, I will buy these again. I’m thinking of buying a second pair for work. The reviews these ear buds are accurate, I usually won’t do reviews until less an item is really great or really horrible. Ipudis deserves this review, they are just simply that great.

  172. Rated 3 out of 5

    Christian Maron

    For $35, these Bluetooth earbuds are a decent buy.PROS:- Easy to connect to your Bluetooth-enabled mobile device or computer.- They won’t fall out of your ears while running.- Comfortable to wear.- No excess noises when running (like footsteps), blocks out noise somewhat well.- Easy to turn and off, and change songs / volume / pause music.- They come with a tof accessories including charging cable, other earbud inserts, carry case, car charger.CONS:- Sound: The main cfor me, an avid music listener, is that they don’t sound optimal and crisp at first. There is too much muddy bass these and musician vocals are too low. However, you can fix this! Tweaking some sound options your phone Equalizer in settings, or using an Equalizer program your Mac will let you get a great sound out of these. They have potential, but it takes a little work to make it sound nice. But if you’re someone who doesn’t need perfect-sounding music, then consider these 4/5 star earbuds.- Apparently the battery life isn’t extremely long these, so just charge them when you go to bed after heavy use. But if you use it for an hour a day, like me, you won’t even tell.- I’m personally not a fan of the ‘shape-molding’ ear inserts, so I replaced them with the rubber inserts from the Basics earbuds, perfect fit.Overall, 3/5 Stars Earbuds

  173. Rated 4 out of 5


    I Hope this review isn’t a duplicate. These headphones are decent. I wear them while dancing. There are several foam tips so they should fit any ears. The buttcontrols are not difficult. My biggest issue is that the ear hooks are soft … like silicon. My ears are very small and lie quite flat to my head and I also wear glasses. They literally fall off and therefore won’t stay my head. However, I have devised a work-around. I tuck the soft hooks between the control box thing (Don’t know what it is called) and the ear canal piece and leave it while I’m not wearing it. It takes a set and seems to work. I have attached a picture.

  174. Rated 5 out of 5

    R. Meyer

    What a great head set! I’m really enjoying them. There light weight, easy to use, wear them for hours! Often forgetting I even have them when the music is off. They focus the music directly into my ears so much so I feel like the orchestra is in the middle of my head! Never experienced that before with normal head sets! The base is fantastic . The voice quality is superb. Watching a movie I heard people talking off screen! It was so convincing that I turned around thinking there was someone behind me. I’m very pleased. Battery life is great and the indicator the phone keeps me informed of how much power I still have. Going 10 hours now and still 3/4 charge. Great packaging love the extras

  175. Rated 4 out of 5


    I think if they were not so much overselling in the title (waterproof, noise cancellatietc.) I would have rated in 5 stars.Cons…First of all, it is not waterproof as I was lucky enough to go through reviews before taking them to the pool with me. They are only advised to be used under rain and not while swimming.Second, they are not noise cancelling, they merely come with earbuds that are very similar to night time ear buds that foams in your ear and blocks some of the noise, but of course this is not the definitiof noise cancellation. the other hand it is a great fit.Third; they seem like a bit heavy the bass but you can correct that with the equalizer of the source (for ex. when listening spotify)Fourt; the mic sucks, especially if you have paired it with 2 devices. So think twice if you are planning to buy this for talking the phone much.the mic. seems to have a problem when it is connected to 2 devices. when I am only my mobile I can talk without needing to remove the ear with the mic and holding it to my mouth.Pros..1- Very light and good fit with the foam like ear buds. however if you need to put the regular type earbuds because these are somehow small or else than it looses all the touch.2- eventough it is not advertised, they match with 2 devices which is great. so I can listen the music from my computer but talk through them when I receive a call my mobile. However, as I wrote before the mic. seems to have a problem when it is connected to 2 devices. when I am only my mobile I can talk without needing to remove the ear with the mic and holding it to my mouth.

  176. Rated 4 out of 5


    I don’t like the positiof the main control button. When it is pushed it pushes the bud into the ear, cutting off all external sound. Why not have the buttthe top so that you could squeeze against your thumb. Seems like a much more natural way to do it. Related to this is a couple of times the device got turned while it was put in the the case — so a fully charged device came out flashing red, pretty annoying. A top buttcould require more force to actuate, reducing unintended “power on” states.Also, the printed doc says it will audibly announce “pairing”, but it does not. You hear “power on”, and nothing else.

  177. Rated 3 out of 5


    These headphones are good for the price point, but have a few annoying features.The sound quality is decent and they work for a commute, not sure if they would stay in for a run or other high impact activities. I don’t mind the buttons, but they do take an adjustment period because they aren’t intuitive.My two main complaints are that while the sound quality is good, if I put my phone in my bag or pocket it will cause the audio to breakup like the connectiis not very good. It sounds like the horrible days when a cd would skip. It’s constant and completely annoying. My only recourse is the carry my phone. This works, but is a complete pain that I cannot put my phone in my bag and be hands free!Secondly, the stupid low battery announcements are a bad design and they start when the headphones have 30% battery. I can almost understand if the percentage is off, but the stupid lady cuts in every minute with “low battery” for a solid five to six minutes before the headphones shut off. One low battery notificatiis enough. Also, if they do cut off because the battery dies, you then have to resync to your phone when they are charged.Overall, they fit the purpose, but if you can afford better quality, go for it.

  178. Rated 5 out of 5


    The headphones are very comfortable and the sound quality is really good. The battery life is not that great but it can easily survive an hour of train ride to and from work which is all I need, I like the buttons the headphones. You can change the volume, skip tracks, and play/pause the music using these buttons which is very convenient. The microphone is pretty decent. I don’t really use the microphone to talk to people but whenever i did use it, I didn’t receive any complaints from the other end. My voice was clear and they had no problems hearing me. But I have only used the microphone twice so I can’t say how it will behave in crowded and loud places.The only negative is that it sometimes turns its own when it is in my pocket, which drains the battery. It will warn you more than once when the battery is low, which could get annoying if you are trying to enjoy the last few minutes of music.I looked at a lot of other headphones before buying these and I’m glad I went with these. They are really good headphones, specially for this price, My friends bought similar headphones for about $100 and the sound quality isn’t that different when compared to those $100 headphones. I highly recommend these headphones for someone looking to buy headphones in $30-$50 range. They are even better than some more expensive headphones.

  179. Rated 5 out of 5


    We had beats that were not very comfortable and did not last long. They were trash compared to Ipudis and cost a whole lot more money. We thought we would take a chance these after reading reviews. They have great sound and balance. We use them to listen to audio book and music. The charge lasts between up to 24 hours. They are very comfortable to wear. I barely know I have them on. I can get about 50 feet away from the source before they start cutting out. They do not fall out of my ears. You don’t believe you can find much better even at higher prices. I also bought my husband a pair and he loves his, as well.

  180. Rated 5 out of 5

    Gen X Dad

    5 stars because you’re not going to get more for your money. I’ve avoided wireless earbuds for a long time because I like my music loud and clear. But cords got caught one too many times, so I went shopping and found these.The sound quality of these Ipudis Bluetooth buds is just as good as the wired buds that come with the iPhone 7. Bluetooth pairing was simple. It comes with 4 earpiece sizes and I found one size that fit just right. They are comfortable and they keep a charge for hours (they also charge very quickly). I’d buy them again

  181. Rated 2 out of 5


    It’s not that these are a bad product, just highly misrepresented as waterproof and useful for sports, which is the reasi bought these. If I were using them indoors I would probably be happy with them, but I bought them to use while bicycling. The wind noise with these is absolutely terrible. Riding into a headwind creates a roar that drowns everything else out. I tried taping over the mic hole but it made no difference. Also, I soas the buds got damp they did not want to stay in…When I got home from riding I wanted to rinse them off. IPX7 means they should be submergible, so a quick prince under the faucet shouldn’t harm them. So I rinsed them, very quickly, and there is water still seeping out of them, and the USB port was full of water even though the cap was secure. If I was only using these indoors, again, they would probably be fine, but definitely are not as advertised.Finally, I started looking for something else after I got back from my one ride, and it appears there is an identical versiof these being sold under another brand for a little more than half what these cost. Spend your money elsewhere….

  182. Rated 5 out of 5

    D. Fox

    I reviewed wireless headphones ad nauseam. Looked at all the options at Best Buy, including Bose. Read numerous blogs and reviews.In the end, I chose the Ipudis Bluetooth headphones, based the reviews.I use them primarily for jogging. So far, the sound quality and the fit are both excellent. I had a minor customer service issue (that I think turned out to be my fault), and expected to hear back from Ipudis in 2-3 days. Instead, I received a complete reply within a couple HOURS. I couldn’t believe it!Do yourself a favor and purchase these. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

  183. Rated 3 out of 5


    SOUND AND NOISE CANCELING: The sound is ing. As a bass head and a perswho listens to bass heavy music. The bass is kicking and vocals are clear. Not the best but its good. Noise canceling is pretty good as well. I use these when I go to the gym and they work seamlessly. I don’t hear guys grunting and screaming when they lift weights or them talking about protein shakes etc. It all goes away and its wonderfulFIT: However… the fit is not as great. Its too harsh and really stiff. I tried different earpieces the box gave me but it still felt hard and uncomfortable. It really needs some work. The earpieces feel too solid and it pushes against my ears way too hard.KIT: This things comes with 2 cables (iphone and android), a carrying case, car charger and ear pieces and wire ties. Its pretty loaded with stuff and its helpful.OVERALL: Great set of headphones sound and noise canceling wise, I was very bummed it was not as comfortable as I hoped it would be.

  184. Rated 4 out of 5

    BrandLee Green

    Great headphones for the price!All things considered, this is a decent pair of bluetooth headphones. I don’t have any issues with them falling out when I run; I barely notice that I’m even wearing them.The sound quality is good enough and the build quality isn’t bad. It does a good job of cancelling most noise out.The manual said it was supposed to come with a ‘Wire Tie’ (see attached picture), but mine didn’t. No big deal since it’s not necessary to use the product.I’m very happy with this purchase!

  185. Rated 3 out of 5

    The Drew

    Good for their price. The connectivity is good. One down side is that their min. volume is still pretty loud for a quiet office setting, and the max volume will cause you to go deaf in an hour. No need for the crazy amount of volume. Sound quality is 5/10 also… Looks like they went for loudness not clarity. Actually.. its kinda garbage now that I think about it. Too bad someone stole my beats out of my car.. I just dont have the money or need to spend 100+ an actually good pair. But you get what you pay for

  186. Rated 5 out of 5

    K. Wilbar

    Purchased these to try out wireless headphones without spending a lot of money the more popular brand names. Turned out to be a fantastic purchase! Headphones are well made and comfortable – a little bigger than some but not too bulky for a smaller person. They come with 3 sizes of interchangeable ear pads & a strap adjuster to find the right fit. Sound quality is very good; not truely noise canceling but drown out most background things when fit snugly in ears. Have handled daily wear plus sweat & rain during workouts with no problems! Bluetooth pairing is simple. Bonus that they come with a carrying case, charging cable (also fits nicely in case), plus a combo lightning/micro USB cable & a dual USB port car charger. Overall super happy with the purchase for the quality & price!

  187. Rated 4 out of 5

    Sam Fickel

    Sometimes, depending what material my shorts/pants are made out of, I can’t put my phone in my left pocket without the signal cutting in and out. The signal originates from the right ear bud and the body and pants material sometimes block the signal. This was the reasI returned a different brand, but in this case it’s not too terrible so I’ll keep it.I love the presentatiand delivery. There is so much to be had by going with this brand, the ear buds, charging cable, carrying case, etc. I felt like I received a great value. They’re also extremely comfortable and easier than expected to put in. Sound quality and volume are great.I would make this 4.8 stars if I could, because the audio range isn’t really that bad, but still a little “ehhh…”

  188. Rated 4 out of 5

    R. J. Gibson

    So far, so good. I like them, and they are easy to use. I’ve only used them one time so I can’t comment about battery life or other issues that may crop up. The buttons are easy to use and understand. I just have to get used to how to adjust it in my ear without touching the buttons, but that will come with a little more use. I did have a problem with set up using the supplied 3 foot charging cord, but a quick call to customer service solved the issue. The first connector is for the phone. You have to slide the unit apart to reveal the connector for the headphones. A more technical persprobably would have realized that. But I am very happy with the wireless set up and the comfort of the ear pieces. No more cord getting in the way of my workouts.

  189. Rated 4 out of 5


    I bought this set to have something to use when cutting grass and plane trips. Has good sound but does sound muffled at times. This set tends to disconnect and reconnect from Bluetooth which can be frustrating but turning the headset off and back again after the initial connectimore often than not fixes the issue for the rest of the listening session. Not sure why it can’t stay connected the first time. I have experienced this issue several devices and many different environments. The battery life is very good an I get several uses out of it before recharging it.

  190. Rated 5 out of 5

    M. Garner

    These are great Bluetooth headphones for a really good price. I already have a pair that I use at work all the time so I got another pair for home. They are easy to put and noise cancel at open office. The charge really fast and stay in use for more than full work day. Connect really easy to iPhone every time. Using these as cellphone headset the persother end can hear themselves so the mic is really sensitive. Ipudisr also sends very cool case and car cig lighter charger and a VERY COOL charge cord that does both iPhone and micro USB!!!!

  191. Rated 2 out of 5

    Daniel Dawes

    The sound quality and overall features are good. A very solid value for the money. That said, I purchased these to use while running as I listen to music and audio books, podcasts, etc. If there’s even a slight wind, the design of these headphones cause an almost unbearable wind shear sound. This sound is not slight. It drowns out the sound completely. Now if there’s no wind, or the wind is with you, the headphones are great. For me, that’s a two star. If you’re just using them around the house/office, or in a gym, they’re a great value. Outside though, not so great. UPDATE: I’ve tried all of the different ear pieces that come with the package and all of them have the horrible wind sound. Unusable outside. I’m moving from these.

  192. Rated 4 out of 5

    Rick Juretic

    First pair did not work properly and was sent a replacement pair. They took well over a week to arrive. I’m having the same problem with the replacement pair. I used each about 10 times without any problem. They connected quickly and didn’t loose connectiduring exercise. I was able to recharge them easily. Then I had the following experience with each. I plugged them in to charge after hearing the low battery message. The blue light seemed to come fairly quickly given my past experiences recharging. Then when I unplug to use again, nothing. no lights, no connection, just dead. If you plug it back into the charger you see a steady blue light, but if you take it off nothing.These are not worth even the advertised discounted price. Certainly were never worth the origianl price of almost $170. If I had paid that much I’d be going crazy. As it is, its a wasted $40. I now have two pairs that are totally useless. Very low quality product.

  193. Rated 5 out of 5


    I just received these earbuds today. Just wanted to leave a review to confirm some of the other reviews in case you’re looking through the reviews and see conflicting information. I workout 5x a week and have ruined 4 pairs of wired earbuds within a year so I decided to get these.Pros: They are lightweight and the sound is pretty good for this price. I don’t think the bass is too much these. Comes with plenty of accessories and a nice carrying case. They pair easily.Cons: As other reviewers have said, the wing tip is pretty much useless. It’s just for decoratiand does nothing to keep the earbuds in your ear. However, the earbuds are light and won’t fall off so it isn’t a real “con.” Plenty of eartipd and a foam eartip for people with different ear size. Choose the one that best fits you and you shouldn’t have any problem with it falling out.Hope that helped!

  194. Rated 5 out of 5


    I love these headphones! I have a really hard time with keeping headphones inside of my ear because my ear holes are really small. These stay in great! Even when I am running, I feel comfortable and I don’t even have to worry about them. It’s so convenient to be able to adjust the volume and change the song without taking your phone out as well. I can’t have my phone out at work but I can listen to music so it’s perfect for what I ned. The rubber the ear part is hard to clean but I’ll let that slide because they work so well. I also wish they had a longer run time because I will use them at work and while exercising and I feel like I always have to recharge them.

  195. Rated 3 out of 5

    Malcolm Granger

    Not bad for $36, but could be a lot better. The audio quality is ok; the earbuds have trouble with some bass frequencies, which sets them into a crackling noise. Nonetheless, they are much better than my MPow Magnetos and the MPow Swift, with far more depth and sparkle. Other notes; they are rather large and noticeable, the ear loops cannot be removed except with a pair of scissors, I liked the on-ear skip/volume buttons, the extra goodies are almost worth the price, beautifully boxed, awesome case, and fairly easy to fit, given the 4 different pairs of tips. IDK, at the end of the day, I am returning these to look for a better earbud pair (somewhere). Perhaps I am just not a fan of ear loops.

  196. Rated 3 out of 5

    R. Keeler

    For running, these are working great for me. They don’t come loose, and sound clarity is more than enough for that context.The problem has to do with it’s bluetooth capability. When I strap my phone to my left arm during a run (easy to do with my right hand, and it makes the arm band’s key pocket easy to access), sound cuts in and out frequently during a run. The receiver is in the right ear bud, which means the signal might be struggling to pass through my head or something. I don’t know. I’m not a physicist.What I do know is that moving my phone to my right arm, right below the receiving ear bud, solves the problem. Ear buds work just fine, then. The problem, then, becomes that feeling weird and accessing the key pocket (now the back of my shoulder) becoming an awkward ordeal.

  197. Rated 3 out of 5

    Rachel Bertles

    These are the first wireless earbuds I’ve owned. I was looking for good earbuds that would stay in my ears while running or biking trails. They come with lots of extra accessories which you may find useful but the most important parts for me are the ear hooks and foam tips. The hooks are comfortable and keep your headphones where you put them, and the foam tips will prevent the muffled “wire bouncing” sound that you get with properly sealed silicone tips while running. The unfortunate thing is they don’t sound good. It’s as if everything you play through them is a YouTube video the “240” setting. My daily earbuds are Skullcandy Titans which I’ve had for over 5 years and the sound quality the these earbuds doesn’t come close to those. Ipudis got everything I wanted into these headphones except for good sound quality, which ultimately leaves me where I started: searching for good sounding workout headphones. Verdict: If all you’re looking for are headphones that will stay put through a “high impact” workout, these are great for the price. However, if a noticeable lack of sound quality will distract you (like it does for me) I’d suggest looking elsewhere.

  198. Rated 4 out of 5


    These seem to be always sale way below their MSRP. For that, they are very nice. However, I would not pay full price for these headphones.They come in a nice case with a lot of different ear options. Personally, I stick with the memory-foam-like material because they are quite comfortable.Wind interference is not much of an issue. Walking a windy beach or walking, in general, is fine with little to no wind resistance. Driving with the windows down is a little bit more annoying, but nothing horrible.Sometimes the headphones will turn if bumped enough in their carrying case.They will last a full day if charged over night. Unless youre listening to bass-heavy music all the time, as these headphones have a very nice low-end.

  199. Rated 5 out of 5

    Amanda Mumford

    Others have given very detailed reviews of these headphones. They are ing and fit so well they never move out of your ears. I was coming from the regular standard wired apple headphones – they are so much more comfortable and about 25% louder. Due to the reviews I was thinking they were going to be so loud I would never have to use full blast but that wasn’t true. When I work out, I like my music loud and it gets it loud enough but I did wish they went a little bit higher. I am sure my ears are glad they don’t – never too loud but loud enough to drown all outside noise away. I was use to being able to hear surrounding sound, and while others will say they aren’t completely noise cancelling – it was pretty darn close! I couldn’t hear a word when people were trying to talk to me. Just saw their lips mouth.The only down fall I see is that they don’t automatically shut off after a lack of use or blue tooth disconnect. User error my end and now i am having to spend time charging them before I head off to the gym again. Once I get use to having to shut them off, this won’t be an issue. But can be pretty frustrating when you aren’t use to it yet. Other than that they are an ing price for a very solid wireless set. I could run, jump, squat, deadlift and they didn’t move at all. Worth every penny!

  200. Rated 4 out of 5

    M. Mccann

    I’ve had these for two weeks now, and I must say I’m rather pleasantly surprised by how much I’m enjoying them. The audio quality is good, with a rich bass, and the convenience of not snagging a cord everything (drawer handles in particular) is such an advantage I regret not having bought a pair years ago. The only downside is that when you have these in you can’t hear anything BUT what you’re listening to. This comes in very handy when mowing the yard or working out at the gym, but when someone is trying to speak to you it’s quite annoying having to remove an earpiece and say, “What?!” Overall, however, I love these little jewels, and would recommend them.

  201. Rated 5 out of 5


    I’ve had about 15 different brands of theses over the ear BT headphones and these are by far the best…not just for the value but sound quality better than all others except Beats & Bose.Comfort: Handles sprints, jumping and long distance without falling out like most others.Range: 1/2 the length of basketball court before getting choppySkipping: Never skips when in rangeConnection: EasyButtlocation: Most BTs cram the buttons making it hard to find the right button. This has the power side and volume top; very nice.Calls: GoodCharge: Similar to most…good

  202. Rated 5 out of 5


    Purchased 2 sets of wireless Bluetooth Ipudis headphones for 2 young men that take care and maintain 37 acres. They work out doors all year long in every kind of weather. They needed tough durable hard working men headphones. Both young men are ed at the clear quality of the music they are listening to. They both said the noise canceling works as they are mowing and edging acres of lawn. So far they seem extremely pleased with their new headphones. It was a pleasure to gift the headphones to these 2 extremely hard working young men. Thank you. It was a fun high quality listening enjoyable gift to give to acknowledge these two hard working individuals.

  203. Rated 5 out of 5


    Let’s point out the elephant in the room and acknowledge that not all humans are the skinny and/or athletic build type. Those solid, behind the head wireless headphones can’t reach both ears without ripping one off. As for the collars that sit around your neck? I dont need to look like I work at a call center, thank you.These headphones are the bomb! The two buds are a long coated wire that can easily reach around the big jellyroll the back of my head. Or if I keep the connector in front, it doesn’t irritate any of my chins. I highly recommend these headphones to anyone of a “big-ish” size.

  204. Rated 4 out of 5

    Jarom Moore

    Great Bluetooth headphones, hands down! But can can you please consider this suggestithat many others may agree with? Please make it so that I can connect another device and automatically bump the previously connected device! I have gotten so frustrated looking of the last device that I connected to disconnect so that I can connect to another device. For example, I have a MacBook, an iPhone and an iPad. If I was connected to my MacBook last night while working and taking calls, and then I wanted to connect the headphones to my iPhone while in range with my MacBook, I have to disconnect from the MacBook because the headphones automatically connect to the last connected device. Big headache!!!!!!

  205. Rated 5 out of 5


    When I was first looking for a Bluetooth set of headphones I went through all of the normal channels for review. And let me tell you I hit a bunch of snags along the way some headphones I got did not hold well over my ears. Some headphones I got did not fit in my ear. But the worst were the ones I tried that sounded horrible. So I went to and thought I’ll give one more pair with a great review a shot. Well let me tell you these are ing first the hooks over your ear hold them snug but the flexible hook doesn’t feel heavy or hurt like some start to do. Second they come with an assorted set of earbuds to fit all shapes and sizes but the memory foam style they come with are perfect. All you do is squeeze them and let them expand in your ear and they are snug and to be honest cancel a lot of outside noise out. And lest the sound quality and range of volume impress and the bass is dynamic but not over powering perfect for most pump up workout songs. These will be my go to brand for a long time and am excited to see what they have in store for the future!

  206. Rated 5 out of 5


    First off, I would like to say that these headphones will be the best $30 bucks you have ever spend in your life! Literally I have never had a perfect headphone in my life. I chose to get these headphones due to the high purchase and the rate of the headphones. Although, I refuse to pay for fast shipping because in my eyes i really wasn’t in a rush for the headphones. However, I did my order 7/22/2017 and received my item by 7/24/2017. SUPER FAST SHIPPING LITERALLY!!!! I was so excited to open up my box and pull it out of its box. It was so beautiful and it looks super expensive. The sound is awesome and you dont need to have the sound up so much because its super clear and loud enough. If you need a good pair of headphones most definitely invest in these because you will not regret it one bit!

  207. Rated 4 out of 5

    Ami C

    I would buy them again…and almost had to. I had them for two months, took one out and it broke apart. They weren’t eligible for return through so I thought I might have to buy them again but then I noticed that they had a one year defect warranty. I contacted the main company’s support team and within a day, they sent a replacement. They were very nice and the replacement process was smooth.About the headphones: I love how noise-cancelling these headphones are. I wear them planes and I don’t hear any external noise.I go straight from the workout to the shower with them. I don’t run them under the water or anything but a little splash doesn’t seem to damage them.I’m a short distance jogger and they stay in my ears. They are comfortable too. I wear them for hours at a time and I have even slept in them before.I didn’t want to spend the money to buy them again but I would 🙂

  208. Rated 5 out of 5


    UPDATE 2: The replacement pair came in the mail and I have been using them for about a week. So far I am noticing a marked improvement over my original pair with respect to reception. Bad receptistill occurs occasionally, though seemingly only when I have the transmitter (my phone) deep in my jeans pocket + I am walking + I put something else in the same pocket over/next to the phone (like my hand or wallet for example). Other than that very specific situation, receptihas been much improved. I can even leave my phone the counter in one room and still get receptiin an adjacent room. I am upgrading to 4.5 stars, but I will round that up to 5 stars because I’m such a nice guy (and doesn’t allow half stars).UPDATE: Customer service responded almost immediately regarding my email customer service request. They suggested a few things to try and when those didn’t work they asked for my address to send me a replacement. Customer service has been excellent so far. I will update my review upreceiving and testing the replacement pair.I got these about 2 months prior to posting this review and as of this afternothey are dead. A few days ago sound in the left ear started cutting out. Now the set won’t even turn on. I will contact Ipudis about this. Hopefully they replace them or refund me or something. In the meantime, please see my review below regarding the headphones before they broke completely.Pros:Decent sound quality for the price. A little heavy the base for podcasts (spoken word sounds a bit “muddy”), but they sounded pretty good for music.Good battery life (I rarely had to charge more than once every couple days despite using 2-5 hours per day).Comfortable and stayed my ears.Easy to use (intuitive and simple buttons and an easy to access charging port)Packaging, accessories, and build quality all appear and feel excellent (like that of higher end headphones.)Cons:Bluetooth receptiwas inconsistent. At times the receptiwould work fine, at other times I would need to take the phone out of my shirt pocket and hold it near my right earbud just to make sure the receptiwouldn’t cut out. As you can imagine, it’s pretty annoying to have to take your phone out of your cottshirt pocket and hold it directly next to your earbud just to avoid cut out. All I want to do is walk around and listen to my headphones without cutout!!!!The headset gives a warning when the battery is low by having a voice say “battery low” in your ear. It seems helpful, but the voice interrupts whatever you are listening to every 1 or 2 minutes to remind you that your battery is low. I’d rather just listen until the battery is dead without that irritating and unnecessary reminder. Not a deal breaker though as you can just stop listening once you hear the first warning and consider the battery dead. You would only be able to squeeze another 5-10 minutes of listening from the headset once the warnings start anyways.The charging light shines through a little pinhole that you can’t really see unless you are staring at it from the correct angle. Not a big deal, but it is annoying to have to right up to the headphones in order to tell if they are finished charging. I would have preferred a light visible from further away.Conclusion:Given all the positive reviews and the quality look and feel of the headset, I’m guessing I may have been unlucky and received a defective pair. Hopefully Ipudis’s customer service is good and I can try another pair before calling it quits this brand.

  209. Rated 5 out of 5

    J. L. HURLEY

    Once these earphones finally arrived ( lost them somehow but did refund the order and express shipped another) I quickly paired them with my Motorola Droid Turbo 64, a phone notorious for it’s low volume audio/video playback, I played some classic Pink Floyd to really test them out. They passed with flying colors. Light weight, comfortable to wear, controls easy to use, as was pairing, voice confirmatiof commands. All in all, I found them to be better than I expected. Note: I’ve not tried a phone call through them yet, but I’ll update this review if it’s not as good as the basic audio/video delivery.They also come with a nice little hardshell case to store them in and various wire connections along with 3 sets of ear pieces, small, medium and large. Mine came with the large installed and those were quite comfortable. They appear to be made out of that spongy material that disposable earplugs are made out of so they conform to the unique shape of your ear.

  210. Rated 5 out of 5

    M. Triplett

    I bought these headphones for my husband about 5 months ago. He wear these things in the morning while cooking, mowing the lawn, PTA meetings, while driving, and camping trips. So, naturally I bought myself a pair and they are ing. I thought maybe my husband was exaggerating, but these headphones are lightweight and very comfortable, so you can literally wear them for hours without any discomfort. I’m no music expert, but sound quality is full and detailed. The bass is not overwhelming. If you receive a call, you can talk using the microphone and it automatically starts back playing the music. They fit very snug in your ear, basically eliminating or limiting outside noise. They are compatible with any BT enabled device. Also I was able to connect to two different devices.Downside:1.The were several times I thought something was crawling my neck. It was just the cord.2. When connecting to multiple devices, I think the headphones get confused. I found out that it will cycle through connecting between all the devices that has its BT saved. There are no options of selecting which device you want the headphones to connect to because it connects automatically once turned on. Even when I went into the device settings and manually disconnected from the headphones, they would still try to connect automatically. So I deleted the BT profile off the other devices until I needed them. That solved my issue. So now when I want to use my headphones with a different device I have to go through the pairing process and then delete it when I’m finished to connect back to my main device.3. They don’t work well for bedtime use. I have to lie flat my back. If my head turned left or right, my headphone would pop out ear. If they didn’t popout then they were just uncomfortable to lie on.Overall I would purchase these headphones a dozen more times because they are really that good. The downsides are more of a personal preference and a very minor inconvenience.

  211. Rated 4 out of 5


    First off, these headphones are fantastic. Sound quality is right up there with Beats (which seems to be the competitithat headphones like this face); the range is pretty solid and while the CVC 6.0 Noise Cancellatititle is misleading (it’s for the mic, not for the audio), the shape of the plugs still does a good job at blocking sound.Of course, these are just a stock set of bluetooth earphones that are made in China that anyone can put a logo (WAVEZ, Ipudis, TreLab, SoundWhiz, Zeus and Tanyam are just a few of these options you can find the website), and while this doesnt diminish the quality of the sound the headset, it does mean that they have a tendancy to just… give up after a few months. I’ve owned 4 pairs of these Chinese earbuds, and without fail all four have stopped turning or holding a charge after roughly 5-6 months of use. However, the one year warranty that Ipudis gives covers this too, and when my pair stopped working last week, the quickly responded to my email about the topic, and overnighted me a new pair. I was shocked when I got home from work today to find a new pair sitting there, when they had only just shipped it Saturday afteroon.So when buying, while you should keep in mind that the lifespan of this set of Chinese headphones isn’t fantastic, the audio quality is (especially for the price), and the customer service is fantastic as well. Definitely worth a buy

  212. Rated 3 out of 5

    Daniel V.

    I am hard of hearing and this was my best hope for really good sound quality. After looking at other reviews, many said it sounded ing and the sound was only at 50% volume. I figured this would be too good to be true at this price. I figured, what a steal! It came in and the packaging looked great. I took them out of the case which comes with everything as shown in the product images. I paired them with my Samsung S7 and it paired immediately. Then I put them and for me, it was not as comfortable as I hoped for. I changed out the ear buds and it then felt better.Time for the music! I eagerly then browsed through my songs looking for one with the right amount of bass and rhythm and found the perfect song. I started playing it at 50% volume and my expectations came crashing down. The sound was very muffled and i figured I’ll boost it up. At 70%, the sound was obviously there but the lyrics were not clear and still muffled.Then brought it to 100% and it sounded tinny. Not clear at all and muffled. For those that praise this, it works for you but if you are hard of hearing, I highly recommend going with Bose, Beats, Sennheiser, or Sony headphones because those have always sounded crisp and very clear to me. Although they are more the expensive side, it is will worth the value whereas these only led to disappointment. You do not know until you try though!

  213. Rated 5 out of 5


    For this price, and for the purpose intended, these earbuds are perfect for me. In short, I wanted something that worked for the gym: stays in my ear while I’m sweaty and jumping, makes a good seal to block out external sounds, and something with no wires to deal with while lifting weights. These do the job perfectly and for a great price. Outside the gym I always use wired earbuds. So this review is for one context. I would definitely buy these again if needed in the future.I won’t repeat much of what’s been said. I wanted to address a few concerns I had before buying these and one thing I read in some other reviews (wind noise).- Will that loop over the ear cause my ear to hurt? I had earbuds with that loop many years ago and they hurt my ears. No, the loop these do not cause pain. At all. Of course, your experience could differ based ear size.- That said, there is one part that can cause pain. Look at my included picture. For me, that part that sticks out right behind the earbud, circled in red, touches my ear. And if I wear these for a prolonged period while they are dry and tight I get a bit sore there. This has happened to me with many earbuds I’ve owned. Perhaps I’m sensitive or my ear size is troublesome. Overall I don’t care because I just wear them at the gym and there they don’t “stick” into my ear so tightly they cause pain. Read on…- Will they stay in my ear during a workout? Yes! Absolutely. Over many workouts that have included jumping jacks, burpees, sprints, and jump rope they have not fallen out once. Now, as you sweat, they will get a tiny bit loose. So you might find yourself repositioning a few times during a sweaty workout. But I had no other expectations for workout earbuds! If an earbud is so tight sweat doesn’t make it wiggle a little, then they would have to be too uncomfortable to wear. I think these are a solid middle-ground. If I don’t bother to repositithem, they do not wiggle so much they feel like they will fall out. I never worry about that. They still stay solid enough in my ear that the seal stays and music sounds good. Getting the right tip is important. I’m really just referring here to the way the body feels my ear, not how the tip stays in my ear.- As others have said, battery life, fit, and sound is awesome. Can’t add more.- Wind noise: Yes, if you run in these there will be wind noise. Sprints make noise like crazy. But this is basic physics. You shouldn’t have any other expectations for buds of this style. They stick out to the sides and are not at all aerodynamic. My friend with the Beats in this style says they do the same. In another review, a Ipudis rep states you should make sure they are sealed properly. I have been wearing in-ear monitors for 14 years. I know for certain I have mine sealed properly and am using the right tips. That will not help. Again, this is physics. Those boxes sticking out from your ears WILL make wind noise and that noise WILL transfer to your ears. This is unavoidable. If you are primarily running, these aren’t the buds for you. In my experience, low-profile, wired earbuds do great for running. Even if you get bluetooth for running, I can’t see why you would need this much grip. I have never once had earbuds fall out only due to running. I need something like this for active workouts in a gym. I’m not really sure there is a great single solutifor both. That type with the wing that goes in your ear might work for both, but I fear the wing will cause my ear to hurt.

  214. Rated 5 out of 5


    So far I am beyond pleased! Not only was the cost much better than other comparables the market my Ipudis Activbuds are exceptionally clear! I don’t know what I expected I guess because the cost was reasonable I just assumed they would work crappy. Honestly I could not believe how easy these were to install and how well and comfortably they fit around my ears, plus I love that these came with three separate sizes for the ear inserts, not to mentiall the little gadgets – like an additional charger for my iPod – fantastic! The truth is I usually don’t even like to give reviews unless a product is exceptional and thus far this one is so I will just say don’t bother wasting hundreds the larger name-brand competitors because Ipudis works perfectly!

  215. Rated 3 out of 5


    The Headphones are okay, but I did purchase them so I could use them for bicycle rides based the following product description: “Ipudis Bluetooth Headphones, Best Wireless Sports Earphones w/ Mic IPX7 Waterproof HD Stereo Sweatproof Earbuds for Gym Running Workout 8 Hour Battery Noise Cancelling Headsets” Now when you’re a bicycle, even if you’re riding as slow as someone would be at an average jogging pace, the noise is too distracting. So if you intend to do anything that’s not stationary EXCEPT walking, these aren’t for you. Otherwise, they’re priced really nicely, and work very well at my desk.

  216. Rated 5 out of 5


    My previous set up for running involved a wired Sennheiser sports headphone set that went behind my head with a cord that was just long enough to reach to my phone my left bicep. With the new bluetooth headphones that have come out, I wanted to see if I could find a solutithat would work with running.These had great reviews and were cheap, so I gave them a try. When I first tried them at my kitchen table, I thought they were a bit bulky and heavy. However, when I went out with them my first run, they were very comfortable and I quickly stopped noticing them my ears. The only thing that I really noticed was the cord lying the back of my neck.The controls are easy to use and reach, and the sound is good. Also hard to argue with the price!

  217. Rated 3 out of 5

    Bob, tech guy

    Sound quality, 3/5 – Doesn’t overdo fake bass, doesn’t rattle the ears. Obviously not for audiophiles but passable for someone who isn’t picky with their audio. Gets plenty loud, needed to turn down to about 40-45% of my Android’s max volume before it became too much.Battery: The battery life is short these earbuds, I would say about 3-4 hours with the volume pretty high. Between work and the gym, I was charging them every day.The rubber cord holding the two buds together is rubberized and I would prefer them not to be. If the rubber rests the bare skin of your neck and you aren’t profusely sweating, the band will stick to your skin and one of the buds will come loose if you turn your head. Very annoying.I left these charging a 1.2a car charger overnight and they melted, which also melted end of the charging cable. I used these for about a month and a half, probably about 30-35 1 hour+ listening sessions before this happened. If this was the fault of the cable or charger, the fuse would have likely popped in the cigarette lighter. Cannot recommend unless you can remember to yank the buds off the charger after an hour or so.

  218. Rated 5 out of 5


    Great fit. I run 3-5 miles a day and do interval training, and they never come loose. Bass is pretty good as well as loudness. Works great with my Samsung Edge. Also, the wire fits nicely around the neck or tucked into your shirt. The ear clip is a nice soft rubber that I barely feel.Not sweat-proof but may be sweat-resistant. Found a few times having to wipe the unit down in order to get even sound.There is no reasto spend a fortune for headphones for working out. They are sort of meant to be replaceable eventually anyway. If you’re in the studio mixing tracks, then, of course, yes this is going to matter, but in the gym or outside, I just want to hear my music loudly and with a broad frequency spectrum. This will do it.

  219. Rated 5 out of 5


    Ok so you can watch my review and see most of what i think of this. Well that was before i actually used it for a workout. Dang these are great. They are very comfortable with the soft buds that come w/. They hold in very well while lifting and they are comfortable enough that i actually forgot they were in. I would have not remembered they weren’t in if it was not for the ing sound these produce for the price. Now no these are not going to produce the sound quality of a Sure or Bose inear but they definitely beat the others for this price i have tried. The bass was clear and so was the treble. The only issue i have with them is the length of the cable. It is very long and did get in the way a tiny bit while doing certain lifts. Other then that these are awesome. They look great and feel and sound great. Definitely a great buy.

  220. Rated 3 out of 5

    scott alkema

    Sound was very good. My reductiin stars comes from fit and connectivity. It did not fit well to my or my wife’s ear. It’s front edge sits hard to your ear so that after a short time it becomes irritating and also makes it not hold well in the ear. As I would get active I would have to keep pressing it back in no matter which fitting I tried. also the connectito my phone had a lot of drops even with full charge. I saw a helpful review here that said how to reset it which I did and it did help with connection. The problem began to resurface again though.Follow up review I would say that it’s not been a very good product. Constant loss of Bluetooth connectiis irritating, resetting is not hard just frustrating to have to do all the time. Not for active users, more activity results in faster lost of connectiand fit.

  221. Rated 5 out of 5

    Forrest B

    These are a great set of budget earbuds. I can’t bring myself to spend too much an item that I am going to drench in sweat and just throw in my gym bag, but these exceeded expectations. The packaging is great, and they come with a 2 output car charger, a universal usb charging cable, and a carrying case. I have bought several pairs of skullcandy wireless earbuds that never seem to last, but these sound just as good and seem very durable. Can you find earbuds that sound better? Yes, but be prepared to spend an additional 100 dollars for only a marginal increase in sound quality. The bluetooth pairs quickly and maintains a strong connection. I would recommend these to anyone looking for an inexpensive set of earbuds.

  222. Rated 5 out of 5

    Rita Rita

    First of all let me say I paid $200 for wireless Beats by Dre. I’m a 100 mile a month runner and felt the headphones would be worth the high price. Not at all. They just kept dying. I sent them back 3 times before simply giving up. I read the ing reviews and decided to give Ipudis a try… Boy am I glad I did. I’m greatly impressed by the personal touch of customer service by the company. The headphones came quickly and I’ve been impressed every since. If you are looking for Bluetooth headphones you owe it to yourself to buy these headphones. Incredible value.

  223. Rated 4 out of 5


    I’ve enjoyed better sound acoustics with other corded earbuds, like Beats, but it is still very good, especially for wireless. The sound quality is better than some expensive earbuds I’ve tried and not too far below the better ones I’ve used. I waited a little bit to test durability and so far, it’s holding up well. The ear hooks are a little too floppy but having a hard hook would probably be uncomfortable. I’ve used it at the gym and so far, it’s kept up with me. You will get static if it is too far away from you. Despite, what it says in the informational booklet, you do not have 3 feet of coverage. I don’t believe it gives you the full 8 hours of playtime but I do fast forward and answer calls frequently so that may take up some life. I can go through the day without having to charge, which is about 3 hours of play time; however, I would not be able to go through 2 full days, maybe 1.5. It gives you some choices in size of silicone ear pieces, depending whether you want more bass. Only 3 choices, but that’s enough for me. I do highly recommend them, especially for the price. This is now my go to buds going forward. I find no need to go back to corded sets. If they last over a year, I will consider them fantastic as some of my expensive buys have not even lasted a full year.

  224. Rated 4 out of 5


    I was ed at how well they were packaged in how much came with the headphones themselves I’m quite pleased especially with the charging cord they could charge both I phones and android phones. It appears they went out of their way to make people happy with this product. I normally feel like breaking the headphones in with sound quality like using a white-noise for an hour but these were not necessary for that. That means the sound was perfect from the word go. The only downside I saw was the lack of flexibility with the piece that goes over your ear other than that they’re perfect.

  225. Rated 3 out of 5


    The sound is great and talking the phone is fantastic. The battery life is excellent and they charge very quickly. The reasfor two stars is the connectivity. It appears the Bluetooth Ipudisr is in the right earbud. It loses signal when my phone is in my left pocket. If my phone is in my right pocket, it will lose signal if I lay my hand my phone. If I am sitting and looking straight forward while my phone is in my left pocket it works fine, but if I look right I lose connection. This issue is a deal breaker. I plan checking them my wife’s phone before I return them. I also plan doing an exchange for a new pair (just in case this is a faulty pair) before outright going for a different set altogether.EDIT: I ordered a second pair to see if I just got a bad set. The mic is even worse the new ones. I have to completely disconnect to answer phone calls.EDIT #2: I ended up keeping them in spite of the mic not working and using them only for music during my workouts. They almost made it 1 year before the left side quit working. Moving to better products. Got some JBL’s from Walmart and they stay put much better and sound better.

  226. Rated 5 out of 5

    Alec Eisenbacher

    I researched every wireless headphones I could find and went with these. The sound quality is an improvement over my old headphone. My old headphones would lose bluetooth range and skip at the shortest distances. These Ipudis headphones have ing range. The buttons allowing you to change volume and track are really great while working out, your phone can stay in your pocket. One day they stopped turning on, I reached out to Invotek and got a response ingly fast. We tried troubleshooting but could not get them to power on. Invotek sent out a replacement pair that showed up 2 days later. The customer service alone will keep me recommending these to friends or strangers the internet.

  227. Rated 3 out of 5

    Brian Ogle

    I ordered these because of the high number of reviews. Everything was well packaged but the red foam ear plug was deformed from being compressed in the package. I couldn’t get the ear piece to fit correctly in my ear. The package does come with 3 sets of plastic adaptors but I prefer the foam for tight fit. They sound great and hopefully the mfg will send me out a new set of foam plugs.

  228. Rated 5 out of 5


    The problem I have with this earbud is the connectiwith a smartphone (iPhone 5s in my case). Seems the Bluetooth connectigets established between the earbud and the iPhone, but when I try to play a podcast the sound quite often comes out of the phone itself and not from the earbud. I have to reconnect the earbud with the phone a few times and eventually I get my podcasts played from the earbud. This is annoying as it is unpredictable. Seldom I get the earbud connected from the beginning, but most often I have to turn the earbud off/multiple times. I can’t figure out the rules of the game. Once the connectiis established I see no more problem. The earbud can play for hours (4-5 hours at least) a charge. But the connectiproblem drives me crazy and I think twice before using the earbud every time as I know I will have to wrestle with it.UpdateFollowing the advice from the customer support (reset the earbuds and reconnect to iPhone) totally fixed the issue described above. Now the earbuds are functioning exceptionally well, and I am very satisfied now. Five stars (for their customer support too)!

  229. Rated 4 out of 5


    I have had the ear buds for over a week and have exercised while wearing the earbuds several times. When I run they work ok except when my ears sweat then I have some issues with the earbuds staying in place. But this has only happen a couple times. The sound is pretty good. I have had connectiissues. For example today While wearing the earbuds at the gym it disconnected and reconnected to my phone several times. Not sure why being the photographer me was with in 2 feet of the earbuds. A little annoying loosing what I’m listening to for a second but also the earbuds tell you when you disconnect and reconnect. Other than that decent product.

  230. Rated 5 out of 5

    Steve Manke

    I’m impressed with the headphones. Apple’s earbuds never stay in my ears and other in-ear Bluetooth headphones are hit and miss. I have one ear most fit great. The other ear must be a little different shape—it never matters what adapter tip I use, I have trouble with in-ear headphones. These have the over-the-ear loop. The loops are comfortable because they’re flexible, but they keep the headphones right where they belong. A perfect win for me. I have about 6 hours logged the headphones so far, and they remain paired consistently without issue (better than others I’ve used in the past).I haven’t used them to make a call yet, but they are excellent for music and audiobooks.

  231. Rated 5 out of 5


    I have had these headphones for a couple of months now. Thus far I am very happy with my purchase. I love the when I get my products in a timely manner. So, I workout for hours at a time, 5-6 days a week. When I purchased these headphones, I was looking for something that was current with what I was seeing everyone around the gym wearing, something wireless (hate being teathered to my phone), and something that was waterproof (I sweat a lot), and something that would not break my pockets. I went to and compared a few headphones that I saw as top inexpensive products and at the end of the day I settled with the Ipudis headphones. I love that they have the 1 yr warranty just incase something becomes faulty with my headset. That’s one of the main reasons why I settled with this set. I loved the reviews I read, and that also sold me, and the price was great ($38).When I received the headset I was excited to see if the reviews I read was legit. I was actually very please to see that the reviews was point.Pros:1. Easy to pair with my phone and tablet.2. The sound was EBALLZ. I hated my iPhone headphones, they just weren’t loud enough when at the gym and I’m working out still hearing the gym’s music over the gyms intercom system. That was so annoying. So now with these headphones I can literally block out the music from the gym and only hear mine, and that’s without blowing my eardrums to hell.3. They stay put. I use to train with my iPhone headphones which I use to love at one point but got tired of having to adjust them back in my ear when I started to sweat real bad, and I hated being teathered to my phone. The cord would annoyingly hit my arm while I run which throws me mentally. All that to say this… with the Ipudis wireless headphones I don’t ever have to adjust my headphones because of the behind the ear hook. And the cord is completely out of my way. The cord does not beat against me when I run. I really forget that I have the headphones on.4. They last in the sauna. I like to treat myself to the sauna after a hard workout. I love to take my phone in the sauna and read, play games etc… I usually am still listening to my headphones when I’m in the sauna. I don’t see any difference in sound quality, and its still working strong. (Yet I have never had a problem with any pair of headphones in a dry sauna). I usually stay in a sauna for up to 40 minutes.5. Love the carrying case for the headphones. Compact and durable.Cons:1. Battery life is ok. I say that it’s ok because I would have to charge my battery after one of my workouts. I could be at the gym for up to 3 hours. With this battery I would not be able to go back to the gym the very next day and complete a new workout without it going dead. I do like that it gives you enough warnings that the battery is about to die. It only died my once but it only takes me one time to learn a lesson, so I always charge it before I go back to the gym.2. Slightly bulky- this is a very small con. I guess compared to the beats, the Ipudis has a slight built to the earpiece. This is nothing that was a deal breaker at all, just an observation. When I have them at the gym they look like everybody else’s headsets, and often mistaken for beats.Overall, I would say that I am very happy with my purchase and would recommend this product to anyone looking for a great wireless headset that won’t break your pockets.

  232. Rated 4 out of 5


    Great Sounding headphones. They feel fine when wearing and come with a hard case and dual car charger.I wore them all day today working in the yard and They tend to move around and my ears were hurting toward the end of the day. But I ware my headphones all day most days so I feel that I will get used to them. I seem to have headphones hurt my ears often so I’m not knocking a star for this.I have many pares and the current other pairs Im wearing are the plantations which cost $110 dollars and they hurt my ears also. The only ones that don’t hurt are my LG HBS 900 which are about ready to die.All in All love the sound and will be using these for all day use except for working in the yard.

  233. Rated 4 out of 5


    Ummm, yeah….. so are these supposed to do something? Just got them today. Had them the charger for several hours. No visible charging light. Tried different cords, different charge plugs. Nothing. Wouldn’t turn on, does nothing. Not a good first impression. Am I missing something?UPDATEDCustomer service was excellent. Quickly replaced my defective headphones with new ones. They sound great, deep bass, comfortable with no connectiissues with Bluetooth. I wear them working out, no issues with sweat as of yet.

  234. Rated 5 out of 5


    I know nothing about buying headphones but wanted them for my iPhone 7. I bought these based the reviews I read and my needs. I like they go around your ears and you don’t have to worry about them falling out when you’re running. The wire behind your head is so unnoticeable. It doesn’t even bother me. I don’t know it’s there. The buttons the head piece are easy to access and press. They give you a lot with this product as well. I was surprised to see a three feet dual port charging cable inside the package too. That was a nice little surprise. If you want quality headphones with awesome sound then these are them! I’m so impressed by the sound quality. I thought I would have to have it up to the highest decimal like my old headphones the whole time. Not these. I have them half that. I love them! I bought the grey and black ones and think they look sharp. I didn’t want the red or blue ones sticking out and being so noticeable. I had no problem with pairing them either. Got it the first try. Was simple. No code necessary. It also comes with an awesome zip up case for them too which is a nice bonus. You really get your money’s worth.

  235. Rated 3 out of 5


    My only gripe with this is the sound. While a lot of people would agree that this sounds nice, I think the bass is obnoxiously at the front of things with these earbuds.I get that a lot of people enjoy that but I think many elements of the sound spectrum are clouded due to the very exaggerated bass sound of these earbuds.Otherwise, I wouldn’t have any complaints. I like a balanced sounding headphone that slightly favors the bass rather than exaggerates it to the front of the music. Definitely some of the most bass heavy earbuds I have tried and for that, I am not a fan.

  236. Rated 5 out of 5

    Frank Robles

    As an old man (60 yrs of age); I’m still old school and I’m slowly getting into the 20th century. Two years ago my srecommended I get a Smart Phone and in some way my world expanded. However I still used a MP3 player for my music and was reluctant to use my S5. Well I finally caved in but wanted to get wireless bluetooth headphones. Well my snaturally sync the both devices. I listed to my music the S5 and it was GREAT! Answering calls was very easy. Purchasing these Ipudis Bluetooth Headphones was well worth the money. Outstanding Product!

  237. Rated 2 out of 5

    R Laroya

    2 problems with these headphones. 1. The blutooth is very weak. If you are indoors at a gym, then they are fine. If you go outside, then something interferes with the signal, and the sound gets real choppy. 2. If you are outside and the wind blows, you get a lot of wind noise coming through the headphones. I have a different set of blutooth headphones, and those don’t do that. In addition, my other set has no problem with interference outdoors. If you are only going to use these inside, they are OK. If you are walking from your car to the gym, then the sound will break up.

  238. Rated 4 out of 5


    These wireless Bluetooth headphones are an incredible value and exceeded what I was expecting at this price point. The headphones are well made and designed and the instructions and packaging are helpful and exceeding what many companies provide. They paired easily and quickly with my Samsung S7. I bought them specifically for wearing while mowing my lawn and they passed with flying colors. The only negative comment I would make is the sound is a bit tinny when playing music, but I have not tried them yet with a podcast. Even with that, I would highly recommend this product. These headphones have eliminated the hassle of running a cord to my phone that is necessary with my prior headphones that constantly would get tangled up with the lawnmower, bushes, etc.

  239. Rated 4 out of 5

    Adriana Gutierrez

    This is my second pair of bluetooth headphones. I wish I could remember what my first pair was, but I bought them Groupafter reading a blog that they were “the best” running headphones. They were $70, the sound was okay, and the buds fell out of my ear always. Luckily they have been stolen abroad and this time around I was more hesitant to shell out more than $50 for a pair of headphones.These are 100x better than my old ones. They stay in my ear the entire time I run the treadmill. The sound is ing in my opinion. It’s clear and loud and if you like music with bass, the bass is strong with these headphones.The only things I DON’T like is that the buttons to switch to the next track is in an awkward position(top one of the buds). I wish it had buttons the side of the cable.

  240. Rated 3 out of 5

    David LaVerne Williams

    Using the Ipudis, I am able to hear clearly and the audio is decent.The buds remain in my ears for the most part. I did not like the feel of the cord hanging my neck and the cord would also get in the way of my glasses at times, because I would hang my glasses the front collar of my shirt at times. Other downsides are that those I called complained of hearing an echo whenever they would speak to me. I had the LG-750 and the charge lasted me at least two days, but the Ipudis battery, fully charged, barely lasted a day. I would not purchase Ipudis Bluetooth Headphones again; at least not this type. I am not altogether upset with the product, because I took a risk by trying something different.

  241. Rated 4 out of 5


    Hi everyone.. just received my Ipudis blutooth headset. I was so excited to get my first blutooth earphones.. packaging was good which dont have any damaged items.So far i tested every functionality of this product and everything works fine. For the cost of 37 bucks i never imagined that we get this ing headset. No pairing issues, easily paired with my phone. It already came with full charge.Blutooth range is around 20 to 30ft, after that you can here some descripency in the audio, which can be ignored.Pros:Cost wise this headset is an excellent choice. Better than other popular brands in the current market. I am sure that you dont get disappointed.Cons:Previous track was not working properly, which can be negligible.This is my first review. I wil post my full review after using at my workout.

  242. Rated 4 out of 5


    OK – maybe I should have rated 5 stars because my challenges in becoming acquainted with the SENSE Headphones may be my limited use of compact Bluetooth products. Pairing them to my phone was instantaneous … Yaaa But getting used to the on/off; pause; accept call/reject call; or even knowing if the headset is or off created a few headaches. The headphones sound great; work fine; and are comfortable, but I needed to ask a more youthful co-worker for guidance operating them -If you are not electronically/digitally challenged like myself … buy them.

  243. Rated 3 out of 5


    I typically avoid earbuds because they never stay in my ears. I was interested in these due to the earpieces. When I use the smallest earbuds, it fits perfectly in my left ear. However, my right ear canal is apparently smaller than my left ear as even the smallest size barely fits. But, they haven’t fallen out/off yet which is more than I have been able to say for any other earbud I’ve tried.The sound quality is about what I expected, given the price – if you aren’t paying top dollar for bluetooth headphones, don’t expect ing sound quality. They aren’t exactly noise cancelling, but that is perfectly fine with me. I wore them when I went for a walk and I could still hear cars and the like – which is actually a very good thing. But quieter noises (like other people talking) were inaudible until I took one of the earbuds out.The one downside I’ve noticed so far is that the bluetooth signal is a bit weak. I habitually wear my purse my left side. However, the receiver for the headphones is in the right earpiece. The bluetooth signal kept cutting out intermittently until I moved my purse to my right side. I’ve had bluetooth headsets before and they’ve never had this problem, albeit they weren’t earbud-style. Perhaps it’s just a limitatiof the size of the receiver, but it makes it very awkward for people like me who keep their phones their left side out of habit/comfort.Edit: I went for a short bike ride with it some local trails – there was so much wind noise that I could barely hear my music. I’ve had similar problems very windy days (I live in a part of the country where high winds are fairly normal). If you’re only planning to use it indoors, such as in a gym, it’s a great headset. But otherwise? Not that great. I am returning it as it doesn’t fit my needs.

  244. Rated 5 out of 5


    I previously purchased these same headphones for my daughter a few months ago and when I listened through them, I was ed at the great sound quality; so, I promised myself that Ipudis would be my next purchase. Well I fulfilled my promise, to myself and received my earbuds a couples of days ago…only used them 1x and yep, the sound’s great. What I’m also impressed with, is their great packaging. The Ipudis box, the case for the headphones…they even added a 30in usb cord for an Apple device AND a car charger too! I don’t have an Apple phone, but can lend it when needed. And yes, it does come with the usb for android. Oh and not to mention, it comes with a 1year warranty as well.So far,👍👍👍👍👍😊

  245. Rated 5 out of 5


    Granted, I just purchased this and set them up today but they compare favorably to the Beats that just broke after a year and a half. About 70% less than my original Beats. Not quite as clear the bottom as the Beats, but I’m using them for the gym, so who cares? The telling thing will be if they have interference from all the machines at the gym. I would expect not as they are the latest Bluetooth technology. They are lighter than the Beats so I expect to have less falling out of my ear issues. Fit the ears great.UPDATE: June 12, 2017. Absolutely no interference in the gym from any equipment. Stayed in place in my ears for an hour and a half workout elliptical and bike.

  246. Rated 3 out of 5

    Robert Hostetter

    If I put the earloop over my ear, the earbud part doesn’t fit into my ear canal and rests outside of it. I’m using the smallest tips, but it seems the angle of the hook relative to the angle of the earbud portiare not correct for my ear. If the hook could be positioned in different positions I could probably make them work, but since the point of these is the earhook I’m only giving these 3 stars. The earhook holds them in place, but the sound isolatiis poor due to them not going into my ear.

  247. Rated 5 out of 5


    No way I was spending over $60 headphones, but all the 10 Best Headphones lists had headphones with jaw-dropping prices. So glad I got these. Fantastic fit (multiple ear bud sizes provided); rich, clear sound without the annoying bass boost intended for twenty-somethings who want to go deaf; multiple charging devices (dual port car charger, lightening port, and direct charge USB cable); firm protective carrying case; and it pairs with the Apple Watch instantly. I can’t believe I can go running with just my Apple Watch Series 2 and these…without my phone! I feel like I have a stereo system in my ears even with the volume low. If you’ve been hunting for a great pair of headphones, look no further.

  248. Rated 5 out of 5

    T. Case

    At the $36.97 price point these are unbeatable. I use them at the gym, running outdoors, mowing the lawn, and around the house.Pros-Price-Fit my ears perfectly out of the box (other earpiece sizes are also included) and, most importantly, don’t fall out when I run-No BT connectiissues so far. I mostly use them with my phone in an armband (about 12″ away) or in my pocket (about 3′ away).-Clear, full sound. I listen to rock, punk, country, hip-hop, podcasts, etc, everything sounds great.-Battery life is great. I use them about an hour a day and charge them every couple of days just to be safe.-The big, easily accessible pause buttthe right earpiece is very handy.Cons-Just one: The cord that connects the two earpieces will twist itself into knots behind your head if you don’t smooth out all the kinks before putting them on. As long as you take a second to make sure the cord isn’t twisted first, you’ll forget it’s there. If you don’t, it will eventually bunch up behind one of your ears and become very irritating.HIGHLY recommended if you are in the market for inexpensive BT earphones to throw in your backpack, gym bag, etc.

  249. Rated 4 out of 5

    Sarah Lewis

    I’ve had these headphones for a few weeks now and use them with an iPhone 6. I use them for running, walking, and wearing around the house doing chores to listen to music or audio books. No issues with rubbing or falling out while running. Overall they’re a good design and I’d buy them again, although I do have a few complaints. One the lowest setting the volume is still louder than I’d prefer when I’m resting and there’s no background noise. Two, the mid-range and high end range of sound is a little murky, I’m not too picky sound quality, but if you’re an audiophile this will bother you.

  250. Rated 5 out of 5


    I walk about 10 mile a day. I also have to be able to take calls at all times. I’ve tried several options, ie bluetooth in ear for phones (I care TWO) and body speaker for tunes, and it was just frustrating as well as not functional quality for either. These allow me to listen to my music IN stereo without broadcasting to the whole world and they connect to my active phone at the same time. They allow enough external sound to reach my ears with volume turned down to reasonable, which we all should do anyway to prevent hearing damage, so as to be safe to use in traffic. The automatic shift to phone is a big plus over messing with a second device as well.

  251. Rated 5 out of 5

    Eileen D. Copeland

    I have bad hearing in one ear so all the reviews that said the sound quality was excellent didn’t really phase me. I do like good bass and the fact that it is waterproof, so I bought them. As soas I listened to music these, I was blown away by the quality of the sound. I was really impressed by the fullness and richness of the music. I found them very comfortable once I switched out the earbuds to the foam orange ones. Time will tell how they perform with sweat and activity, but I feel sure I will still love them. I like the positioning of the control buttons. The only thing I worry about is wearing them in bed and inadvertently powering them off. Oh well, we’ll see. Highly recommend!!

  252. Rated 4 out of 5


    I like everything about the headphones except the EQ of them. They have too much low end and not enough mids and highs. In order to get the mids and highs up where they need to be you have to turn the volume up and then the mix is too loud and the bass is distorting. There needs to be a way you can change the EQ and then I would give it a five star. I’m a musician and a sound guy so this really sticks out and bothers me. The way the headphones feel my ears is perfect. Once they are you can’t hardly tell they are there. Connecting to the headphones was no problem. My iPhone 7 plus connected to them right away. As far as the user controls the right headphone, they are pretty good. The big buttthe side turns them on/off and answers/hangs up calls nicely. The volume/track buttons top are crisp and also work like a champ. The volume these headphones can reach is definitely way more than anybody needs. But if your listening to metal or hard rock the bass is so high that the mix sounds really muddy and distorting. I realize these are only $36 so I really can’t complain to much about the sound. For how much they cost you can’t beat them. But if your going for sound quality, you get what you pay for.

  253. Rated 2 out of 5

    Matthew Dharm

    Honestly, I was disappointed (and I started with reasonably low expectations, I thought). The over-the-ear hook is simply too soft and flexible to offer much in the way of stabilization. But the major problem I had was the poor BT performance; if I was wearing the headphones and then put my phone in my front-left pants pocket, the audio started to break up. Taking the phone out of my left pocket, or putting the phone in my right pocket, and the audio cleared up. Just holding the phone against my body the left side was enough to cause problems.When the BT signal was clear, the audio performance was fine. Nothing to complain about, and nothing to “write home” about. Microphone performance was acceptable.Battery life was also poor. After charging for 2 hours (seemed to be a full charge, based the LED), I got approx 90 min of phone call and 30-45 min of listening to audio before it gave me the low-battery warning. When the low-battery warning started, it was still reporting 30% charge. It shut-off shortly thereafter.Honestly, I’m not returning them because, for the money, I’ll keep them as a “backup set” and also use the car charger and combined microUSB / lightning cable. I’m just going to order a different set and try those.

  254. Rated 4 out of 5

    John H Rudick

    It took a while to get used to these headphones but I really do like them now. When I first started wearing them, they didn’t seem to fit tight enough into my ear. They seemed to flop around and always came out despite the ear hook. I played around with them and finally found a way to get them in and have them stay. (Kind of “screwed them in” helped) Now I put them and wear them while working the pool and haven’t drop them in ONCE!!! I can put them and they pretty much cut out all sound around me. I put a pair of ear protectors over them for mowing and they work great. The battery lasts at least 4-5 hours of continual use out of a charge and they recharge up pretty quickly. They may last longer but I don’t let them totally discharge. You do get a verbal warning when the battery strength is too low-scared the hell out of me when it first happened. I’m satisfied with this purchase and would buy these again

  255. Rated 2 out of 5


    At first this looked like a great purchase. But after just a few weeks the buds started announcing (battery low) at 30% and won’t shut up. It jumps from 50% to 30% in less than 30 minutes. It’s a bummer that the battery life is so bad but it’s even worse when you’re listening to music and the “battery low” announcement doesn’t stop and keeps interrupting.

  256. Rated 5 out of 5


    My Ipudis Bluetooth headphones arrived when scheduled and packed very nicely. After reading the instructions, I charged them and paired with my phone. Everything went just as explained. I was surprised at the sound and product quality. The only problem I had was turning them off and going to bed.If you’re looking around for wireless ear buds keep in mind that these come with everything you need and then some. I noticed that similar products didn’t include the case, charger and spare ear pieces. purchasing all the extras separately would make the others much more expensive.The company emailed me to check my satisfaction. I was very impressed with their customer service. I would not hesitate to recommend them to everyone. I’m looking forward to using them often.

  257. Rated 5 out of 5

    M. Dean

    These are really great headphones. The sound quality these rates up there with over the ear headphones and goes way beyond what I’m used to for earbuds. The microphone works okay. I called a couple of people I know specifically to ask them how well it worked. They said it’s a bit the quiet side and needed to turn up there volume. However, the sound quality was clear. I’m still not clear how they do this with no microphone hanging off of it.The noise cancelling seems to work pretty good. I was able to transitifrom a quiet shop (no equipment running) to a noisy shop (46″ wood lathe and Craftsman shop vac running) and only had to turn up the volume “two clicks”.The comfort of these are top notch. Every earbud I’ve worn in the past after about two hours I’m shifting them around because my ear canal is starting to hurt. I wore these in the shop last night for about three hours with no discomfort. It’s also great having the controls the headphone. When my wife comes into the shop I no longer need to pull the phone out of my pocket and fumble with the controls so I can hear what she is saying; I just click the side buttand the music is paused.I’ll be honest; when I first ordered these I was concerned about the quality based the cost (you typically get what you pay for), but these buds punch way above their weight class. I have already recommended these to two of my coworkers and one of them just purchased a set. If you need a set of earbuds, get these; you won’t be disappointed!

  258. Rated 5 out of 5

    T. Baxter

    I am so pleased with these headphones. So far of all the not so expensive bluetooth headphones I have tried, these have lasted the longest and worked the best, i use them everyday. They also stay charged longer, about 8 hours where my others were only 4 hours. I like being able to pair them with 2 devices which makes switching from one to the other easier. They do not fall out easily and fit comfortable in my small ears. I also must mentithe awesome customer service I received when I had an issue with my headphones. Doing a factory reset takes care of most problems but if it doesn’t just drop them an e-mail and they will respond quickly. So nice to find a company that treats their customers so well.

  259. Rated 5 out of 5


    Sound quality is good. Much better than what I expected for $35. Pairing happened right away. Not sure the range but i keep my phone in my pocket or hand and they never cut out. They come with multiple ear adapter piece things(not sure what the term is :p). I had issues while jogging with them at first as they would fall out constantly. They come with a red ear plug feeling adapter that worked great for running once I used those. 6 miles and they didn’t even budge. Those ones cancel outside noise really well so make sure to pay attentito your surroundings with those in. Headphones didn’t feel uncomfortable at all after wearing them for a couple hours straight. The headphones themselves have a volume control as well as taking your devices set volume into account so they can get ridiculously loud. Definitely would recommend as a nice budget headphone.

  260. Rated 5 out of 5


    For a pair of sub $40 bluetooth headphones I was really impressed. The box contained a tof accessories from a car charger, two charging cables (longer one with an apple and micro USB cord) and a short usb –> micro usb cable, and various ear buds.The sound the bluetooth headset is clear and louder than a bose pair of $150 soundsports I have. They stay and in my ear during my morning run, as long as the waterproof technology is good and it doesn’t short out my headset (like the Bose product I was replacing) they’ll be all good. The over the ear clips are soft and flexible, which I couldn’t tell from the product description, very happy they aren’t firmer plastic, they are very comfortable the ear during a run.

  261. Rated 5 out of 5

    George Johnson

    This Bluetooth came to me well package and i finally got it to pair. I really had a time trying to pair it with my iPhone. I was going to send it back and purchase another brand. But i went to you-tube and i saw what i need to do. I was trying to pairing it from the charger and that really didn’t work at all. So i learn never pair a Bluetooth while charging it up. Thanks for such a wonderful product. So if you have another Bluetooth that is made more for a truck driver, please send me informatiit. I would like to see one that i can use with out putting plugs in my ear..okThanks again it does work rather well..

  262. Rated 5 out of 5


    This Ipudis Bluetooth Headphones are great. It only took seconds to connect to my IPhone 6 and the sound quality is great. I use it while weight training and running. It doesn’t need constant adjust while exercising. The ear buds stay put thanks the ear piece and the hook that goes behind your ears. It took a little getting use to the controls being up the ear piece instead of the cord, but I set my volume and music playlist before I begin my workout. It also includes two small wire ties you can install the cord to secure it under your chin or behind your neck. The car charger is convenient just in case I forget to charge the headphones over night and it has two USB so you can charge your phone at the same time. I’ve only had this headphone for about a week so if anything changes I’ll update my review.

  263. Rated 4 out of 5

    Donna Whitney

    Not sure how they could sell these for $170.00 but at the current($37) price point they’re a great deal! First, the audio is pretty good, the sound is nice and clear also they can get quite loud if you need them to, the bass is fairly decent. The range is also a plus from my old ones I can leave my phone one side of the gym and they still come in. (decent size gym) the case that they come in is a wonderful added bonus and the looks of the headset and the functiare nice. So now the flaws first which I am most disappointed in and I took a star from it is the rubber things that go around your ears they hardly help, I wish they were a little stiffer they’re soft and doesn’t feel like they help all that much keeping them there. I mean the other side they aren’t hurting your ears if you have em in your ears for long periods of time which I don’t really. But they don’t slip out that easily they do feel slightly lose tho maybe just cause of my ears and other people might not have this problem but I seem to. I can’t questithe durability of these since I just got them but they do seem like they’ll last unless the have some hardware problems down the road which I’ll update if so. So yeah overall no regrets getting these and what everyone has been saying is pretty much par.

  264. Rated 5 out of 5

    Roy L. Bonario Jr

    Searching for a pair of Bluetooth Headphones is not easy as there seems to be endless choices. I wanted a pair that sounded great, with good bass. I scrolled and read reviews until my brain hurt. I’m also not a fan of ear clips because they start hurting my ears after awhile. But after I saw the video review and saw that the ear clips were soft and flexible, I decided to try them out. They did not disappoint, the first thing I did was sync them to my phone and picked a song. The sound was fantastic, and the fit was extremely comfortable, I could barley notice that I was wearing them. I’m sure that the Bose or Beats might sound better, but I couldn’t imagine them being 100.00-150.00 better. I am real picky when it comes to sound quality, and these will do the job. You can’t beat the 36.00 price. The battery life says 8 hours. Plus it comes with several extras, a really nice zippered case, extra ear pieces in different sizes, a 2-1 USB charging chord that fits Apple and Android devices, and a car charger with two USB adapter plugs. No need to read anymore reviews as this is the one you should buy. I liked these so much that the next day I bought 2 more pairs for my wife and daughter. Can’t beat this Quality for the price

  265. Rated 5 out of 5

    Anthony A.

    Right when I opened the brown box and saw the packaging I new these were going to be a quality set of earphones. Opening up the sturdy packaging presents you with yet another well designed carrying case that contains the earphones and all of the extra bits for swapping the ear tips and cable management. To top it all off, they’ve included what seems to be a really quality cable that can be switched between micro USB and thunderbolt for Android or iPhone users.Now to the quality of the headphones themselves: the constructiis very nice. I wasn’t sure of the ear loops (?) because they looked a bit floppy at first look but they perform their functivery well while maintaining comfort. The buttoperatiis very straightforward and easy once you go through the initial reading for it. And finally, the sound quality is pretty ing. The bass can seem a tiny bit muddy at times but at this price point the sound could be considered excellent. My girlfriend has the Jaybird Bluetooth headphones which are much more expensive and there really isn’t much of a difference in the sound quality. The buttoperatiis also better these Ipudis phones, in my opinion.

  266. Rated 5 out of 5

    Scott Ernie

    I have a 2 to 3 hour commute to and from work every day. I walk to a commuter train station, board a train to NYC, then take a subway. I listen to podcasts and music while trapped in these cans of people. These headphones are ing. I would routinely go through 3 to 4 wired headphones a year. The Achilles heel was always the wire failing. These have less wire to tangle and thus less opportunity to bend and break over time. I have had these for 3 months now without any problems. my iPhone I can even see battery level, which is helpful. There’s a learning curve though, you need to shut them off when not using. I do work out at the gym, hike and sweat like a pig anyway. Sweat and rain have had no major problems. Buy them, best money you will spend.

  267. Rated 5 out of 5

    Joe Homeowner

    I just received these two days ago so I haven’t used them too much. But, I did pair them up right away and had no problem. Also, in the short time I’ve used them I really like them. Here’s why:1. They fit well. Sometimes earbuds don’t fit well or feel right. When I put these in and wrap the things around my ear they feel secure. They come with small, medium and large ear fittings to fit your ear.2. I like the controls the earbuds. They have a buttto turn them and off – which also is used to pair up the earbuds and to answer the phone if it rings. Also has two buttons to adjust volume if you need to.3. They sound really good. I’ve had earbuds before that just sound awful – but these have good highs and lows and sound great with my music.I’ve only had them two days so not a lot of use yet but from what I’ve seen so far I’m impressed.

  268. Rated 5 out of 5

    Jose Solano

    Excellent first impression. Over many years, since the Walkman I run with music a daily basis. That means many hours a year… over the years I have used many brands and types of earphones… I keep searching for one that lasts at least a year… I have high hopes for this one. I just got them today and everything looks and sounds good. We will see how it evolves as the miles unfold.First month and everything working perfectly, great battery duratiand the best part is that you get a verbal notificatithat the battery is running low as oppose to other brands that just simply die the middle of a run. So far so good but we still have 11 months to go…Review update… after having a 5 star I will have to dowgrade it to 1… today 8.5.17 I am not able to turn the headphones, there is no red light when plugged to the electrical outlet in simple words: dead headphones. Almost 5 months of enjoying an excellent product, too bad is not made to last even 6 months…I was feeling pretty frustated and decided to contact Customer Service to have my headphones replaced since there is a 1 year warranty. I understand that a productiline is not able to produce 100% quality products, and I will hope that my first headphones simply went the wrong side of the statics. CS were not able to replace them in the first place due to their third pary replacement policy. CS suggested me to contact Ipudis directly and they unfortunatelly gave me the wrong information. I went direclty to the Ipudis website and filed the claim. came back to me and offered me a solution, they issued a refund and suggested me to buy the headphones back so they could ship it ASAP and assume the shipping expenses. I proceeded and meanwhile Ipudis also answered my claim, they noticed the refund and my new purchase of the new set, they appologize for the inconvenience and issued a 10% discount the replacement purchase.Overall I want to make clear that as a customer I fill backed up by both companies, there is no more you can ask for. Rate is up to 5 stars again!I am now a happy camper, running again with the Ipudis headphones, which by the way have improved with a new earbud design! Will hear from me as time advances.

  269. Rated 5 out of 5


    My review March 21: Ipudisr headphones deliver clear sound and are easy to use. They are more than adequate for receiving and making phone calls. I rate them a three because at their lowest setting the volume is way too loud. I’ve adjusted my Samsung 7Edge volume and tuning and it is still way too loud. UPDATE: Ipudis Customer Service reached out to me and provided assistance to reset my headset. The volume issue is resolved. I am impressed with the quality, affordability of the headset and the excellent customer service.

  270. Rated 5 out of 5

    AarL. Brooks

    I’ve got original Beats solos. These beat the Beats with a bass beat that kills. No, Im not paid to five this review. Got them with apeed. Packaging is premium. The earbuds themselves have a weight sturdiness to them that says quality. My little nephew has powerbeats. These beat those beats in power. Crisp connection, steady feel the ears. We’ll see how they handle sweat over the long run as I typically do to 5k’s a week. Let’s see what happens. Ilove the charge cable, and they provide a car charger with dual usb ports. They have their own zip case. I’m ordering my wofe and my daughter their own pair. These babies rock. I find no fault yet.

  271. Rated 4 out of 5


    Since the new iPhone does not have an audio jack, I wanted to be able to charge my phone and listen to music at the same time. My commutes are very long, which means there are high chances not having enough battery and also, needing to listen to music. I couldn’t give up either! So I figured buying wireless headphones was the next best thing!$: Great price!! I wanted to try such headphones before committing to expensive ones. I think these are a great alternative to buying the expensive wireless headsets.Usage: Used them in a half marathand it was great until my ears were sweating and they kept falling out / I used them when I lift as well and they slip out when I bend over to do deadlifts and such (maybe it’s my ears?)Sound: Quality is good, not greatMisc: The wire tie came off the first time and I lost it. The company was so nice in mailing me a new one. Thanks Invotek!Overall, 5-stars for the product and promptness of company fulfilling my needs and ended up keeping these after all =)::UPDATE::My headphones stopped working after 5-months. I’m pretty bummed because I resorted to the headphones that the iPhone came with =( I can’t find contact info to contact about the issue since it comes with a one year warranty. Very disappointed!

  272. Rated 5 out of 5

    Kathryn P.

    Let me start by saying that I am a Crossfitter and an obstacle course racer. I have had many pairs of headphones that I have blown through because of sweat and maximum use.I have been searching for a pair of wireless headphones that were easy the bank account but had great sound and were sweat/waterproof. I stumbled upthese and after reading the reviews, decided to give them a shot.I will say I was a little worried when I got them out of the box because they were a bit bulky and the piece that goes around the ear is very flimsy. However, the additional items you get are awesome!I wore them to Crossfit and we had a pretty intense workout (running, tire flipping, kettle bell carries, mountain climbers, tire jumps and sandbag work). Not once did they come out, feel uncomfortable or bother me.Even more so, the sound is incredible! The noise cancellatiis so good that even with music off, I could barely hear my coach. The bass is deep, treble is loud. I would compare the sound quality with that of the Beats.The change song, volume, pause and other options the headphones were surprisingly easy. The only thing that I would say is a bit of a downer is the controls are the earbud portiand not the cord so it is a little harder to use vs having them the cord.Overall, these are a steal for the price. I look forward to wearing them in my races and hope that they will last!

  273. Rated 5 out of 5

    Mike Matulis

    These are my first bluetooth headphones and they are great. I did a 9 mile run with them last Saturday. Did not miss a beat. The sound quality is great. The functionality of the controls is easy to learn and use. They are very comfortable. I ran with them under a stocking cap in 20 degree temps this past weekend and other than the great sound, I forgot they were there, These were well worth the money.UPDATE — After several months of running with and loving these headphones, I recently began having connectivity problems. I emailed the customer service department a Friday night and almost immediately got a response. That in itself was ing. The tech did her best to rectify the situatiwith a factory reset of the headphones, but it still did not fix the problem. She assured me that they were still under warranty, and a couple days later, I received a brand new pair from the company. Excellent support and Service. Maybe the best I have literally ever received.

  274. Rated 5 out of 5

    Zachary F.

    So, taking into account the fact that they’re ~$36, I’m giving them 5 stars.These headphones are interesting. I’ve never had around the ear earbuds like these before, though I’ve had around the ear headphones. I should also say I haven’t had any other pair of sports headphones around this price range, so I can only attest to what I have. I own a pair of Skullcandy Method wireless sport earbuds, so that’s what I have to compare with these Ipudis’s.When I got them, I was really worried about the hooks. They are REALLY flimsy. They have no backing, and they feel like they weren’t going to be functional. I actually almost returned them the spot because of this. HOWEVER, I decided to give them a go, and worked out with the set. They didn’t fall out when I ran, or when I was lifting weights, or doing ab work outs. I was a bit surprised, so I’ve decided to keep them.My only other complaint with the headphones was the quality of the sound. Granted, I own a pair of $200 headphones, as well as $120 pair, and the skullcandy set. The skullcandy’s were crisp and clear with the mids and highs, and had an okay synthetic bass. The Ipudiss seem to have traded the crispness of the mids and highs for some bass. I was really happy listening to EDM and anything with a good bass kick as the centerpiece. However,vocals, midrange, and high range left me a little disappointed. Again, I have mildly expensive music tastes (never owned beats though, hell no).The reasI gave 5 stars, and why I’m not really using the skullcandy’s, was because the skullcandy’s fall off my neck every time I laid down; these didn’t slip at all. Also, Skullcandy’s are about $15 more expensive. So for the price, you’re getting something thats pretty decent. I’d like to give 4.5 stars, but that’s not really an option. If they somehow cleaned up the sound and made the bands a bit more stiff, I’d be %100 behind the brand.

  275. Rated 5 out of 5

    Island Gal

    It is hard to believe this great deal until you receive it. It is a great bluetooth for the price and it comes with a lot of great accessories. I was going to buy Beats headphone but I did some research and thought it would be waaaay cheaper to buy this and the Sony Headphone Model #MDRXB450AP than buying one very expensive Beats Headphone. So I did that and I am very satisfied with my purchases. I now use this great Ipudis Bluetooth Headphones and when it needs to get recharge I use my Sony Headphone. Both great prices and works great. You will not be disappointed if you go with this one. Works just like the expensive headphones and it comes with warranty!7/7/2017 Review: My headphone stopped working yesterday unfortunately and it’s probably the result of using it all day everyday. The best thing is I called their customer service and they were very helpful and very willing to send me a replacement because of the one year warranty. Thank you for making great products and for your exceptional customer service!

  276. Rated 5 out of 5


    I love these! The sound quality is very good and the range is better than I expected – I stayed connected down a flight of stairs. Have only had these less than a week, so can’t speak to their durability, but so far, so good. I would recommend them.I posted this review back in February, and unfortunately, one side glitched out about a week ago. Knowing they had a 1 year warranty, I contacted Invotek by email, explained the problem, and they sent out a new pair right away. Got them today, just 4 days later. I hope these last more than 5 months, but I feel certain their great customer service will take care of any problems I have.any in the future.

  277. Rated 5 out of 5

    Terry Straehley

    I purchased these so I could listen to classical music at the gym. So far I’ve just used them at home; the gym test comes tomorrow AM. So far they pair well with my iPhone and the audio quality is the same as or better than the hardwire headphones. I have one suggestion. The R and L indications are so small that many may miss them. I would suggest taking a clue from the hearing aid manufacturers and coloring the right earpiece red and the left one blue (like the political parties).(added). After a week, I really like the headphones. There is a problem at the gym in that their wi-fi cuts in and out so I don’t get the music streaming that I want. I now use them at home to watch TV.After using them for a few months, the on/off switch broke. Not having read the warranty, I purchased a new pair. I read the warranty that came with the new pair and contacted the vendor. After asking me to perform a quick test (which failed) they sent me a new pair of headphones. The customer service is terrific

  278. Rated 4 out of 5

    Emmanuel McDonald

    I love the sound of the headphones, but for some reaswith my iPhone 6S Plus & iPad 9.7 Pro there appears to be static or connectiproblems when I’m talking the phone or when listening to audio. There are multiple pauses or gaps in audio and I do not understand why. When the sound plays, I love the audio quality but the multiple gaps in audio ruin the audio experience. Is there anything I can do to fix the problem?UPDATE:I love my Ipudis Bluetooth Headphones. I posted earlier that the audio quality was fantastic but I experienced multiple gaps and static during playback. Well, I noticed that I experienced these gaps during audio playback each time the headphones were connected to two devices at the same time. When there is only one connection, the headphones play beautifully with no problems in connectiat all. The headphones fit nicely and they have a gorgeous design. I love them, but I wish there was no static and connectiproblems when they are connected to multiple devices. If that’s a feature of the headphones, then it should work.

  279. Rated 5 out of 5


    Edit: I recently had to contact customer service because of an issue with these. Not only was the service friendly but it was SPEEDY. All communications happened in the same morning and my replacement earbuds were shipped out that same day.This is my first pair of Bluetooth earbuds and I have to say I’m enjoying the experience. The product is easy to configure and is an overall great pair of earbuds. The part that goes over the ear is very comfortable and I appreciate that even more since I typically dislike the type of buds that go into the ear. I get about 7 hours continual use with each charge. It blocks the sounds of the office perfectly, sometimes a little too well. These are also a MUST for me in the gym. It keeps me focused my workout and not the sounds around me.

  280. Rated 4 out of 5


    Have been using these for about a week now and really like them. These are my first pair of wireless headphones so I don’t have much to compare to but comparing them to standard wired headphones, they’re awesome. It’s SO much nicer not having to deal with the wire hanging between which bounces around annoyingly when jogging so you have to hold it or tugs and gets ripped out sometimes when lifting. Loving not having to deal with that at all anymore.I like how these came in a hardshell case with several different ear bud piece sizes and car port charger. The buttfunctionality the ear piece to modify volume, answer/end calls, pause music and etc. seems nice though haven’t used it much.The only dislikes I’ve experienced so far is the wire between the ear pieces that goes behind the head seems like it could be shorter. It’s good, though, that they provide a little thing that you can feed the wires through to tighten it the back of the head. The first time I wore these jogging I wasn’t wearing glasses and the right ear piece kept popping loose so ended up just taking it out and only using the left one. The other times I’ve been wearing glasses which helps anchor the pieces. Not holding much weight to this criticism right now given I’m not sure if I just didn’t properly input that ear bud that time or what, but just wanted to be transparent with my views.

  281. Rated 5 out of 5

    Doug Simpson

    So I have been searching for a good set of headphones, earbuds, whatever you want to call them for some time now. I wanted bluetooth, wireless, whatever you kids are calling it these days because I’m tired of pulling out the plugin all the time, especially when mowing and exercising. I have found the solution, and not just a good set but a great set. These earbuds stay secured in my ear, even when I’m stumbling and bumbling around. I’m not tangling myself up in the cord and best of all the charge lasts forever or close to it. I have now went through 4 workout sessions over 6 days without plugging them in. Awesome. Now Spring just needs to get here so I can test them out the mower. Oh and the sound quality is great, my kids have Beats by old what’s his name and they sound great also but with my ears I can’t tell the difference, Howard Stern sounds great both. However, my wallet can tell the difference, if you know what I mean. One other thing, they came with a charging cord for my iPhone, not sure why, but it’s the most durable charging cord made, what an added bonus. Thanks Ipudis, keep up the 5 star work! You kick arse!

  282. Rated 4 out of 5


    Dispite their strange email to me to review their product only a day or two after I receiived it and obviously not enough time to review anything I’m now ready to give you / them a review this product.After having used this product for a couple weeks now I do like this product. I use it driving to and from work listening to audio books or music in my car.Pros – Nice sound, easy to use audio controls and I think they are fairly comfortable to wear for an hour or so.Cons – Somewhat bulky and there is an obnoxious flashing LED light. My drive is in the early AM i.e. still dark out. This headset has an LED (light) that flashes every few seconds which throws off an annoying strob-light effect in my cab “and” bounces off the corner of my eye glasses. This is very annoying when driving. The fix? I put a little piece black electrical tape over the light. Much better now.As for the battery life, I’m only getting about 5.5hrs before I’m hearing the battery low alert from the headset (5 hrs is more than enough for me).Regardless of the cons I’ve mentioned. I would definitely recommend this product. Good price and after two weeks it’s workiing well. Four instead fo five stars for the battery life discrepancy.

  283. Rated 5 out of 5


    If you have time read this review, I think it will help you decide to buy or not. First, I dislike earbuds and find them annoying because they never stayed in my ears. So after going through 3 sets of headphones in one year and damaging them due to sweat and having to clean the headphone pads to avoid them from stinking of dry sweat, I broke down and searched for a pair of earbud style with a clip around the ear to help keep them in place better. Like most of us, I searched for them here . There were three things I looked for: one is the reviews, second is that it’s fulfilled by ( so I have some backing if these things are bad ) and third is warranty period for them. Paying $125 to $200 was not what I wanted to spend name brands that don’t deliver and are hyped up for their name, that’s just me ! I figured I take a chance these earbuds for $34.00, and must say I was pleasantly surprised by their performance and quality so far. The sound coming out of these earbuds is just incredible to me. At the gym, I have them paired with my iPhone 5S and at 50% they are loud as hell. I will probably never need to go higher than that . Connectiwith my iPhone was easy and no issues. The fact that they are sweatproof was a must for me. The 30 ft distance in my home worked fine through 2 walls to the other end of my home. I made calls with them and the mic worked well. I tested the running time of 8 hrs, and it was point with what they said . The comfort wearing them to my ears was great and guess what they stay in place. The clip around the ear is a soft rubber or silicone material that surprisingly works to help keep the earbuds in my ear. Then you get other little gifts like hard carry case, dual car charger, a short charge cable and 3 foot charge cable that works for as a lightning cable and mirco usb cable….. Both will charge the earbuds. Also you get two sets of ear tips small and large and the earbuds have a mid size them already. My friends things are mass produced and during productiyou will have like in any other product defective units that leave the factory, but remember you have a one year warranty and I’m sure that they will back it up or will. All I can say is that after a full week I am very pleased with my purchase and guess what I did, I bought a second pair….the gray ones….lol ! The only cons I have at the time of this review is that they charge you more for the gray ones, than the red ones, and the earbud pads are little in different in feel from the gray and red earbuds, but in no way is it a deal breaker. At their price point and with what you get these are a very good deal, especially from a unknown brand. I can only see with time how they do, but for now these earbuds rock. I have a one year warranty them so I’m not worried. Wish you all good luck.

  284. Rated 5 out of 5


    This is my first pair of Bluetooth headphones, so I’ll do my best to give an honest review.Pros:- Lightweight- Comfortable- Stay my earsCons:- Minimal bass- Skip at times even when my phone is literally right next to me (Not sure if this is commwith Bluetooth headphones)- Poor quality – I have had these about 10 months and have had to request a replacement twice now. The first time one of the volume buttons got stuck, so I was unable to either increase or decrease the volume (I can’t remember which). Just recently, the power butthas become jammed, so I was unable to turn the headphones on. With that being said, both times the company was quick to respond and resolve the issues.

  285. Rated 5 out of 5

    Deb Shinder

    I haven’t used earbuds in years because normally I can’t find any that don’t fall out of my ears, regardless of material that supposedly molds itself to your ear or a multiplicity of different sized inserts. I’ve been using headphones but they’re bulky to pack and I travel a lot, so I decided to give one of these hook-over-the-ears models a try. I did a lot of research and these Ipudiss had the most and best reviews for something under $50. I’d had Shure earphones before (cost $150) and they sounded great but always fell out.So far I’m very pleased with the Ipudiss. They sound close to the Shures and they stay in my ears, plus they have the microphone and controls to answer the phone, which the Shures (which were wired, not Bluetooth) didn’t have. I also like the audible feedback for power and off and pairing state.I’m not an audiophile, so I don’t need the absolute best sound quality, but I hate tinny sounding audio. These provide good balanced bass and clarity and that’s good enough for me. They definitely sound far, far better than my Samsung Galaxy S7’s speakers.I’ve only had them for a few days so I can’t speak to durability, but they appear to be well made and I’m hoping they’ll last a long time.

  286. Rated 3 out of 5

    Dr. Healthy

    There a few nice features to these headphone, and a few compromises I’ve had to make to use them. The sound is really good, bold and loud! They charge really fast compared to the other three bluetooth headphones I’ve owned, and that has made them super convenient to use often. There are no doubts when they are charged, when they are connected to a device, and when they’re powered off. However, they struggle to connect with devices, meaning the sound is really choppy at the beginning when they are supposed to be connected, and then it kicks in after about a minute, even when fully charged. Also, it has been difficult keeping a steady connectiwhen my iPhone is in my pocket, and haven’t had this problem before with other headphones. The biggest issue for me is the headphones pop out of my ears constantly when I am doing something active, although I’ve tried two different sized ear buds that came with the headphones. I haven’t experienced that before with similar earbuds. Could be the weight of the earbuds is causing them to pop out. The ear supports really do not do much because they are flimsy if you are doing something active while wearing the headphones.

  287. Rated 4 out of 5

    Julie Jones

    The price was right -sale! I own a good blue tooth headset but the bulk around the neck was getting uncomfortable with some health gear that I must carry. The Ipudis seems to be a good choice but I’m going to use the slider that come with strap to pin the headset to my clothes. It is so lightweight I am afraid I will not feel it if it comes off. The sound is a tiny bit tinny it is not bad. The and off functiis a bit fickle and sometimes requires multiple attempts to turn the earphones or off.One drawback is that there were virtually no instructions with the headset. Fortunately its operatiis fairly intuitive. It did not say how you can make a phone call. I discovered that if I said Okay Google and then stated person’s name with the word “call” before it works better than the other headset. It also would have been helpful if there were directions with the 3 ft cord. I discovered that there was a slider thst when pulled would reveal the connector to an android phone. I will probably go to the manufacturer’s website and see if I can find comprehensive instructions.

  288. Rated 5 out of 5

    Tech Junkie

    I’m rating these after only a few days, but so far these are outstanding. The over-the-ear piece is very flexible and not rigid making it very comfortable for extended wearing. The inner ear piece fit comfortably and did a great job of blocking sound without giving me that pressure feeling in my ears. I used the largest buds to keep them from inserting too deep in the ear. My favorite thing, which I wasn’t sure I’d like, is having all the controls the earpiece. My previous set from a different manufacturer had the control dangling from the ear the cord and the persistent bouncing and assymetrical design of having that one side always caused problems pulling them out of ear when running. This pairs, that is not an issue. Minimal buttons with maximum control options and they aren’t too bulky the ear. They didn’t budge through my hour long run or get uncomfortable or lose power. Sound is plenty loud enough and the sound quality is above average but not audiophile worthy. Excellent for working out. I swear a lot and had no issues. Last manufacturers didn’t last more than 4 months. I will update this review if something happens. Also the included accessories were a welcome surprise. Great product(so far) and great price. Nice work.

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