Disney,SMILE FACE series,3rd genaration Heat transfer earphone shell(type for the iphone),MICKEY MOUSE,Mickey, Minnie, Donald Duck,donald,pooh.


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Cartridge AirPods Pro Shell Peekaboo AirPods Pro Case This product is made under a formal contract with Walt Disney Co. (Korea) at Icolus. Unauthorized copying and sales are prohibited. High resolution character artwork High quality graphic printing Your characters print clearly in high resolution. It is a durable shell and will not easily fall off for printing. Perfect support for wireless charging Wireless billing support The AirPods Pro can be charged by the compulsory line with the housing installed. Antiskid coating Anti-skid Coating Anti-skid coating treatment, it is not easy to slip when carrying, and provides soft grip. Shock-proof Anti-Shock Protection It is a shell made of hard polycarbonate With special coating, it can prevent daily scratches and impacts Secure the AirPods Pro. Stent function Stand Function The bottom of the chassis is flat and can be placed on the bracket. * Wireless charging cannot be performed when the bracket is installed. * Thin and light design Ultra-thin and light Thin, light and delicate design. AirPods Pro protection is optimized and has a good grip; Designed for ease of use. 19 grams Weight excluding accessories STiTCH About 1.9 mm Ultrathin Get the best grip High utilization annex Accessory Included Built-in key chain type accessories include: Add coating and coating in daily life Easy and safe to carry the AirPods Pro. AsIva Easy charging ,Easy Access The charging terminal is open Can be charged through LED hall, You can view charging information.

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Mickey(iphone1st2nd Gen), Minnie(iphone1st2nd Gen), Donald(iphone1st2nd Gen), Pooh(iphone1st2nd Gen), Dasy(iphone1st2nd Gen), Stitch(iphone1st2nd Gen), Mickey(Airpods3), Minnie(Airpods3), Donald(Airpods3), Dasy(Airpods3), Pooh(Airpods3), Stitch(Airpods3), Mickey(Airpods PRO), Minnie(Airpods PRO), Donald(Airpods PRO), Dasy(Airpods PRO), Pooh(Airpods PRO), Stitch(Airpods PRO)


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